Flying to Charles de Gaule, Paris with a Dog

Flying to Charles de Gaule, Paris with a dog is easy.  Well a small one anyway. But if there is one thing that is always intimidating when traveling, it is a very large, complex and chaotic airport. Charles de Gaulle – Paris International Airport – falls in that category.  The airport has grown over the years adding extensions and new terminals here and there without a seemingly logical plan for growth. There is no common look and feel with every terminal completely different from the others, no cohesiveness to this airport.  You have to arrive knowing you will need time to make your connection and go through customs.  The line-ups are usually very long.  Always err on the side of too much time – trust me – this is not the place you want to have to make a mad dash to catch a connecting flight.

Flying to Charles de Gaule, Paris with a Small Dog

Grass, bench, and a chance to sniff. Parfait!

For starters, the signage is dodgy at best. The terminals are not within walking distance and you need to hop on and off a sort of internal high-speed subway/fast train.  Luckily these are quick, silent and highly efficient … once you have gone up and down and around what seem a thousand steps to find it in the first place.  Travel light for this airport! Heavy bags of duty free, long coats and everything else will really annoy you since you can’t take the trolley onto the high speed mini train – nor up and down the many steps, escalators and elevators you will take from one terminal to the next.

Flying to Charles de Gaule, Paris with a Dog

Terminal 2 G at sunset. oooh lala!

Having said that – for dog travelers this airport absolutely rocks! First of all the staff is hands down the most dog loving you will ever come across. One company that hires young people to help them get through to the correct gates and so on, has a name that starts with M … the logo in fact.  We can not recall the name of the company – or the name of the lovely young woman – but one such young person gave me her M from her jacket when she found out my name was Montecristo! How sweet is that? I have never been petted, cooed at or shoed in quickly past long lines as much as I have at Charles de Gaulle; even the security staff had fun, petting me and asking me about my voyages. Good times!

In addition, the airport has fantastic green spaces just outside each terminal. They are not official dog poop zones – but in France that concept is rather looked at as a big joke. A dog poops on grass.  That is what grass is for. The caretaker is responsible for the pet and thus must carry poop bags.  But basically the dog can go relieve itself where it wants to. They will not object as long as you respect the poop and scoop.

We landed very early.  In fact it was still dark outside.  But we had a 6-hour wait for our connecting flight to Florence. Plenty of time to stretch have breakfast and get through security and nap. In that order!

We had a great time walking in the large grassy area near Terminal 2G  and watched the sunrise as we ate croissants and drank coffee from Leon.  The area has lovely benches and garbage cans. The people walking by will not even question the presence of a dog.  Enjoy it if you can as long as you can.  I find after a transatlantic flight it is good to not just walk but a good run helps as well.

Once we had gone past security and were in the terminal – the bipeds decided they needed a nap desperately.  Unlike myself, they had not slept on the plane on the way down and so … the search was on for a place to settle down. It was with great pleasure that we discovered that I was allowed outside my carrier on leash inside the terminal!  There is no sign to indicate this but since multiple security guards and airport staff walked past us during our 5 hours there and said nothing – we are assuming that indeed this is ok.  I sat at the feet of my bipeds, or on a lap and got to even watch over them as they slept on these really nice lounge chairs.  I made sure no one came near our stuff. It was good to feel important and needed.

In Review:  flying to Paris with a small dog, as with any large airport means arming yourself with time and patience.  But as far as dog friendliness goes – this airport gets five paws for sure! Just make sure you are flying air France, KLM or Alitalia for all these perks.


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  1. Really informative post, and what great pictures! That’s a very cool airport. I flew into it on my one trip to Paris, but don’t remember any of that cool furniture. Was probably too dazed and confused. Good job, Montechristo, for guarding your sleeping mom!

    • Thanks Esri!! maybe the furniture is new? Who knows. But what a great airport. I hear Amsterdam has an amazing one as well … looking forward to going there some day! As for guarding Mom … she was so tired … poor thing.

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  3. Again- great information. I am so please I stumbled on this blog!

      • Hi
        I fly to CDG on July 10th with my dog but Iam having her mircrochipped tomorrow so the rabies shot after is not 21 days in her system as required by the french customs. Do you know how much it costs per day if I have to leave her in the quarantine at the CDG Airport?


        • No idea! never needed it. And I don’ think the quarantine is AT the airport….. I would call the airport directly.

        • Hi Tina/Taina!
          Could you please let me know how this went for you? Would be a great help to me!! Thank you so much! 🙂

        • Hi. I am sending my sister s cat from Toronto to Paris. She is sixteen years old. I vaccinated her before the microchip and therefore her vaccines are void ( the Canadian food agency won’t stamp her papers because the sequence wasn’t followed properly). They told me to contact the vet at Charles de Gaulle and to get a letter stating that she is ok to travel. I can t find who to contact. Could you please help me ?

  4. Hi,
    I’ve been to paris CDG Airport with my dog fidjy and he did have a blast and walked around the airport… Everyone was super friendly.

    I have a question, how did you reach the grass area outside the terminal? This you have to go through customs to do so? Did you have to have a visa?

