We are always up for trying new accommodation options. We are not fans of camping per say … but “Glamping”? Yeah we can do that. Remember that time we stayed in a tree house? When we were touring “La Gaspesie”; a peninsula along the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River in Quebec Canada, we were thrilled to discover we could stay in a YURT on the beach.   When […]

The great thing about looking for a little pet-friendly place to rent in Prague is that there are options. Loads of options. A quick search in TripAdvisor, FlipKey or AirBnB results in hundreds of choices. I love that. It tells me ahead of time what I can expect culturally. The large number of pet friendly spots to choose from, told me that the Czech Republic was going to be […]

  As I now approach a full six years (Wait. Woa. What?) of being a travelling canine, I have to admit, even if reluctantly, that there are certain things my pawsitive energy can’t always overcome. You could call them “pet peeves.” (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) I like to call them “items for the poop list” or, in layman terms, “The Shit List.” In this blog, I like to […]

The Ramada Ottawa on the Rideau is the best and most affordable pet friendly hotel in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. No word of a lie. Don’t believe me? Keep reading! I have seen hotels offer free stays or some other incentive in exchange for a review by a social-media-blogger-sweetheart. It’s marketing and I get it. But I don’t trust sponsored reviews as much as I trust those that are […]

When it comes to staying in capital cities, we have learned that it is often best to be a few minutes’ walk away from the centre. This is particularly true if you want peace and quiet or have a light sleeper like we do. (Yes, Mom, looking at you!) Too often, our sleep in big cities has been ruined by loud party goers or a surprise drum beat from a local night […]

We settled in Split for a little over a week. A full nine days to be precise. And it was absolutely worth it because Split is amazing, but so are some of the neighbouring towns. And that’s not to mention the awesome seaplane that can take you pretty much anywhere you want to go. Oh yeah … stay tuned for that! Split has so much to offer that […]

Why We Continue to Love G Adventures: First, Dear Reader, a disclosure. We love G Adventures. They are not paying us to say that; we really do love them. We do not receive any incentives, nor are we affiliated with G Adventures or anything like that. Our blog post is an honest, based-on-our-experience evaluation. And I think that is important. I am sceptical when a blogger is affiliated with […]

The great thing about looking for a little place to rent in Dubrovnik—one that is pet-friendly—is that there are options. Loads of options. A quick search in FlipKey or on TripAdvisor results in hundreds of choices. And I love that. I also love how affordable the options are. With affordability tossed into the mix, the bipeds and I figured we could afford to be a little pickier than usual. With […]

Last spring I went to Montreal. It was one of those quick little overnight trips. It started on Saturday morning with my anaesthetic-free teeth cleaning in Laval. (Sadly, this service is no longer available anywhere in Ontario or Quebec.) From there, we went on to Montreal proper where I had a lunch at the Hot Dog Café. The next day, we enjoyed a snowy walk in the Park […]

If staying somewhere more than three nights, we prefer to stay at a vacation rental rather than a hotel. But when we discovered the very well located Old Stone Inn, we decided to give this pet friendly hotel a try. After all, it would give us something to blog about! The hotel’s website is really well done. It certainly sheds the most flattering light on what the hotel has to […]