Are You Flying to Munich (MUC)? A Dogs Airport Review

It has been a long … long… time since the bipeds have been so utterly impressed with an airport. I know, an airport sounds boring right? But bear with me as I tell you why Munich Airport (MUC) is a completely different beast.

As the second busiest airport in Germany in terms of passenger traffic (behind Frankfurt) it handled 38,360,604 passengers in 2012. that is a LOT of people! It is the world’s 12th busiest airport for international passenger traffic, but its design never makes you feel like you are in a huge and complicated hub. It’s cool, it’s modern, it’s smart … it’s .. German.

How does this airport manage that?  lets start with the Munich Airport Centre (MAC).  It  was our favorite part.  It is a shopping, business and recreation area that connects Terminals 1 and 2. The older central area was originally built as part of Terminal 1 and hosts a shopping mall and the train station. The newer area – called the “MAC Forum was built with Terminal 2 and is a large outdoor area with a tent-like, partly transparent roof. Next to it is the “inside the airport hotel” managed by Kempinski.

It’s a really neat space. See?

Such A Cool Space!

And pets are allowed anywhere in Munich airport as long as they remain on leash!

Obviously a frequent flyer!

That is a huge plus for us, since Munich airport will likely become a more frequent stop over as we start to increase our travels to Europe. I saw many other canines (and a few cats) at the airport, happy to be out of their carriers and like me, wondering up and down as they waited for their flight or connection. It was a treat to not be the only pet around and to even have a few moments of play with other dogs.

Meandering between flights!

Sadly, there is no indoor potty…yet.  But there is lots and lots of grass outside! Also, the human bathrooms are very wide and spacious so if like me, your pet is indoor potty trained, there is absolutely no problem finding a good spot to put down the pee pad.

I spy with my little eye …Grass!!

If you have a bit of time to kill, the coolest place you can take your dog for his or her pee break is the Visitors “park” where you can go see 3 old retired planes, run on some grass and just have a good time. I think that is pretty neat don’t you?

Historic Planes At Munich Airport Park!

The best thing about this airport is the amount of natural light it gets. It’s really bright and modern. The design is simple and uncomplicated and what makes it work is all the thought put into the details.

There are areas where you can curl up all cozy behind padded walls that dull out the constant hum of the crowd.

Ooooh what is in there?

Holy Crap Batman! carpet and nooks!

So quiet … can’t hear noise!

You sure we are in an airport?

There are seats that you can stretch out on…

Kinda like Lazy Boys!

Not that hard to snag one either …

There are sleeping booths you can rent…

Lets go find them!

There they are!

Internet and Wi-Fi hot spots are littered throughout and free coffee, tea, snacks and newspapers are available once you leave the shopping area and head towards your gate. Yes … FREE coffee and tea! I know the bipeds were stunned as well.

Yes … free!

Is that free … coffee and tea??

IT IS!! wow …!

For those humans that smoke, the airport has smoking “glass cubes” sponsored by different cigarette companies. You can enter and enjoy your cigarette without disturbing anyone. I can’t tell you how many people were thrilled at finding these. I happen to think that it’s a good fit, getting the cigarette companies to sponsor them. The number of spaces, the layouts (simple cube or full on lounge), the maintenance of the air ducks, ventilation etc. not to mention the cleaning… all of it is handed off as an expense to the cigarette company. Kinda brilliant. I think they should take that concept for pet areas and have them sponsored by pet product companies!

A smoking lounge behind me! Sponsored by Camel (see above right logo)

a smaller one…

I met a lot of wonderful folks during my jaunts at Munich airport on this last trip. The flight attendants loved me! The shopping was excellent with just the right mix of high end and affordable shops.  It is spotlessly clean and the signs easy to follow.

ordering lunch!

Getting loved by a Lufthansa Airline Stewardess!

I have to say that as far as waiting spaces go, Munich Airport does a great job at making you feel like you’re not entirely wasting your time.

24 Comments on “Are You Flying to Munich (MUC)? A Dogs Airport Review

  1. I have spent a fair amount of time in airports, both as a traveler and airline employee, and I am certain this IS the most awesome airport. What a great facility. I especially like the smoking booths – they satisfy a smokers urge to smoke and a non-smokers right not to breathe second-hand smoke. It’s too bad that cities planning to build new airports could scout Munich’s airport before construction. Thanks for sharing this – I’ll remember it when I book my trip to Oktoberfest.