    Thanks 🙂


    • Thanks for the question Mya,

      As Canadians we do not need Visa’s for any EU country. 🙂 so … no.

      Yes, the grass area is outside, you would have to go through customs. It is a pain, but it is the norm for almost all airports with a few exceptions (Washington Dullus has an indoor pet relief area for example). We always try and leave enough time for our lay overs to go out and come back in. DO remember your boarding pass. Once, Mom gave Dad the boarding pass so we could go out, he stayed at a cafe with the bags. THAT was a big mistake! Dad was paged, and had to come out and get us and we all had to go through customs together.

  5. Hi
    I am travelling with my shih tzu ‘Freddie’ from India to the US. I will be flying via CDG, Paris, and the Air France officials informed me that I will need to go through customs in Paris and then check in for my flight to the US , rather than being able to check in all the way through.

    Also what was the paperwork you produced at Paris to get your dog through customs?

    • Marsha, to get into the USA you will need your dogs proof of rabies and vaccine history. For Paris you must get form EU 998 in French filled out by your vet in India and stamped by your equivalent of our CFIA or the American USDA. If you can’t get a copy easily I recomend you call the French Embassy in India and ask them for it. It is better to be safe than sorry and have too much paperwork than not enough. Also check with your airline. How big is your dog? is it flying cargo or in cabin?

      • Thanks for the reply. Turns out I won’t have to go through customs at France. So I won’t require the EU forms.
        Thanks for the info. My dog is 7lbs and will be flying with me in the cabin 🙂

        • Oh do come back and let us know how it went!! Friend us on FB and share your photos of your experience!! Best of luck!!

        • Hi Marsha! How was ur trip? I want to bring my cat with me in the cabin as well. We going to fly from Ukraine to USA through Paris. I wonder if u actually went through customs or not? It’s transit airport for us but Im afraid if we have to go through customs we have to meet not only USA requirements for my pet, but also EU which very different and more complicated. I would appreciate if u would share ur experience! Thanks 🙂

          • Hello! Not sure you are addressing this to because we have a Monte (me) a Sonja and a Stefan here … no Marsha though! But hey that’s okay. 🙂

            To answer your question, you need to contact the airline. It will depend more on where the plane into Paris will park. The airport there is such a mess its hard to know in advance if you will have access to the part of the airport that allows you to connect to your US flight without going through customs first or not. The only one that can help is the airline you will be flying with. They have a better understanding of their “spots” at Charles de Gaule.

            Having said that – EU form 998 is really not that complicated at all. Really it isn’t. Look at my resource page and you will find the English and French one there. Your vet fills in in blue ink, you then take it to your office for animal import and export. Should not be more than 10 days before you leave. They look at it, read it, stamp it. That’s it.

            If I were you – I would have the form just in case. You never know if your plane has to be re-routed or not. For example if the CDG airport is closed for some reason and you have to land elsewhere. You will need the EU form 998. To be safe, I always have the papers I need for any stop along the way.

            Hope that helps and good luck!

  6. So, excited to find you Montecristo! We are taking our little Harry to France… and since he is a French Poodle – we hope he will have a much fun as you! This is great!

      • I am flying back to the UK from Canada with a 6 month puppy via CDG. I’m going this way because we went via Amsterdam last time with another dog on KLM and had too find a vet too check all the paper work and issue a pet passport and then the dog had to go cargo to London and I don’t want to go through that again. I believe there is some kind of car transport to go with the dog on the train and then drop f in the uk. Any ideas for me. Thanks

        • it’s not an Amsterdam issue it’s a UK issue. No matter where you fly from if flying to the UK you will need the vet and cargo. Via Paris you can rent a car, and take the car though the Channel. The issue there is getting the car back to Paris. There are companies that do this I am told. Although I’ve never used one myself. Alternatively you can take the ferry from France into the UK. In any case you will always need a vet to fill out the pet passport.

  7. Hi,

    I am happy i came across this blog. Do we need any paper work for pets if we are transiting via Paris? and also if i dont have a visa, what would you suggest is the best way to give my pet some relief?
    I am planning to go by air france, US to India.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Unfortunatly Neetha the answer is yes, you need paperwork for your pet. In transit or no. You are clearing French customs with a pet.

      In order to bring dogs from the United States into France, you must abide by the following conditions:
      1) Every animal must be identified by a microchip (standard ISO 11784 or annex A ISO standard 11785) or a tatoo. In case of identification with a tattoo, the tattoo must be clearly readable and applied before July 2011.
      2) If the microchip standard is different from standard ISO 11784 or annex A ISO standard 11785, you must bring your own scanner in order to read the microchip. In the United States, you may acquire the microchip standard ISO 11784 on this site. It should be implanted by a veterinarian only.
      3) Every animal must have a valid rabies vaccination, even if less than 3 months old. If it is the first rabies vaccination for the pet, you must wait 21 days between the last shot of the vaccination protocol and departure.
      4) Blood tests are not required for animals coming from Canada and the United States (including Puerto Rico, Guam, Samoa, US Virgin Island, and Mariana Island).
      5) The official health certificate will be valid for 10 days, from the date of issue by an official veterinarian until the date of arrival at the EU point of entry.
      The certificate is also valid for the purpose of further movements within the EU for a total of 4 months from its date of issue or until the date of expiration of the rabies vaccination, whichever date is earlier. USDA endorsement is required for all certificates except those issued by military veterinarians for dogs, cats and ferrets. The list of USDA Area Offices of Veterinary Services may be consulted at the following URL address.

