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Stefan, Sonja and the blogs inspiration and voice: Montecristo. Pictured here in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Montecristo Travels Inc. is a Canadian company that was founded in 2010 in order to debunk the myths around traveling internationally with a small dog, settle beginners’ fears and show the naysayers that it can be done and fun!


It’s fun we promise!

Deriving great pleasure in trying new and challenging things, and often pushing boundaries in order to get answers, this team is dedicated to helping you travel with your small dog successfully and as easily as possible!

Through the blog, videos, public speaking events, guest posts, and published material; the Montecristo Travels team will:

  • Share their first-hand account stories.
  • Review pet friendly transportation, accommodations and destinations.
  • Provide tips, tricks and advice.

The Montecristo Travels team is just like you – tired of hearing, “it can’t be done”.  They get frustrated when told one thing regarding travel with a small dog, only to discover the process is something else entirely!  Like you, they find that the information on how to travel with a canine companion is scattered to the four corners of the Internet and the time has come for a one-stop shop approach! They are happy to answer your questions, whether posted in the blog comments, by email or on the Facebook Page.

Join them as they travel internationally as a “with small dog” family. Taking pet travel beyond the confines of road trips and into a world with fewer borders! Follow their adventures all across the globe, whether sailing, taking trains, driving or cycling. Their ultimate reward: Helping you do the same.


No need to leave your best friend behind!

So go ahead, ask that question and plan that trip with your dog… Oh… and don’t forget to send a postcard!!