    • I have seen the booths in other airports – I think Amsterdam as well … but not sure anymore. But it IS a brilliant idea. We are also fond of the sleeping cubes – if we have enough time on our next lay over we are trying one out!

  2. Thank you for a great tip! I have never connected via Munich when I go to Czech. I went a few times through Frankfurt, but Munich looks far better. I’ll keep it in mind for next travels 🙂

  3. Thank you, Monte, for bringing back fond memories and giving me a glance of the “new” airport. Quite a number of years ago, due to a glitch by the airline, I was diverted to Munich. It was my first time at the Munich airport and even the older, original Terminal, was at that time quite lovely. I remember walking through the area, feeling as though I were in a little glass palace… fabulous… so airy, so spacious… so clean… Great little report, Monte… as always !! Thank you, and I take all your compliments in that article personally, seeing that I am German by birth… hugs xoxox

  4. Won’t ever travel there, but it’s nice of you to share! Germany has always amazed me. 19 years ago I had two friends on AOL from Germany who were the best people on earth. I’ve always wanted to visit them there. I’ve always wondered why Germany isn’t in the place of America as being number one…. they seem like they should be! I so enjoy seeing how many places are opening up to our four legged best friends! xoxoxoxo Love you Monte!!!

    • Germany … is number 1. The US has been falling behind for years and years now. The super power that is the economy of Germany is no small thing. All of Europe is in their debt. Literally. But that is another conversation for another day … 🙂

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  7. Monte – I am a large chocolate lab that is moving from the U.S. to Sweden. I would like to connect in Munich but am nervous that they will find me too big to walk the airport with my mom while we wait for our connection. Have you seen any large breeds like me roaming the Munich airport?

    All the best

    • I did but only on the lufthansa side. What airline are you flying with? Worse case scenario you will walk the perimeter of the airport and just have to go through security again. Let me know how it goes!!

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  10. I love this post! I had a layover in Munich a couple years ago, and I was amazed how clean and organized everything was. Quick question… did you have to go through customs with your pup when arriving there? I’ll be traveling in a couple days, and I was thinking about bringing my little pooch with me. But unsure if I’d have enough time to get to my connecting flight if I have to actually go through customs.

    • Depends if from one EU nation to another than no. If you have already entered the EU and you are off to another EU nation then no. But if it’s coming in from a none EU country and it’s the FIRST entry point into the EU then yes.

  11. Hi! My husband and I have a 10 hour layover in Munich next week, en route from Mumbai to the US. We have adopted a street dog who will be traveling with us in the cabin. I would love to buy him a warm sweater as the weather back home is freezing right now in the Northeast! Can you please recommend a shop in or near the airport for me? Also… since our layover is so long are there any other pet friendly places we can go to near the airport? Many thanks for your help!

    • You will need to Google the distance of the airport to town and see if it’s possible. 10 hours isn’t a lot when you consider you will need 2-3 to go back in and through customs again if you leave the airport.

      Buy a sweater online and have it on you. It’s not likely that there are any pet stores in or near the airport. and if there is they may not have the size you need etc. Best to have it on you. I travel with my own supplies and clothing. Harness, spare leash, spare harness, poop bags … etc. Fab Dog is a favourite sweater company for me.

  12. Dear Monte!
    I am flying into the Munich airport from Toronto, Canada, next Monday with my mini Dachshund, FuFu. FuFu has a bladder of steel, but I still want to offer her “relief” as soon as possible after we arrive in Munich. Is there a special customs line so we can get outside to the green grass as quickly as possible? Thank you! (PS You are adorable!)

    • Sadly there are no “priority lines” for those with pets. Some airports have indoor potty solutions but not all. Not yet. We use the Pup Head as a way to take a “green spot” with us. Maybe this is something you can look into?

  13. Wondering if the only way to go to the “pet relief” area is to go out through security? We have a short connection in Munich before we fly to the US and it sounds like there may not be somewhere for our pup pup to go before the long US flight? Have you traveled through Munich recently to see if there are any updates for dog areas? Thanks!

  14. I am connecting in Munich in February and was wondering if I don’t need a visa can I bring my dog outside foro a small run before the next flight? our layover is of 3;30 hrs.

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