      Unlike some airports – there are no indoor potty areas (that I know of) unfortunately so you may want to look into bringing your own and get your pet trained before the trip. I use the Pup Head and have found it to be a perfect solution. I don’t know if your pet is small enough to travel in cabin (I am assuming at this point that it is). I have found that most dogs adapt to the Pup Head very easily. I put a pee pad under it to absorb liquids and just roll it up like a yoga mat and place inside a plastic bag of the carry on. You can read my post on that here.

  8. This site was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve
    found something which helped me. Thank you!

  9. Do you know anything about pet traveling in the hold? We are coming from the US, stopping in Paris then off to Austria! But I’m to big to travel in the cabin and have to travel in the hold, do they wisk me away to another area? My mom has been trying to find out information as to where I would go and can’t find anything.

    • Hey Planck!! I know a lot less about cargo travel. What I do know is that it’s the airline and not the airport that has a system in place. So it would depend on who you are traveling with. Delta? United? Air France? Did you book with a travel agent? They should be able to tell you. If not call the airline and find out what your humans have to do once in Paris to reclaim you and have you go through customs with your USDA stamped form. Charles de Gaule Airport in Paris is SUPER dog friendly and I am sure you’ll be given a chance to stretch your legs and see your humans. Of course it might also depend on how long the layover is. I would start with calling the airlines. Best of luck and please keep me posted!

      • Hello Planck, I have experience with the dog travel as baggage/cargo in the hold. From personal experience, I would advise you to choose an airline that accepts large dogs as excess baggage and avoid flying your dog as cargo if possible. Airfrance and KLM have an international flat rate of $200 for dog + kennel combined weight under 165lbs. For large dogs, this is a good deal. Once your dog is checked in for the flight, you will not be in contact with your dog until the flight is over and you collect your baggage. This includes layovers (no potty breaks), so plan accordingly.
        Europe by train with a dog is very accessible, and it may be a good choice for you from Paris to Austria. In France, your dog’s train ticket is half the price of your ticket. They may ride on the train leashed if they have a muzzle. I have found this is a lax rule.
        I have a 65lb Dutch Shepherd that travels the world with me. The only thing she loves more than riding the train is the water boats (Vaporettos) in Venice.
        I hope this helps,

        • Hello Mich! It’s nice to get a big dog perspective. Since we deal with the under 15 pound in cabin perspective. I had no idea for example that there is a difference between excess baggage versus cargo. Good to know. Trains in Europe are wonderful. We take them all the time – whenever possible. Italy in particular was lovely. And thanks for letting us know the Vaporettos in Venice are pet friendly!

  10. Hello there!
    Great site. We are travelling with small dog in cabin (Air Canada from Toronto) and will have all relevant docs, but I am unclear as to how to proceed once in CDG. We would like to procur the EU doggie passport as we will be travelling on by ferry. Is there a vet right at customs? Could you just ‘walk me through’ how to connect with the French Vet or Customs prior (or do I need to?) We will be heading over to Ireland, and the authorities there said it would be best to clear in Paris.
    Many thanks!!

    • Hello Danielle!! This is what I know… There is no vet at the airport in Paris. I have never really known for there to be a vet at any airport anywhere we have traveled to be honest. Not in our experience anyway. This means you will have to leave the airport to see a vet. You may as a result want to plan a day or two stay in Paris.

      I do want to mention that the Pet Passsport is only valid for people and their pets that are European Union residents, or “one of the neighboring countries where the rabies status matches that of the EU. This includes: Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and the Vatican City State.” There is one exception – for expats that fall under the: “I am a non-EU citizen but I will live in the EU with my pet for several years” category. Please keep this in mind. The correct thing to do is gather together these documents:

      • health certificate (rabies vaccine number is a must)
      • Tapeworm (can be done once in France but you can’t enter the UK without it)
      • Microchip information and number
      • supporting statements from your veterinarian with CFIA stamps

      For Paris Vets should you need one. Dr. Eric McCarthy; 37 boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris 75005 [nearest métro stop: Maubert-Mutualité]. His e-mail address is and his telephone number is 01-43-54-40-01. His fax number is 01-43-54-33-58. He is not an anglophone but has dealt with people wanting a EU passport as a “souvenir”. Note that you will need the documents I mention above in order to get the pet passport or to even enter France. It cost about $ 75 to get a pet passport (an optional expense); and another $75 to get a tapeworm treatment (not optional).

      The other name I have for you is VetoAdom, which provides 24-hour emergency service at your home (or rental). I have never used these services, but it is good to have in any case.

      For an English speaking vet you can try: . Pierre Métivet, at the Clinique Vétérinaire Labo & Cie, located at 15 rue la Boétie. I don ’t have the phone number or email – sorry.

      Hope this helps!

