This past August, we had the great luck of being invited again to visit our friends on the Jersey Shore. We couldn’t resist the lure of Brigantine and the quiet relaxation it promised. Since our trips tend to be very go-go-go, the idea of simply enjoying the sun and surf and taking many naps sounded just about right. The trip would allow us to enjoy a full 10 […]

There is a little gem of a town found on the southernmost tip of the state of New Jersey, where the Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. This is where you will find one of the United States’ oldest resort destinations—Cape May. This National Historic Landmark is sure to charm you, if not for its summertime vacation vibe, then for the high concentration of Victorian Buildings you will […]

When the bipeds said we were going to Atlantic City and would walk the Boardwalk, I was eager to go! I imagined bygone days when men wore hats and ties and women wore pearls as they strolled the Boardwalk, and was looking forward to seeing a modern version of that. But I was sadly disappointed. Atlantic City looks tired. Old. Worn out. In fact, some parts of the […]

Four days at the beach is a perfect way to start a holiday and an even better way to recover from a terrible cold. Ask Mom. Suzanne of The Boomeresque, her husband Steve, and sweet pup Dino invited us to come “to the shore” with them before we visited Philadelphia. As luck would have it, Mom caught a summer cold just as we started our vacation. Normally, a cold […]

Every year, at the end of May, Ottawa goes crazy with thousands (and I do mean thousands!) of tulips. If it’s May in Ottawa, it has to be the Tulip Festival. The full story of the Tulip Festival is a wonderful story of friendship. The quick synopsis goes like this: During World War II, Canada provided safe haven to the Dutch royal family, sheltering them from the three year […]

Thanks to this amazing little intimate group I was invited to join called… get this “Positive Vibes” (so awesome) I am not the only one writing about inspiration this week: take a look at Backroad Ramblers here for some great photo inspiration, Tangled in Food (You got to eat!) here, and The Adventure Dog Blog here for some great hiking and “connecting with your dog” inspiration! Although I am not a huge do-er […]

  As I now approach a full six years (Wait. Woa. What?) of being a travelling canine, I have to admit, even if reluctantly, that there are certain things my pawsitive energy can’t always overcome. You could call them “pet peeves.” (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) I like to call them “items for the poop list” or, in layman terms, “The Shit List.” In this blog, I like to […]

Every year, thousands of animals are abandoned in shelters, on the streets, and along highways, or even euthanized as people leave for summer vacation. Yes, people abandon pets when they don’t fit with travel plans. And we are not talking about a handful of pets or just one country. As you can see, we are talking about millions of pets worldwide. It’s an epidemic that, sadly, even with amazing […]

Every year on or around our blogiversary, I do a little soul searching and post a recap here on Montecristo Travels. (See last year’s blogiversary post here). It’s a bit self-serving to offer up my soul searching so I want to thank you for bearing with me on this yearly not-travel-related post. You see, Dear Reader, this blog marks time for me like nothing else. It has kept my […]

We have been doing a lot of driving lately. We have travelled more kilometers (miles) in the last four months than we normally do in a year. It started with a short trip to Toronto and Kleinburgh in May, then a long road-trip that took us through two provinces and three states visiting wonderful places such as Binghamton NY, Brigantine and Atlantic City on the Jersey Shore, splendid […]