A Traveling Dog’s Logo and Matching Harness

An Awesome Book Box!

A little while ago, there was still snow on the ground and things had become a little depressing around here. Winter had dragged on just that little bit too long. As we stared out into the miserable winter sky, it felt like nothing good was ever going to happen. Snow just kept on coming. We missed colour badly. White, greys and brown-black were all we could see. Even on sunny days when the blue skies would give us a reprieve from the gloom, we just could not get over the feeling of “ugh” we all felt. There was some serious cabin fever burning.

And then we got a package in the mail from Vienna Canine Couture. We opened it and our day brightened right up!

First, when we removed the outward packaging, we found an amazing book-shaped box. It really reminded us of the story Around the World in 80 Days. Inside the book-box was a charming note. Those little touches – a nod to our business, our niche market and that personalized message – were ever so thoughtful. That’s classy.

And then, in the book-box …

Well, Dear Reader, we have a business starting here. We hope to be soon putting products on offer. (I know, the suspense is killing you, right?) So, it has become crucial that we find subtle ways to advertise ourselves. Our logo is a very important part of that. And, in the book-box … well, we had just received the best possible way to advertise: our very own Montecristo Travels Logo Harness!

I ... I ... don't know what to say!

The crocheted version of our logo is incredibly accurate! I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it all is.

What a lovely presentation!

Fits like a glove! Love the new shape!

It is not our logo re-invented. In fact, Vienna Canine Couture was as true to our logo as possibly could be, down to matching the blue used for the background to the blue we use in the background of our logo.

We spent so much time and effort designing our logo with Andrew Haviland. Gosh, how many options did we look at? How many ways did we tweak it?

Coming up with ideas...

More concepts ...

Loved this but ... it's not a Logo!

Oh --- close ... so close! Love the circle - must keep that!

YES! this is it ... we love this concept!

Something is not right ... we love it but ...but... Oh the tail is too small!

Bingo!! We have a winner!

So imagine our delight to see our beloved logo so accurately portrayed on a harness! We were stunned. We love the three dimensional aspect of using crochet. We’d seen Vienna Canine Couture do portraits of dogs on harnesses, but this … this was more than my portrait. It’s our business!

Oh, the details …

The little scarf blowing in the wind …

A scarf in the wind and black crystal eyes!

The little doggles, the bridge, the crystal clock in the peace tower (Nod to Ottawa!)…

Can't even imagine how difficult the doggles must have been to add!

Perfect little details.

Vienna Canine Couture is not advertising their business on the harness. There’s no Vienna Canine Couture label for others to see. The harness is all about Montecristo Travels! That is amazing. No ego. No pushy business. No hidden agenda. How utterly refreshing. How very … Canadian!

A lot of extra arm and shoulder open space!

What we also appreciated was the thought that had gone into the harness itself. I have often gripped on Facebook that harnesses don’t always fit well. They are often too short. (I am a little long in the body for my diminutive width.) Or the harnesses fit, but in the summer, they are too warm. So we were thrilled to see a new shape to this harness! The armpit area is much more open. It’s very very wide. As a result, the width of fabric between my shoulder blades is much more narrow. This allows me to have more fur exposed and less body covered, thus less heat trapped. I can move freely. Oh, how this change in design must have created a headache in terms of getting the crocheted logo small enough to fit on such a small piece of material-estate.

And yet another great thing is this is a Canadian product! Yep. Out of Montreal, folks. Got to love that!

And the harness can be easily washed. Just gently rub using cold water and a mild detergent, being careful not to rub the crocheted part. Don’t twist the harness to remove the excess water; instead, lay it down flat on a towel and roll it gently, then air dry flat. That’s it!

What did Vienna Canine Couture have to say? Well, ever so modest, they just said:

“We where very proud to do this for a fellow Canadian. It was an honour to do this because we actually have so few Canadian clients.”

Well now, don’t I just feel special!

The harness is just such a joy to wear and own. It’s truly remarkable what can be done with crochet! And the other day when I went to the Hopeful Hearts Walkathon, I got to see the harness work when a person exclaimed, “Wait! I know that logo! Is that … ? Is that Motnecristo?”  Why yes, yes it is! The harness had worked its magic!

So this travelling dog now has a harness that is complete with logo. I am thrilled with it and can’t thank the two men behind this enough. Mario and Colin, gros merci les amis!

15 Comments on “A Traveling Dog’s Logo and Matching Harness

  1. OMG! we are so honoured and proud!!!! Nice article and we are happy that you enjoy it so much! Mille fois merci!

    • Thank you very much for this amazing harness guys. Hope we finally get to meet in person soon! Every time I wear it I am amazed at the details and the comfort. Thank you for listening to me when I said a while back that I needed wider arm and shoulder spacing and a much longer body. Thank you for making it about us … not you. I have never met such humble artists.

  2. What a beautiful and intricate piece of work! I have no working knowledge of sewing, crochet, or any sort of detail work, but I do know quality when I see it. Vienna Canine Couture did a wonderful job with the harness and it serves its owner well. Hats off to all!! And, of course, to Monte for rocking it Chi Style!!

  3. Hi Monte,
    another great post. Love hearing about your harness and logo.

  4. Oh… this sounds like a fairy tale, but it is even more beautiful, because it isn’t a tale: It is beautiful reality! You are on your way, Monte… and you and your bipeds deserve it !!!

    • Well, it’s a harness … not really a coat (I have those too). I find it much more comfortable than a collar. I have a fragile trachea … like most toy breeds … so collars are a poor choice. This keeps the pressure off my throat. You might be surprised Dino. Just sayin …

  5. I really enjoyed reading this piece (as I do all of them). It was great to see the various sketches and how you arrived at your cool logo. The harness is indeed amazing. Clever Vienna Couture 🙂

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