  11. Hi. Glad I ran across your blog, it’s been helpful.
    I will be making the journey from the US, Frankfurt and then CDG in a couple of weeks, with my 2 small dogs. I read in one of your posts, that we must bring our own scanner? Is this really required or just as a backup plan?

  12. DO you know whaere we pick up unnacommpanied animals. My dog is flying with Delta… so do i go to Delta or baggage? Does anyone know where?

    • Sorry I do not. You best bet is calling Delta. They will have that information. And since it can often change it is best to call now. 🙂 Let me see if I can find something for you.

  13. Hi
    Thanks for your blog 🙂
    I will soon be traveling (pet in cabin) from Singapore to Italy. As the are no direct flights we will be transmitting in another European country (not yet decided). Have been reading a bit up on the internet an am quite confused so hope you can help 🙂
    Do I need to clear customs in the first country we arrive to or will it be the end station Italy ?
    I have also seen that we should make an appointment with airport customs at least 24 hours in advance to do so. Do you have any experience with this ?
    Thanks so much in advance 🙂

    • Hello Wawa (Michelle) … We have never ever booked an appointment with the airport customs. I am not sure if this might be a South East Asia issue or not … but we have never had to do this. I am not sure what that would do. Customs agents are always there, 24/7.

      Where things get tricky is wether or not your other country is part of the European Union or not. Italy is part of the EU. If you enter another country that IS in the EU then you clear customs with them. Any flight from there to Italy would be treated as an internal flight. So no customs in Italy. BUT!!!

      If you land in a European country that is NOT part of the EU … say like Switzerland … then you will need papers for THAT country AND Italy. Since you will clear customs twice.

      So example: Singapore via Paris (France) … you need EU form 998 for France. Nothing for Italy.
      Singapore via Zurich (Switzerland) … you need papers for Switzerland AND EU form 998 for Italy.

      I have some of the EU forms on my Resource page. But always check with the embassy or your local authorities to make sure they are the latest versions.

      One more thing to think about – make sure you have the right paperwork to return home!! Last time I checked Singapore has a 7 day quarantine for pets entering the country. Not to mention a rabies shot even if you already gave your pet one. Putting your pet at risk for over vaccination.

      Hope this helps!

  14. Hello, ,I love your blog, you are so cosmopolitan! I am taking my cat with me, from the USA to CDG and what I wanted to ask you is, how much did they charge your bipeds at the airport for getting you through customs? thank you 🙂

    • Hello Jen!!

      It is just part of their job. No fee. 🙂

      Where the fees come in will be to get the EU form filled out by your vet (in blue ink) and then stamped by the USDA office. Aftre that – there is the pet charge by the airline and you are done! Bon voyage!!

  15. Hi! Great site! I am traveling with my cat in November from the US to CDG. He will be in the cabin. I have traveled to CDG perhaps 25 times in the last 8 years and not ONCE… NOT ONCE have I seen a custom official.

    Why go through all the paperwork?

  16. I will be travelling from New Zealand to France in March. Once I arrive I will probably have to take the train down to poitiers. do you know if there is anywhere in the airport to bath the dog as the flight is 30 hours so I think I will have a very smelly dog.

    • Most train stations in France have payable showers – but I have no idea what the pet policy is. If you have time, you may want to check-in at an airport hotel. This would likely be the simplest strategy if more costly. Some hotels have day use rates as well. Wash up the dog, yourself – have a nap. Gather your thoughts after a long flight. Might be good to have some quality time with your canine too. Good luck! (PS – wet whips are your friend!)

  17. Hi Montecristo,
    You’re blog is so useful! Here is my question for you – we are Americans living in France and will be traveling to Los Angeles so I have all of the documentation above in reverse for our dog Juni. I will have the EU passport, the vaccinations up to date, electronic chip etc – but what can I expect from US customs? We are flying Air France and they have not mentioned anything specific….However I see a lot about the USDA form. Do you have any recommendations? Also any recommendations for making the trip less stressful for our pup in the cabin?
    Thank you!!

    • Welcome Christie! You and Juni should be fine. The US customs folks know how to read the EU passport. But do know that if you go in reverse you may need to get your EU pet passport stamped by the USDA. Airlines are not ever responsible for customs. So they would not know those details. If in the future you have questions, it is better to contact the embassy. 🙂

      Now what can I do to help? Well you can read about security screening here. That is often what most people ask. And I have a bunch of tips on how to keep Juni comfy here. Assuming Juni is going in cabin not cargo. And I have a bit of a round up of travel with dog info here.

      For customs, its really nothing to worry about. They will likely send you to secondary (after passport control) to see a customs officer. Basically you “have something to declare”… Juni. You will be asked for Juni’s papers. YOu will hand them over. They will take a look. And there may be a fee (there is a $30 administration fee in Canada) but I have yet to ever be charged one. Flying into the US is easier than into Canada.

      Let me know how it goes!!

  18. Thank you so much for your reply!! We are ready for this adventure and hopefully once we’ve done it once it will become easier 😉 I will let you know how it goes!

