Flying to Nice Airport With a Small Dog?

I always look forward to seeing a new airport. I’m not sure why really. I mean, it’s just an airport, right? Perhaps because I was so impressed by the airport in Amsterdam (more on that in a later post) and the one in Munich, I have started to look at airports through a more discerning lens.

As we approached for our landing at Nice Airport, my tummy got a little fluttery — but not out of anticipation. My tummy was fluttering because the entire runway is landfill. That means that if the pilot misses, we either land in the water or the strip ends and … we end up in water. And you know how much I love water (For those new to my blog. I don’t. not a bit).

The Mediterranean sea completely surrounds the runways at Nice Airport. I heard our host talk about it. Apparently, it’s one of the most difficult landings around, made worse by Nice’s extensive noise bylaws. (Say that a few times, “Nice’s noise laws, Nice’s noise laws … “!) The noise bylaws prohibit the planes from coming into the airport at the easiest angle.

Here, you be the judge. What do you think?




But on with the airport!

You will be happy to know that even though Nice is the third busiest airport in France, it retains a pleasant and “small home” feel. Not once did the bipeds feel turned around. Everything was fluid and easy to navigate.  And even better, canines are allowed to walk on leash! Not hugely surprising for France, but always worth mentioning.


Flying to Nice Airport With a Small Dog

Kind of looks like my friend Dino!


Ah!! Welcome!! YAY!!


While Dad and our host went to fetch our bag (yes, we checked our carry-on this time), Mom and our hostess took me just outside so I could relieve myself. It was easy to get in and out of the airport near the baggage carrier.


and … a carousel! But of course!


These green spaces are all around the arrival area. Can’t speak to departures.


And what dog would not love to go under a palm tree after a long flight?! There were plenty of green options and places with a little privacy behind large bamboo hedges.


Flying to Nice Airport With a Small Dog Montecristo travels

so good to do this … after hours and hours in a plane.




Sadly, Nice Airport does not boast an indoor doggy potty like Washington does, but I forgive them since they allow me to walk on leash out of my carrier. An airport that confines me to my carrier forces me to spend even more time in there on top of flying time. So being allowed out of my carrier is a bonus. Besides, I can go on my pee grass pad in a bathroom!


Greenery all over!


All in all, Nice Airport is a pleasant experience. It’s pet friendly and close to the city centre (bonus!). The drive into town is parallel to the promenade, complete with palm trees, flowers, and beautiful buildings, and the sea already welcoming you to Nice.

Pretty right? (Thank you Hani and Rohan for having us!!)


yes … yes we ARE on vacation. It is official.


And hey, if you need to go to Monaco from Nice Airport, you should try the helicopter service. For my American Readers, if you join the Club Diamond Rouge via the Monaco Tourism Bureau in NY, you can score a free one-way helicopter ride from the airport and you get deals for local attractions. (Many are free!) You’re welcome!

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  1. When I saw that white dog photo—-before I read the caption, I said to myself—“That dog looks like me!” I knew it wasn’t me—because I’ve never been to an airport. Your Phurry Philly phriend, Dino

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