A Travel Dog’s Room Revealed!

There comes a time in every puppy’s life when you have to graduate from the crib to the big kid bed. That happened to me when I turned 3 so … a few years back now.

I used to have some cute teddy bear stuff in pale blue. But those days were over. I was not a baby … ahem … puppy anymore. So, when my bipeds sat me down and asked me what I thought of a big boy room, I had to concede that the time had come. I was even a little excited about the idea.

As with everything we do, we planned. There was much discussion as to where it should be, when we should do it, how much we should spend, and so on. But one thing was absolutely clear: the room would have a travel theme. I know, right? Shocking revelation it is not.

The first step was to figure out the location. I do like being as close to the bipeds as possible, but I also wanted a view if it could be managed. So we decided that a corner of the master bedroom by the massive windows would be dedicated to yours truly.

The next step was the bed itself.

And this proved to take the longest.

The bipeds searched high and low for travel themed dog beds with little success. They even considered having a bed made with “map of the world” fabric. Basically, everything was far too “cute”, rather than elegant with a sense of timeless luxury. We did find some wonderful modern dog beds and were about to get one … when we received a very excited message from Kiki Hamann, all the way in Miami, Florida.

Kiki was calling us while in an antique store. She had just spotted a vintage – vintage, people! – Louis Vuitton trunk in mint condition. The price was even something almost reasonable. Kiki wanted to know if we wanted it. Mom has had a love affair with Louis Vuitton since she was 8 years old, way before Louis Vuitton became trendy. Needless to say, our answer was a resounding, “Yes!” We scrambled to find the funds, but find them we did, and it was a done deal!

And that is when the Kiki Hamann Trousseau Project was born.

There were certain things that were really important. For one, the authenticity and mint condition of the Louis Vuitton trunk could not be damaged in any way. Kiki found some very creative and unique solutions to all the problems. There is not a single drop of glue in the entire ensemble. Everything fits as an insert. There is some serious genius at work here, folks.

When we collected the bed (in Miami), we all had a little melt down. The bed trunk was far, far more than we could have ever imagined. Kiki had truly outdone herself. Really. Truly. She had.  See?

 Dawn Oosterhoff Photography for all the beautiful photographs.

The Kiki Hamann Trousseau! Pure Genius!

There is the trunk itself, complete with insert drawer. We love using this space as storage. It helps keep us from going overboard. You see, once it’s full, nothing new can go in unless something old comes out.

Where My Clothes Go!

The Insert Where I keep Travel Papers

And Store my Travel Books – DK Eyewitness are my favourite!

There is a pillow with fur on one side for the cold winter months and a lovely fabric on the other for the summer months. I have a small pouch where I keep my toys as well.

Summer Coolness!

And Winter Warmth! I like this the best!

There is a matching document holder and toiletry bag for when I need to travel overseas.

Top: Document Holder – Middle: Toiletry Bag – Bottom: Flask and Bowl Pouch

I also have my own flask and bowls, again with the matching fabric for the carry bag.

Snazzy Right?

My Flask and Travel Bowls – Very Grown Up!

The trunk also has its original keys. This is a truly big deal for a piece like this. Cleverly, Kiki used one key to create an “around the world travel” harness … with the key attached! So now I can lock up my room and take the key with me! I leave the spare key with the cleaning lady.

Around The World Travel Harness with Key!

The inside of the lid of the trunk has been transformed into a wonderful postcard holder area, complete with crystal details. I like to put vintage themed postcards there. There is something really lovely about them. I switch the postcards up every month or so to keep it fresh. On my birthday, I put my cards in there for a week or so. From time to time, when friends send me cards or postcards, they go there as well.

Vintage Postcards! and My Toys in their Pouch! Neat and Tidy!

Please Note the Crystal Details – That’s Pure Kiki Hamann!

The Trunk is in Mint Condition!

We did, however, have a dilemma. With the trunk sitting on the ground, it was not high enough for me to look out the window. Dad came to the rescue with the fantastic lion claw feet. Dad mounted these antique replicas to a board that he made sure had white melamine all around. And just like that, my bed was raised off the floor and I could see out the window and dream of all the faraway places I have yet to visit. The only down side is I now need a pillow to make the jump up, but that is alright with me!

Lion Claw Feet and Raised Off the Ground!

A shelf was added to the wall above my bed for my travel collectibles, including my precious Dog of Hamann award. I was the first you know! And I also have some amazing dog toys all the way from Bulgaria that my friend Radmila sent me.

My Shelf of Wonders!

On the wall, I have some ultra-modern white on white maps of the world – three of them with all the continents represented. The final touch is road signs pointing me in the direction of my next adventure!

My World Map and Road Signs! Lead the Way to New Adventures!

It’s Good to be Me!

So this is my Traveling Dog Room. You might think we are crazy but we are not alone in this trend. Dog rooms are actually a hot thing in the interior design world. Don’t believe me? You should head over to PAWSH where I was featured in an article on that subject!

So what do you think? Over the top or absolutely perfect? Does your dog have a room? If so what is it like?

Note: Original post written June 8, 2013. Significantly amended

21 Comments on “A Travel Dog’s Room Revealed!

  1. Monte – AWESOME room! As usual chic, fantasy, romance, and love!!! Bravo for Mom and Dad …. and absolutely stunning Kiki Hamann !!!

  2. Pepito wants to see your room some day! he`ll even bring you a treat in exchange. 🙂

  3. Monte, your mom and dad have thought of everything! So functional and elegant!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous!! You are so blessed, baby boy and you, yourself are a blessing to your momma and daddy!
    Curious, is there something holding the lid up to prevent it falling on you? Stupid question. I know Kiki wouldnt leave anything that important off!She is such a talented lady!

    • It is way too heavy to move Marlene. No way it could possibly close on its own. You really need a human hand to shut it. Plus with the inserted tray – it prevents the lid from closing all together.

  5. Monte – your room is just gorgeous! Congratulations and enjoy (though it looks like you’ve settled in just perfectly already :])!

  6. So beautiful! I have a little area like this in my mama’s bedroom but it is not nearly as nice! I think I need an upgrade too! Enjoy your new decor, Monte! <3 Maisie

  7. VERY stylish and very cool room….but I can’t believe your parents make you sleep in your own bed! I couldn’t sleep without Chester and Gretel in my bed. Oh, they HAVE dog beds but they are only for the daytime when they need me to place them in a sunbeam for them 🙂

    • Hey Jessica!! At night I sleep with the bipeds too! But sometimes they go to bed later than I would like, so I can go to bed early on my own if I want. I have “independence” moments like that. Also, during the days when I am not at doggy daycare this is MY space. I love it there. I have another small fluffy space in the living room and one on the balcony too … but this is where I hang out when no one is home. There has been talk of setting up a Monte Cam in my room! LOL!

  8. Really nice, it’s good to sleep in your own comfy pet bed. Glad got mine too from Petique Pets. I opt for those made of natural materials because I have allergies on anything artificial like plastic. Congratulations Monte 🙂

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