  19. Hi Montecristo! I’m a 30 kg golden named Missy, I’m two years old and I LOVE LIFE. I’m moving to Marseille from Canada, after also living in Kenya, Africa for a good part of my life – air travel is crazy! I’m not a huge fan really, and I wish they would let me pee in Paris, but it sounds like CDG is very different from AMS, where I’ve flown through twice. Their pet hotel is awesome – they take me out and let me run, feed me and give me water during long layovers.

    I have 4 hours at CDG before connecting to Marseille (my biped wanted to take the train, but thought it might be too much with two massive suitcases, plus me and my giant crate!) so wish me luck! I hope the French are as nice to dogs in transit as they are to the little guys in the terminal…

    • OOOooooh BIG dog travel!! You will have to tell me how it went! I do hope they are as good to big dogs as they are to the little ones like me!

      Do read all me reviews of the Cote D’Azur! You will be in Marseille and so close to so many of the stunning places I visited in October. Eze, St. Paul, Nice, Monaco, Dolce Aqua! I envy you these future jaunts Missy!

      How was Kenya? I would love to know more. I keep wondering how pet friendly a visit to the African Continent might be. Thanks for stopping in!

  20. Hi i am travelling from spain to Paris cdg on my way through to canada and wondering what i will need. My pet has the EU passport with all vaccinations but is there any other certificates or anything else i will need for her? Thanks!

    • Hello Shanda,
      You will need:

      •Proof that your dog was vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian. (in your pet passport but you MIGHT want to get an international health certificate)
      • A rabies vaccination is valid from the day it is given. In other words, you can have your dog vaccinated, then cross the border into Canada a few minutes later.
      •Information on the brand of rabies vaccine, the vaccine lot number, and the expiry date of the vaccine must be written on the certificate (or in your pet passport).
      •The certificate must list you (yes you, the human) as the owner (careful if someone else is travelling with the dog!) and contain a clear, detailed description of the dog, outlining his/her color, breed, gender, age and specific markings.

      In general I know that your pet passport should have all this info.

  21. We need to get a pet from the U.S. into the U.K but are finding the pricing very high since the UK has an embargo and dogs have to fly as cargo. We are thinking of flying into CDG as there is a direct flight there from SLC and the dog can ride in the cabin, and then catching another plane to France. We will have to go through customs and show the relevant paperwork. Are there fees to go through customs in France? I know we need a big window of time to get the dog to the airline we choose to go into the UK. Will all the fees they charge to go directly in from the U.S. still apply if we come from that direction and do you have any ideas about which airlines are the best to use from CDG to Heathrow or Manchester. Thanks you for any help!

    • Hello Dianna,

      Although not an embargo (pet’s can enter the UK and quarantine was dropped in 2012) it is indeed true that you can’t fly into the UK with an in-cabin pet (yet!). YOU CAN NOT fly into Heathrow (or anywhere in the UK) with a pet in cabin no matter where you are flying from.

      CDG is a great option to enter Europe. Paris is insanely easy to enter with a pet. When you show your passport – you just include your EU form for your dog and that is it. No big deal (Your papers must be USDA approved – make sure you have the correct EU entry form for France if France is your first EU point of entry). Since you are now in the EU that is it. The UK is part of the EU.

      Unlike flying into Canada, there are no processing fees.

      Not sure about your sentence “ … and then catching another plane to France.” CDG is the Paris airport. You are in France. Perhaps you mean “from” France?

      You are actually a lot better off renting a car from Paris and then taking the Euro tunnel (Shuttle) with your dog because I repeat YOU CAN NOT fly into Heathrow (or anywhere in the UK) with a pet in cabin no matter where you are flying from.

      I have never gone to the UK so I have to rely on those that have. Here are two resources I trust.

      There is a good blog post by fellow with pet travel blogger Dog Jaunt on taking The Eurotunnel. Seems an easy process. Complete with photos.

      Alternatively – if going only one way for example and thus not returning the car – you take the ferry.

      Here is a great blog post by another with pet traveler Gigi – I trust her 100%. And another more overall post on getting into the UK with a pet without going via cargo.

      Hope that helps good luck! Let us know how it went.

  22. Hi Montecristo, you sound adorable! Ever travelled to Canada? I’m getting my cat over from India to Canada and am hugely harrowed about it, its a 23 hour journey! Air France seems the best bet since they’ll allow her in cabin all the way. Did you see any cats at CDG airport? I’ve gotten everything done – microchipping, vaccinations, health certs. Would you know if any other documentation is required at CDG airport?

    • I live in Canada! And yes we travel around the country all the time.
      Don’t worry too much about CDG. That will be the easy part. DO brace yourself for the entry into Canada. Don’t panic when they send you to secondary to ‘declare’ your cat. And there is an administrative fee. I invite you to read my post on the US/Canada border – I know you are flying in via France but the principle is the same. You’ll be fine. It’s no fun – especially for cats – for that long a time but you will break it up into manageable steps. Carry a bit of kitty litter with you. You can get a pee pad – sprinkle some litter on it and your cat will “go”. Just a Ziploc full should be enough. Good luck!

