A Kick in the Rear and Words of Wisdom!

We’ve been told off. Yep. It happens.  Our very wise and wonderful friend Ingrid was not too pleased with our last post.

And you know what? She was right.

I guess being 70 and still traveling the world gives her some insight…and the right to wield that insight like a good spanking. I am going to do my best to share with you the wisdom and message she passed on to us.

In simple terms, she did not like the post because it “reeks of negativity.”  Damn.

There we were, already predicting possible failure: losing jobs, falling ill, not amassing enough money.  And what an ugly word the word “failure” is, and according to Ingrid, we were saying it too much.

“…There is no such thing as failure. Just because you do not succeed (with a project, in marriage, in a career, following a dream, etc.), does not mean that you have failed. You may have made a mistake, and mistakes are so human Monte. One simply tries again, trusting to learn and not to make the same mistake all over again; but failure? Never!  So, cut that word out of your vocabulary! Please!”

You know what Dear Reader? She is right!

It is important to acknowledge that doubt happens. It worms its way in; this is human (and I suppose canine) nature.  But … yes, the proverbial but … once you have made up your mind, doubt really should not be a part of the equasion.  At least not for long. More importantly, doubt shouldn’t haunt you.

See, just one little negative thought can derail the positive thoughts and energy that act like a magnet for your dream.  Our positive faith in our Big Trip acts like a beacon, and a funnel for the Universe to send us what we need.  As such, and as believers in the Law of Attraction, I have to ask myself: What is the Universe going to make of my last post?

All that post can do is cause confusion.

The Universe will “find a way” for us as long as we stay focused and positive, and believe.  We have to continue to want this to feel that “hunger” for the Big Trip. We must have confidence!  So, out with negativity! We set our aim as high as we can and follow that path stubbornly, readjusting as we go along as we see fit, and cross the big bridge when we get closer to it.

Ingrid also told us that announcing our plans to the whole world, sharing our dream with anyone who happens to find us on the web, is (and I quote!): “… absolutely fabulous! And so it should be!  And, who cares if in the end things change, for whatever reason.  How can you predict the future?  Nobody can.  So do not put stumbling blocks onto your path, because if you do, they certainly will appear.”

We hear you Ingrid. We hear you loud and clear.

Ingrid also reminded us that the only certainty in life is Change. The one thing you can count on to always change is … change itself. From life to death, young to old, one job to the next, marriage to divorce, and desk job to independent part time nomad … all of it… just change.

So what should we do? March ahead, and cut out the “what ifs” from our vocabulary, or at least tell those voices that sit around a boardroom table in our heads to shut up and stop throwing ugly words at us, such as  failure or what will everybody think?

As for that  “what will others think” mind set, the reality is, if we care about what people think then it means we are going on this trip for others, or to impress others or something of that nature; and that couldn’t be further from the truth!  We are dreaming BIG just for ourselves, even if we are sharing the process and experience with the entire world.  It should not – cannot – matter what people think in the end. The only ones who are important as far as this dream goes are the bipeds…and me.

Ingrid is our great cheerleader in our endeavours. Like so many of you, she is always there for us, listening to our plans and kicking our buts when needed. So when she said “I would like to see a genuinely positive blog about your dream… and mean it!” Well, we had to do something about that. So we are working on one.  In the meantime Ingrid, here is our gratitude post.  For your words, your friendship, the inspiration you provide. You are amazing.

We will succeed. We will do all we can. We will overstretch our dream to the biggest possible dimension.  Dream as big and as brightly as we can. Knowing the Universe will bring about exactly what we actually need.  Dreams DO come true. We believe. We just needed the reminder.

Thank you, Ingrid.

“The action of Mind plants that nucleus which, if allowed to grow undisturbed, will eventually attract to itself all the conditions necessary for its manifestation in outward visible form” – Thomas Troward

Have you ever had a good friend kick you in the rear with words of wisdom? How did you react? Share your story!

16 Comments on “A Kick in the Rear and Words of Wisdom!

  1. Words from a very wise lady…..perhaps comes with experience. I would like to meet your friend Ingrid! Donna

  2. Maybe she’s right – maybe you were being a bit negative. Or was it simply your fears laid out on paper? Often when people are faced with an enormous challenge, their fears of “what if” could be viewed as finding the negative in your situation. If I were to take on planning a journey of that scale, I would be shaking in my shoes. Ingrid’s perspective was helpful because it helped you to see your fear. Now, it’s time to move forward – recognize your concerns and make changes as you go.

    • Agreed Brad – I think also it is important to recognize that this happens. It is ok to have a moment of fear. As long as you move forward anyway. It also allows you to be a doer rather than just a dreamer. Having a reality check can’t be all bad right?

  3. Well, Monte, here is my story. When I had serious trauma and was lying in bed for 2 months approx in my youth, I had a doctor, and when he visited me, I started to cry and complain that all my team mates forgot about me. And it repeated every time he visited me, and once he lost his temper and shouted out on me: “If you will not stop to behave like that, I will also forget about you, and the whole world will!!” It impressed me so, that I am not complaining, or just try not to, as I think, during my whole life, whatever happens to me, I can share smth, but without complaining, and I don’t like to share bad sides of my life, like lack of money and fear of the future, I try to share smth positive and rise my and my friends spirit, 🙂

    • That is good Val – to stay focused on the good. I heard somewhere that when we show how grateful we are for the good – it will attract more to be grateful for.

  4. Ingrid sounds like an incredibly wise woman, there’s alot of that going around these days … lol. You’re one of them Sonja … so, sit up and take notice, it’s okay to be fearful and even downright terrified … all of those things you’ve been feeling are okay. But now … onwards and upwards …. your friends are super excitied for you …

    • Wow … thank you Karen! Feel the fear and doit anyway … right?!! 🙂 We need more people in the world that don’t fear giving that kick in the but when needed. I know I can count on you for that too!


  5. I think I’m aligned more with Brad on this one. In fact, I would go one step further and say that failing to note fear of failure leaves an opening for failure (or any other emotion) to sneak in and bite you in the bum. The Law of Attraction and so many other posits – not least of all, our own mental health – require that we see and acknowledge the negatives that exist in all situations. Without fear, there cannot be courage. Without dark, we would not have the concept of light. The secret, I believe, is not engaging the negative emotion once you’ve seen it. Just as we deal with interfering thoughts when we meditate, we deal with negative emotions by identifying them, acknowledging their existence, and then letting your breathing out blow them along on their path out of your life. To live any other way is, I believe, to live a life unbalanced by denial.

    Kudos to you for seeing your fear, acknowledging it and continuing on with your plans and goals despite the fear. I’ve no doubt that fear (and some other negative thoughts or emotions) will visit you again from time to time; just keep on saying “Oh, I see you Fear” as you wave it on with a goodbye.

    Extra kudos to you for being brave enough to share your fears. To have done anything else would have been to have left us with a lopsided story of your travels, unbalanced by denial.

    • I just … really really want to hug you right now! Thank you Dawn. Feel the fear and do it anyway. I think you are absolutely correct. Our post about the fear was not – as I may have thought – negative – but merely a balancing act to all the highs and euphoria that we do have. In other words it is normal and in fact even healthy. You made me realize that there is no shame in feeling the fear. In fact it is important to stare it in the face, say hello and then see it for what it is and nothing more. No paralysis. Just a “thank you for your concern” and moving right along. Otherwise – I think the fear we would feel MUCH closer to our departure date would in fact be overwhelming. Thank you my dear friend.

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