One morning in August, Dad woke up and, just like that, announced, “Let’s go discover Smiths Falls.” Since Mom and I are always up for a little adventure, we quickly got ourselves ready and off we went: me with a dried sausage treat in my mouth, Mom and Dad with their morning vegan protein shakes. While in the car, Mom pulled out her smart phone and did a […]

As with all big city reviews, I am daunted by the task of sharing enough information to do justice to what we experienced in Philadelphia without being too long winded or bogged down with details. I am feeling even more trepidation because, unlike other big cities such as Paris and Rome which have shining posts and books singing their praises, Philadelphia suffers from anonymity. Not nearly enough people […]

Something I love about living in our Nation’s Capital is that we have the advantages of the city with quick access to the country. A quick hop in our car and 20 minutes from home, we are in the deep woods over the Canadian shield, on a trail in the Gatineau Park. We have the best of both worlds. Turns out that Philadelphians have the same luck. A […]

One of the oddest pet-friendly places we discovered in Philadelphia was the colourful, eccentric, and mind boggling Philadelphia Magic Garden. We stumbled upon this mosaicked folk art and sculpture garden when we did a Google search for the top 20 things to see or do in Philly. The Magic Garden kept showing up in our search, so we decided to add it to our “must see” list.  With […]

When the bipeds said we were going to Atlantic City and would walk the Boardwalk, I was eager to go! I imagined bygone days when men wore hats and ties and women wore pearls as they strolled the Boardwalk, and was looking forward to seeing a modern version of that. But I was sadly disappointed. Atlantic City looks tired. Old. Worn out. In fact, some parts of the […]

Four days at the beach is a perfect way to start a holiday and an even better way to recover from a terrible cold. Ask Mom. Suzanne of The Boomeresque, her husband Steve, and sweet pup Dino invited us to come “to the shore” with them before we visited Philadelphia. As luck would have it, Mom caught a summer cold just as we started our vacation. Normally, a cold […]

One of the things that make road-trips fun are the stops you make along the way. Being in the car and seeing nothing but highway isn’t my idea of a good time, but I can manage it for a while if I know that we will stop to explore and discover new sites. This is why we dig out a map before we go and play the 100-mile-game […]

We have been doing a lot of driving lately. We have travelled more kilometers (miles) in the last four months than we normally do in a year. It started with a short trip to Toronto and Kleinburgh in May, then a long road-trip that took us through two provinces and three states visiting wonderful places such as Binghamton NY, Brigantine and Atlantic City on the Jersey Shore, splendid […]

When you are next in Kingston – because after my review of Kingston, you are going to go, right? – I recommend taking the ferry to Wolfe Island for a day of relaxed adventure. You will not regret it. Wolfe Island, named after General James Wolfe (“Wolfe” with an “e,” not my ancestors), is the largest of the world-renowned Thousand Islands. It’s located where Lake Ontario ends and […]

It’s nice when you feel welcome before you even arrive, isn’t it? That was our experience with the Residence Inn by Marriott Kingston Water’s Edge. (Phew, that is a long name!) Mom had called before making our reservation to ensure that the information on their website regarding pets was accurate. We always do that because we’ve found that websites are not always up-to-date, especially regarding pet policies. A […]