      • Thanks for replying :). We’ve just arrived 2 months ago. What an amazing country! (Well only seen Toronto yet but heard and read amazing stuff about the rest too). So pet friendly, its awesome.
        I’ve left my baby with my parents right now and will torture them by getting them to bring Pearl (my cat) when they visit. Read everything about required documents but I feel prepared. Since I come from India, I’m really used to waiting so “longer” should be ok :D. My biggest worry other than the travel time ofcourse is that Pearl had a fall about a year and a half ago and broke her paw. The doc fixed it by putting in a rod which will come up in the xray ofcourse though I think bone has grown over it by now. Still gonna get a current xray from a doctor in India and I have the notes from the surgery, will keep them handy. Your tip about putting correct owner name and the pee pad is very handy. Thanks a lot and keep blogging 🙂

        • Glad you made it safe … There is no X-ray for your pet when they enter so that should not be an issue. At most they will scan for the microchip numbers that is it. 🙂

          Enjoy Toronto and if you like … here is my review of my visit there. If you ever visit Ottawa lets meet-up!

        • Hi there Montecristo!
          I am a UK citizen and will be collecting 2 large dogs from Paris CDG who are flying from Qatar…..where they have been rescued, they are not mine however I am acting only as their ‘ ‘Guardian’ to take them on to the UK and then on to their owners.
          My biggest worry, as Europe is so concerned about illegal dog handling/theft/ puppy farming is this….. Will I require extra ID ? Will customs and immigration allow me to take them? The new owners are unable to come with me. Thanks

          • I would recommend having the owners write you a letter stating that they are giving you permission. I would have a witness sign it – like for example their vet. Have them on standby for a phone call if needed. That SHOULD cover you! It’s tricky though. Are driving back through the tunnel?

  23. Hi! I’m going to PAris from Boston with my little dog, and i have a problem i hope you can advise me on. My vet did the micro chip AFTER the rabies vaccination. Do they really care about the timing??

    • They do care – although they have not always scanned. It’s a 50/50 chance. Problem is that there is now no vaccine associated with you chip. Did your vet register the rabies vaccine at the same time as the microchip?

      Without all the details it’s tough o answer. Is it because you got a three year vaccine and only microchip recently? Did both happen the same day but just in reverse oder? The most important thing is that the microchip and vaccine have to align. ON paper! SO ON the EU form 998 to enter France (unless you enter the EU from another country) your microchip and your rabies vaccine must align. Call he microchip company and make SURE that the vaccine lot # is registered. This needs to be done after each rabies vaccine. You may also want to register the actual microchip with a reunification program. The chip on it’s own may not bring your dog back to you if lost.

      Hope this helps.

  24. Hi Monticristo! Great blog!
    I will be flying with my pet poodle from Beijing to Houston, TX this October and have been researching the best way of doing this.
    He weighs 6kg so i believe to big to fly in cabin so will need to be in hold or as cargo.
    We would prefer the excess baggage option in the hold but wanted to check what the requirements would be at CdG if we fly Air France. He is microchipped and has all vaccinations up to date hitch he needs for entrance into the US.
    When we arrive in CdG it will be in Terminal 2E and we will fly out of 2E.
    Will they need to see a titer test certificate? We have an old one from about 3 years ago but did not carry out a more recent one as do not need for US, but we just heard that maybe is required at transit in CdG.
    Thanks so much for you help!

    • There will be no titer test requirement. But you will need the EU form filled out by your vet and approved by whatever the equivalent of the USDA is in Beijing. You may want to read my post on how to enter the EU with a pet.

      We are not big dog experts so I can’t tell you much about how things will go for your dog. I recommend you reach out to The Tropical Dog! They do big dog flying all the time. Tell Maria and Shark I sent you!

      • Hello,
        I notice you mention to Rabies Titer test required at CDG. I am desperate to get this information for my own situation. I will fly with one cat and one dog – dog in hold at too big for cabin. I am coming from Brunei (a rabies country) going to Gabon via CDG (4 hour stop). Land Terminal 2E and depart Terminal 2E.
        Routing I planned was:
        Royal Brunei Airlines from Brunei – Singapore then Air France Singapore-Paris-Libreville. But I thought I needed a 3 month wait after a titer test for entry to France? Makes my plan this impossible as I’ve only got 6 weeks till departure! (I had planned well in advance but our move has been brought forward to 31 Oct instead of 31st January). Titer test booked for next week.

        Gabon does not even need a titer blood test but I thought I needed it to transit CDG regardless. Air France cannot even tell me the procedures when animals offloaded from the hold – they don’t know if pet can remain with me in transit hall or if need to clear immigration/customs and my French is useless trying to call various people in France to find out.

        Although we are only in transit I think I still need to clear immigration with the animal when its checked luggage/in hold…therefore I assume I have to abide by all the French importation rules – including a titer test and this 3 month wait.

        I’m at wits end as due to travel and I don’t have 3 months.

        I looked for other ways to fly from Brunei to Gabon e.g. via Kuala Lumpur instead of via Singapore and CDG but can only find this mad route:
        Brunei – Kuala Lumpur -Bangkok-Addis Ababa-Libreville (Gabon) so far too many countries to pass through and nightmare on what to do in each.

        So Air France seemed best option but this transit stop if a real problem.

