Flying to Florence (FLR) Airport With A Dog Review

Florence is the capital of Tuscany and has a population of nearly 400,000 citizens – this number increases dramatically almost doubling during the high tourist season – mainly from early April until late October.  This is why I believe it has its own airport.  Surprisingly, a lot of folks will fly to Pisa and then train to Florence .  I am not sure why – but I heard enough tourists say so during our stay and saw a lot of surprised faces when we informed them Florence had its own airport.

The airport is very small and frankly – a bit of a let down in terms of looks.  After all when your destination is the birth place of the renaissance you expect something a little more … grand. It isn’t.  It is clean, simple and effective.  There is even some good and descent duty free shopping considering the small size.  More importantly, it is well served by various domestic and international airlines including Air France and KLM .  There are however, no direct flights from outside of Europe.

If you are a dog that needs grass to do your business you are truly out of luck.  There simply isn’t any anywhere.  Not even if you take a little walk further out.   I have no such restrictions and was very happy to relieve myself near where all the taxi’s and buses wait acting like a local dog and using the base of a lamp post (no I do not lift and I am neutered so I do not mark – but when in Rome …. Ummm Florence … I loved the look of shock on the biped’s faces!).

I had already done my business in Paris in the lovely grass there so perhaps that is why we felt this wasn’t a huge issue.  It was also our final stop and, unlike so many airports that are extremely far, the Florence airport is only five kilometers from the city center where we were staying; a quick and relatively inexpensive cab ride. No issue with having a dog on your lap in the cab and no extra cost.  You can also take a shuttle bus (dog friendly) and local bus (small dog friendly).   You can also take the train to Santa Maria Novella the station in the heart of Florence ’s city center (dog friendly).

In review: A nice little airport. The staff is charming and I was even allowed in the restaurant.  I ate with the bipeds while waiting for our Air France flight to Paris .  I give it a 4 paws ranking, removing a point for not having a green space available for canines that need one.  But since I got to sit on the bipeds lap and not in the carrier inside the terminal … I would still say it is pretty darn dog friendly.

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  1. Now there are specific reason why Florence has no a big airport or at least bigger then Pisa.
    One main reason due to the fact that are several yrs that exist a project for a longer runaway (for jumbo/A380 etc etc) but should be made in a different direction then the present one and should pass over Sesto Fiorentino border land and they didnt found a solution with Florence administration in order to share profits (its always a matter of money)All of this masked by politics reasons!!!
    Second main reason Pisa Airport lobby doesnt want at all ay kind of concorrency by Florence ’cause in case there are gonna to lose lots of money!Who wants to go in Pisa if Florence has more attractions (art wise).I remind you that a part the Tower and some more else there’s nothing so much interesting,where instead in Florence there’s more then the 60% of the art treasures of all Italy.

    • Uberto, Thank you so much for commenting! what an honour indeed. I did not know that there was such controversy around the airport. What you say makes perfect sense. Pisa has nothing else to offer other than the tower and surrounding buildings – Florence on the other hand has so much it almost takes your breath away just reading the guide book, let alone going there in person (or dog). I am always amazed at how money and politics are so often in the way rather than a move forward towards improvement. Having said that, the little Florence airport does its job and we found coming in from Paris a very useful and positive experience and option.

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