I want to take a moment to share with you the fun of biking and wine tasting in Burgundy—two activities that can be pet friendly depending on how you go about it. Burgundy is a cyclist’s paradise. Just look at this map of cycling paths in Burgundy! Lots of options, right? Many companies organize cycling tours, but unless a guided tour is your goal, you can cycle Burgundy […]

  I will not beat about the bush, Dear Reader. Nope. The main reason to visit the old medieval town of Tournus is to see the beautiful 11th century Abbey of Saint Philibert. It is one of the oldest monastic centres in France. It’s been around for over a thousand years and still looks amazing.     At one time, Saint Philbert was a cultural centre with a […]

There is something wonderful about taking the train, especially in pet friendly Europe. I recently had the chance to try out the trains in France: small rural trains, big city centre trains and, the all-time famous TGV system Small Rural Trains The small rural trains are the easiest and least expensive to take. They run from one large town to another, connecting several small villages along the routes. […]

On a gorgeous October morning, my grandma dropped us off at the train station in Tournus. (More on that adorable town later). I could sense excitement in the air. Mom’s hands were doing their fluttering thing. It happens when she gets excited. She talks a little too fast, her hands act like birds caught in a net, and her whole body has a joyous, nervous energy. It’s adorable actually. […]

One of the best discoveries we made during our time in Burgundy was the village of Brancion. It sits on top of an imposing mount – Saint Roman – like a lord overlooking his subjects. Reaching Brancion is half the fun. Imagine driving through wine country, zig-zagging along windy roads, taking in many picturesque views. You’ll want to stop and take photos, not just of the views but […]

I don’t know if I’ve told you this, Dear Reader, but my maternal grandma lives in Burgundy. Yep! Right on the wine route too! Pretty sweet, right?     My grandma and her hubby are philosophers. They also run a B&B on the wine route, and my bipeds and I were to be their guests for a few days. I had not met my grandma in person, so I […]

Every now and then life tosses you a sort of “three-for-one” deal. I always enjoy those and this post is that kind of gift. Yep, I’m going to cover three excursions! Promenade Maurice Rouvier Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat Dinner in Beaulieu And it’s all in one long, fun, walk-able loop. You can make a day of it by taking a bathing suit and some fresh water with you. Or, if you […]

If  you are looking for St. Paul de Vence without the tourists, tourist prices, and crowds, then Haut-de-Cagnes is the place for you! Hands down, it is the most authentic and quiet – as in sleepy – medieval village we visited. Haut-de-Cagnes still provides you with everything you could desire: history-laden stones; narrow streets decorated with climbing, flowering vines and potted plants; unique vistas of the sea and the Mercantour […]

I was worried. I always have a sense of trepidation when going somewhere super-duper popular with tourists because I hate being in a tangle of feet (or scooped up) as the bipeds try to navigate us through hordes of tourists shuffling along shoulder to shoulder. No matter how lovely or amazing a location, that problem ruins the experience. St. Paul – known as St. Paul de Vence since […]

To the East of Nice and West of Monaco at the foot of Mont Boron, Mont Alban and Mont Vinaigrier is the small town of Villefranche.  It’s been gobbled up as a suburb of Nice but you would never know. It’s still very much its own little town. Insisting that it be referred to by its proper name. And so it should be. Villefranche has a fantastic history […]