        Anybody got any miracles for me? 🙁
        Sadly yours

        • You need to reach out to The Tropical Dog. Maria and Shark know big dog cargo information. Tell her we sent you!

          You need proof of rabies vaccine and a normal vet office can do a titer test. What you DO need is the microchip for your pets. That and the EU form for France filled out by your vet and stamped by your local equivalent of Canada’s CFIA or the USA’s USDA.

          Paris is the easiest transit location for any pet travel. You should be ok.

  25. Hi Montecristo! Great blog and information. I’m getting ready to travel to the U.K. from Florida. I am not comfortable flying my cat in the cargo hold and want to take her in cabin. In order to do this, as the U.K. airlines/DEFRA do not allow in-cabin flights to the U.K., I was informed to fly into Paris, then head to Calais and chunnel over to the U.K. to be able to take her in-cabin. I’ve searched everywhere to find out if there are certain days that are required for me to fly into Paris for a pet arrival? I know when you fly into the U.K. via pet in cargo, they will only allow arrivals Monday through Friday as that is their only pet customs check-in availability. Is it the same in Paris or can you arrive any day, weekend included? I’ve honestly searched everywhere – even the Charles de Gaulle website and found no information. Any you know of would be greatly appreciated! BTW, I am going to fly out of Miami to Paris. Thanks so much!

    • Your in cabin pet flies with you on your ticket. You can fly any day. In fact you can fly into Paris cargo any day as well. only the UK is — how shall I put this — difficult. Just make sure when you book your flight that you register your cat on the flight. make sure you get that in writing. I recommend you use a travel agent. But if you book your own ticket online call the airline and make sure to register your pet. there is a pet fee. Also you can’t fly a pet in cabin on any of the bargain airlines. You will need to fly a major airline. So for example Delta or Air France but NOT air transat…

      • Thank you Montecristo. So, it sounds like I can arrive in Paris any day of the week and weekend with my cat? Perfect! I’ve tried to also find information about the “process” when entering Charles de Gaulle airport for pet arrivals, but couldn’t find a word on their website or anywhere. Since you arrived there with your beautiful dog, can you share the process? I know the UK is quite a pain when arriving there by cargo. Air France is the airline I will be using. Do I have to go to a designated area once I exit the plane into the airport? Thanks again for your insight! It’s greatly appreciated! 🙂

        • I don’t do cargo so it’s tough to answer. You really should reach out to Maria and her dog Shark at The Tropical Dog. She has a big dog and thus knows the cargo process there. You can start here. Tell her we sent you!

  26. Hi Montecristo,

    I will be travelling from US to India with my dog.

    Scotty will be travelling in cabin. I have a 4 hour layover in Paris. If I have to walk my dog near hotel IBIS do I need to pick up my luggage? Or just go through customs and security check? Can I take him to a bathroom and use puppy pads?

    Do I still need to get EU pet passport, even though I am transiting through Paris? Your advice is appreciated.

    Thank you,

    • If you are leaving the airport to go to the IBIS area then yes you will need all the papers. I believe you do go through security and customs in Paris no matter if just in transit or not. You will need the EY form. Plus — better safe than sorry. We have always had security for our trips.

      Pee pads are a better option. Saves you a lot of hassle and Charles de Gaule is a crazy labyrinth of an airport with long lines ups so I would not recommend you leaving the airport unless you have no choice.

  27. Dear, thanks for your post, we have a flight the next weekend fron china to bogota and stop in paris CDG just for 5 hours, we arrive by the terminal 2E and take the next flight by the terminal 2F, i have ready all the papers for go out of china and go in to colombia, but i dont know if need some papers for the transit in paris for my dog, she will flight with me in the cabin is just 3kg. I appreciate a answer.

    • If you are not going through customs … no. If you ARE going through customs then yes. Do you know?

      • Dear sonja; the airline told me that not need,but i want to make sure, actually many colombian citizens come to china trough paris because not need visa and anything but this is my first time that take this route, i dont want have any troubles with my dog.


        • You should be ok. but it’s really not hard to get the EU form filled. You could do it just to be safe.

  28. Leaving France was there anything special needed or was it just the standard stuff like going to the airline counter and showing them all your documents?

  29. Wow! Super helpful blog — THANK YOU so much for writing and sharing people’s questions, responses and information. It has been so difficult to get clear information on transiting Paris from other official sites and resources. Just wanted to share that I was just told (August 2017) by a company in Paris that handles animal shipments (but currently cannot handle transit animals due to updated security regulations) that I do not need the EU forms as my dog will not be exiting the airport (traveling Canada-CDG-Yerevan). I’ll update you on the travel afterwards to confirm the process. Thanks again!

  30. HI! Thanks for your info here! I have a service dog I am bringing to France from the USA and back home from Paris to USA. The airline (Norwegian) says all I need o get her on the plane is her service dog ID card and thats it. When I land and go through customs, then what? She is not a pet she is a service animal, are the rules different for pets vs service animals in France? She is NOT micro chipped either and may not be able to be at her age. What happens when you enter customs with a service animal? Do they require a microchip scan? Do you have to show a health certficate? Do I need a pet passport to get BACK into the USA as a USA citizen? I am SO confused. The airport says its up to the airline to require further paperwork and the airline doesn’t want anything from me but her ID. SO confusing! Thanks!

