I know this might come to you as a surprise but, when you travel you can actually get something called “sensory overload”.  Too many beautiful sites, monuments, churches and breathtaking monasteries can end up giving you a sort of fatigue resulting in a need to take a break.  That can mean spending a day or two on a beach and just relaxing in the sun (as we did when on the black […]

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Located near Primorsko, Beglik Tash is a recent discovery.  The site was found on the hunting grounds near the residence of former communist head of the state, Todor Zhivkov.  This is how one of the greatest discoveries regarding Thracian history on the southern Black Sea coast, remained unknown to archeologists until 2003. This property is now open to the public, and an aura of myths, legends, theories and speculations surround […]

Plovdiv was a city that we knew we had to visit without really knowing why. Simply put: It was peer pressure. Everywhere we went people would say: You must see Plovdiv! Normally that means a Google Images search for us before we decide; but for some reason — that never happened. We just mentioned it to our hosts as a must see on our list and trusted them […]

Because we only spent about 2-3 hours in Burgas, I can’t go into a long review of the city. I can point you to the Wikipedia page for all its history. It’s a lot like the other towns in the region:  Built up by the Thracians, and lots of warring well into the Middle Ages and Byzantine rule and then of course the Ottoman invasion, WWI and WWII and so on. […]

If there is one place in Bulgaria that the bipeds and I would like to revisit it’s Sozopol. Perhaps because it linked so well to our previous trip to Greece just a week before; the city owing its origins to Greek colonists. Maybe it is because it’s the oldest town on the black sea coast or perhaps because of the amazing wooden homes inspired and built in the […]

“One of the great things about travel is that you find out how many good, kind people there are.” — Edith Wharton Our adventures on the Black Sea coast started with setting down our pied-a-terre in the humble “resort town” of Primorsko.  It’s history goes so far back that vessels from the Stone Age and remains of Neolithic navigation have been found.  A nearby site called Beglik Tash dates back to the early […]

Our time in Bulgaria had a road trip vibe to it.  We would all pile into the white minivan, our hosts Radmila, Slavcho, Pepi, the bipeds and myself and off we would go!  We drove from Sofia to the black sea coast through woods and small towns, over mountain tops and along beaches.  I had heard that the road between Sofia and the Black Sea was a death trap; but honestly there […]

Just to situate you Dear Reader, Sofia is located at the foot of Mount Vitosha in the western part of Bulgaria at the center of the Balkan Peninsula; it is way to the left sort of middle-ish (see map below). Sofia’s history spans 2,400 years (that is a lot older than Canada’s 146 years as of 2013) and its ancient name Serdica derives from the local Celtic tribe of the […]

There comes a time in every puppy’s life when you have to graduate from the crib to the big kid bed. That happened to me when I turned 3 so … a few years back now. I used to have some cute teddy bear stuff in pale blue. But those days were over. I was not a baby … ahem … puppy anymore. So, when my bipeds sat […]

Over the years we’ve done some fun things when visiting a new place for the first time. Some of them are even considered really touristy but we don’t care! I’ve enjoyed the view from the top of a hop-on-hop-off bus in Rome, taken a seaplane ride from Split to Pula, hopped a Ski lift up Vitosha Mountain, had the wind in my fur biking the marvelous ring road of […]