Promenade Fleuri and Chateau Chillon With a Dog in Montreux Switzerland Montecristo travels

Some of you may not know this but, Mom has a degree in Hotel Management. Oh yeah … and from Switzerland no less. Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM) to be precise! So when we decided to go to Switzerland and spend a little time near Geneva and visit Lausanne we had to tack on an afternoon in Montreux to revisit Mom’s old “college days haunt”. I think it was […]

I want to take a moment to share with you the fun of biking and wine tasting in Burgundy—two activities that can be pet friendly depending on how you go about it. Burgundy is a cyclist’s paradise. Just look at this map of cycling paths in Burgundy! Lots of options, right? Many companies organize cycling tours, but unless a guided tour is your goal, you can cycle Burgundy […]

On a gorgeous October morning, my grandma dropped us off at the train station in Tournus. (More on that adorable town later). I could sense excitement in the air. Mom’s hands were doing their fluttering thing. It happens when she gets excited. She talks a little too fast, her hands act like birds caught in a net, and her whole body has a joyous, nervous energy. It’s adorable actually. […]

One morning in August, Dad woke up and, just like that, announced, “Let’s go discover Smiths Falls.” Since Mom and I are always up for a little adventure, we quickly got ourselves ready and off we went: me with a dried sausage treat in my mouth, Mom and Dad with their morning vegan protein shakes. While in the car, Mom pulled out her smart phone and did a […]

Something I love about living in our Nation’s Capital is that we have the advantages of the city with quick access to the country. A quick hop in our car and 20 minutes from home, we are in the deep woods over the Canadian shield, on a trail in the Gatineau Park. We have the best of both worlds. Turns out that Philadelphians have the same luck. A […]

One of the oddest pet-friendly places we discovered in Philadelphia was the colourful, eccentric, and mind boggling Philadelphia Magic Garden. We stumbled upon this mosaicked folk art and sculpture garden when we did a Google search for the top 20 things to see or do in Philly. The Magic Garden kept showing up in our search, so we decided to add it to our “must see” list.  With […]

I have a short post for you today, Dear Reader, but a good one if you like long walks or hikes. I am about to tell you about the Humber River Trail near Kleinberg. So lace up your walking shoes and follow me! How It All Began: The Humber River watershed encompasses 600 lakes, ponds and reservoirs, and 750 tributaries. The river has three branches: East, Main and […]

There are few places I enjoy more than the MacKenzie King Estate in the Gatineau Park. Luckily for me, it is only about a 20 minute drive from my home! I don’t know if it’s the pretty gardens, the lovely tea house, the majestic mature trees, the wonderful trails or the time worn ruins that dot the property… but there is just something alluring about the place. So, […]

When I first heard about WOOFSTOCK I was only a year old.  It sounded like a lot of fun and I really wanted to go! Yet somehow year after year we did not attend.  In 2011, Mom was on a business trip.  In 2012 we were about to leave on a month long adventure, and two trips back-to-back were not financially possible. In 2013 the bipeds got sick… […]

As travellers, we have seen our fair share of highways.  And highways in North America have their own, odd ball markers. In Canada, I can think of the giant apple near Trenton, the world’s largest hockey stick on Vancouver Island, Calgary’s giant Guitar Pick, the Pysynka (Easter Egg) of Vergreville; and in Quebec, they had Le Madrid. The story goes, that it all started because a man, named […]