    • Rules for flying with an airline and rules for bringing an animal into a country are not related. So yes, the airline may be ok with just the service dog tags but France as a country (well the EU now) will need you to have the EU form filled out and stamped by the USDA. Big or small dog you will need that paperwork. Read this post for help.

      YOU WILL need an international health certificate from your vet to return to the USA. Service dog or not. Think of the paperwork as your dogs passport. They need to know you aren’t bringing a disease into the country. That’s why it exists.

      THE ONLY way the microchip MIGHT be a work around would be if you have a letter from a vet stating that it’s a health risk for your dog but honestly it’s a grain of rice under the skin (not in the muscle). Make sure you get the RIGHT number of digits!! Europe has more than the USA. Read this. If a 3.5 pound dog can manage it … 🙂

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  32. Hi Montecristo,

    Thank you for this blog. You have definitely put my mind at ease about travelling with my 2 dogs.
    I have a quick question and since you said you live in Canada I’m hoping you know the answer. I am returning to the U.K. after 9 months in Canada with my 2 dogs so I have an EU pet passport. I will be travelling to U.K. via Paris. I know I need to get tapeworm treatment for U.K. and the vet needs to fill out a certificate for this but I wanted to ask: does the Canadian Vet need to fill out a Canadian certificate and or the EU one? Or does it not matter?

    Also I know the tapeworm treatment is needed 5 days before entering the U.K. … do they need to send the certificate off to get the official stamp and how long does that usually take?

    Thanks for all your input

    • A Canadian vet can fill out your EU passport – it MUST be stamped by the CFIA here in Canada. I have seen the CFIA stamp EU pet passports with my own eyes but best ask them!

      AS for the tapeworm … I have no idea. Sorry. I have never travelled to the UK … maybe ask my friend Gigi from Gigi Griffith The Ramble.

  33. Hello I was hoping that you could help guide me a bit. I will be traveling with my cat Timbz who originally comes from the US. We have been in Thailand for about 10 months and we are traveling to the Dominican Republic. We will have a layover in Paris CDG for 7 hours. From Thailand to Paris he has no choice but to travel as checked baggage under the cabin. Once I arrive I have been told that I have to pick him up at the baggage claim. Timbz definitely does not have rabies as he is very healthy and this can be seen. Thailand is a high rabies country and from what I have seen so is the Dominican republic. Either way I am getting his Blood Titer test along with a microchip, health certificate, and rabies vaccine. I will also get the export permit from the office in Thailand. My one concern is that he will not have had the blood titer test for 3 months before he travels it will only have been about 1 month and 20 days. We only have a layover in Paris. I was told by the airline in Paris that he can fly with me in the cabin. I just want to be certain before I make the trip because I will not be able to make other arrangements for him. Please let me know from your experience what may happen. I really appreciate it as there is not enough information and nobody to contact. He is also my Emotional Service Animal and I have a letter from the doctor that says so.

    • Hello Marc,
      I am not a specialist and can only speak of what I have experienced. And what you are describing is not something I have done. My recommendation to you is to contact the French embassy in Thailand. Honestly I think you will be fine — but if you want peace of mind I would contact them. The rabies shot being for more than 30 days is THE single most important thing – with the microchip.

      • When a microchip is scanned does it show more than just the microchip number or does it show the last vaccine that was administered?

        • Are the only vaccine dates that are checked checked on paper or are them somehow loaded electronically thru the microchip?

  34. Hello Montecristo, so glad I found this blog!!
    I am traveling from US to Italy with my ESA dog in the cabin. We have a 6hours layover in CDG and for my understanding there are no per relief areas inside the airport.
    I got the health certificate endorsed by the USDA, the dog is microchipped and had the vaccine for rabies.
    Will we be able to clear the custom and then get back inside to catch the final flight?

  35. Hi , are you able to help with dogs that have been brought to cdg airport from China , with 100% correct paper work . They are being held at Kennels outside of the airport for no reason by the airport. They have been brought in by a registered charity, everything is above board and no reason for them being detained .

  36. Hi! I am in desperate need of some advice please!!! I am intending on traveling from MIA with a 4-hour layover in CDG and then on to a country in West Africa. My puppy will only be 3 months old at the time I need to leave, and thus will not have had completed the 21 day waiting period for a rabies vaccination at that point. My final destination country doesn’t require the waiting period, but it’s my understanding that France requires this. If I will not be leaving the airport and I am checking my bags to my final destination, will I be going through customs with him or is it okay to travel with my pup, or do they check for this documentation? Please help!!! thank you so much

  37. Hi
    Can anyone recommend a reputable ground and air pet transport company in the United States.
    I am trying to transport a puppy I have bought from Iowa to London either directly into Heathrow or via Paris CDG. From everything I have read Paris sounds like a nicer option.

    Can anyone advise me on VAT regulations on new puppies. Do you pay it in France and then not in the UK or will I get clobbered twice if I come via Paris.

    All information gladly received.

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