I am thrilled to welcome fellow Canadians Kayleen and Danielle of Bolt and Keel to the Montecristo Travels “special correspondent” series. A collection of interviews here on the blog that proves we are not the only ones “crazy” enough to travel the globe with our pet(s). It’s a growing trend and no longer quite so rare an occurrence. We are building a community of people passionate about both their pets and […]

Thanks to this amazing little intimate group I was invited to join called… get this “Positive Vibes” (so awesome) I am not the only one writing about inspiration this week: take a look at Backroad Ramblers here for some great photo inspiration, Tangled in Food (You got to eat!) here, and The Adventure Dog Blog here for some great hiking and “connecting with your dog” inspiration! Although I am not a huge do-er […]

Our six year blogging anniversary came and went quietly this year (Nov 21). It wasn’t because we don’t want to celebrate — we certainly do and did. After all it’s a time to review our just completed year, celebrate our wins, and look forward with you, Dear Reader, to what may lie ahead. BUT! This year, for our 6th anniversary post, instead of talking about what we’ve learned […]

Hello Dear Reader! Well our last interview was such a success that I reached out to another “with pet” international traveller and decided to do this again! Why is it important that we do this? Well to be honest I get a lot of “Only You” type comments. And the thing is we REALLY are NOT the only ones. So … that is what these interviews are trying […]

Get intimate with this wonderful quartet that makes up this unusual “with pet travelling family” and why they sold everything and hiked across Spain!

Every year on or around our blogiversary, I do a little soul searching and post a recap here on Montecristo Travels. (See last year’s blogiversary post here). It’s a bit self-serving to offer up my soul searching so I want to thank you for bearing with me on this yearly not-travel-related post. You see, Dear Reader, this blog marks time for me like nothing else. It has kept my […]

Hi again, Montecristo fans! It’s Luna, the world-traveling Schnauzer-Yorkie mix again! In case you don’t remember me, I’m the one who wrote all that stuff about Switzerland a few months ago. I’m also the one with the not-so-secret crush on Monte.     A big thanks to the Montecristo team for having me back again. Today, they’ve asked me to give you the low-down (literally) on my trips […]