I always look forward to seeing a new airport. I’m not sure why really. I mean, it’s just an airport, right? Perhaps because I was so impressed by the airport in Amsterdam (more on that in a later post) and the one in Munich, I have started to look at airports through a more discerning lens. As we approached for our landing at Nice Airport, my tummy got […]

Welcome to part III of my Nice review! Although each post on Nice can stand on its own, I recommend reading Parts I and II either before or after reading this post. The three posts together will give you a much clearer picture of this totally fantastic, pet friendly city. If you love to walk and your dog does as well – Wait, who am I kidding? What […]

From the Promenade du Paillon (Don’t miss Part I of my Nice City Review!), I went on to visit old Nice proper. Unlike so many of the towns and villages nearby, the old town of Nice does not have a large number of you-can’t-miss-this historical sites. But the old town is still absolutely charming, and instead of being a “town museum”, it’s where people live. There’s activity day and […]

Our pied-à-terre while on the French Riviera … pied-à-terre … “foot on the ground,” a small living unit some distance away from an individual’s primary residence … pied-à-terre on the French Riveria … Doesn’t that sound just so fine?  And, oh, it was! Our pied-à-terre was in Nice, not too far from the lovely old port, the famous Promenade des Anglais, and all the fun to be found […]

It’s always been a source of great annoyance in our family that the Canadian train company VIA Rail, wasn’t as forward thinking as so many others we’ve had the pleasure to ride. It’s tough to go to France, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic and on and on and on…. only to return home and be limited to driving the car as a way to get around. It’s extra frustrating […]

We are always up for trying new accommodation options. We are not fans of camping per say … but “Glamping”? Yeah we can do that. Remember that time we stayed in a tree house? When we were touring “La Gaspesie”; a peninsula along the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River in Quebec Canada, we were thrilled to discover we could stay in a YURT on the beach.   When […]

A stroll on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France on a beautiful late summer day in 2015 (above banner pic)… nothing to worry about. But we all remember the mini van incident a year later… right? With terrorist attacks in cities that we’ve considered safe, political turmoil, and natural disasters wreaking havoc, it’s easy to feel like the planet is increasingly dangerous and hate is on the […]

Dear Reader I am sensing a pattern. It seems that many of the big European cities have huge hills that are the main park. I first stumbled upon this in Nice and then again in Prague when we discovered Petřín Hill.  And I’m not talking about a little park or some artificially made spaces here, no no no. We are talking acres of land. Well, we found yet […]

Over the years we’ve done some fun things when visiting a new place for the first time. Some of them are even considered really touristy but we don’t care! I’ve enjoyed the view from the top of a hop-on-hop-off bus in Rome, taken a seaplane ride from Split to Pula, hopped a Ski lift up Vitosha Mountain, had the wind in my fur biking the marvelous ring road of […]

If our day in its capital city Bratislava is anything to go by, Slovakia will be worth a return visit. It’s only an hour away from Vienna and inexpensive to get to from there: 3 Euro per person on a bus a bit more if you want to hop on a train. You can of course opt for a more expensive option and buy a package that provides you […]