Flying to Miami (MIA) Airport With A Dogs Review

Maybe it is the sun that makes the folks in Florida so happy and dog friendly … maybe … okay well I don’t know… but I must admit that they “get it” in the sunshine state when it comes to providing a safe haven for dogs that are travelling with their bipeds.

In November 2010 – we had the pleasure of arriving in (and later departing from) Miami Airport .  For those of us living in the north, there is always that wonderful moment when you leave a cold climate and step out into the sun of a warm, summer like environment. You get hit with that first wave of bone warming heat and immediately feel your muscles relaxing and your gait slow down.  You enter vacation mode.

At the time, I was only 7 months old – right in the midst of my “puppy uglie’s” as we Chihuahua’s are know to have from 7-9 months; I was just a pup and yet I had already seen 3 airports: High Point North Carolina (where I was born and where I took off for the first time!), Chicago O’hare and Ottawa.  We didn’t know then that this blog would exist so we never took any photos, luckily the airport website not only provides one, but it also provides a most useful PDF map of where the Dog Relief areas are.


Amazingly – you have two choices.  You can go to a fenced in area, or you can choose one that is open.

I must admit that Miami really takes first prize.  The animal relief areas are located at the arrival level at Concourses D, E and J. The ones at Concourses E and J are whimsically themed “doggy parks.”  When we visited I was the only dog and my bipeds let me go off leash – I ran like a little maniac after being in the sleepypod for over 4 hours!  Make sure you have good recall with your dog, since this is not a double gate and depending on where you are in the “dog park” you may not see a new dog and owner approaching until they have opened the gate. All Dog Relief areas at the Miami airport are equipped with dual surfaces of both grass and mulch and waste disposal stations. The newly planted trees will in time (once they mature a little more) provide the much needed shade.


In review: A joy to use! Simple, whimsical and well thought out. It will be interesting to see how time takes its toll on these spaces and if the airport will continue the maintenance and upkeep to ensure that it remains a top notch service to those travelling with their four legged companions. I certainly hope so! These areas are the best use of the otherwise “dead space” that usually surrounds parking garages, it was clean and well maintained at the time of our visit. Please help them keep it that way and pick up after your dog.

5 Comments on “Flying to Miami (MIA) Airport With A Dogs Review

  1. We stopped over in Miami en route to the Bahamas last May, and were also impressed with their pet relief areas. Much nicer than many airport relief areas we’ve seen! I do have some photos of the fenced-in relief area. Let me know if you’d like them — I’d be happy to dig them out for you.

    P.S. What are puppy uglies?

    • Would love the photos! please send them to – that would be great!!
      As for Puppy uglies … Chihuahua’s have this awkward time when they loose the adorable fluffy coat that is the puppy fur…. and then long coat can take up to 18 months to grow in fully. So between ages 5-9 months most long hair Chihuahua’s look … well “ugly”… in a weird in-between coat … of course no Chi or Chi owner thinks they are ugly!!

      • Hey there. No worries — will dig out the photos this evening and email them to you. They were taken with my phone camera, but they came out pretty well, considering.

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