We don’t often like to go to the same place twice, so what do you do when family obligations take you back to somewhere you’ve already been more than once?  To avoid boredom, you have to think a little outside the box! We love Quebec City. To say it is beautiful would truly be an understatement. It’s a wonderful place with so much to offer. From the perspective […]

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Located near Primorsko, Beglik Tash is a recent discovery.  The site was found on the hunting grounds near the residence of former communist head of the state, Todor Zhivkov.  This is how one of the greatest discoveries regarding Thracian history on the southern Black Sea coast, remained unknown to archeologists until 2003. This property is now open to the public, and an aura of myths, legends, theories and speculations surround […]

I want to share with you an eerie yet lovely local treasure we discovered in the quaint little town of Chelsea, a 15 minute drive from our home; just in time for Halloween. Forgive me for squeezing it in between posts on Bulgaria. One day after a particularly long hike in the Gatineau Hills, we decided to stop at Luigi’s for dinner. It’s close to St. Stephen’s Church in Chelsea. And […]

The one question that keeps popping up regarding our trip to the Cyclades is: “What were the beaches like?”.  It’s a single minded question that comes up over and over. And hey – don’t get me wrong I love a great beach just as much as anyone … I mean see?     Yep I love me some good sand! Always have — ever since I first discovered […]

A lot of people wonder how we managed to sail the Greek Islands. Because really we can’t afford a 50 foot sail boat. No really, we can’t. The bipeds are simple public servants for the Canadian Government. They aren’t exactly rolling in disposable income and there is no rich Uncle hiding somewhere in the family tree. That means finding other ways to make dreams come true…  and creative thinking […]

Dear Reader, I am going to spoil you this week with two posts! I know – try not to get too excited! First because we are celebrating being included in Canada’s Top 100 Travel bloggers ( I KNOW RIGHT!??!!) and also because I just can’t keep quiet about this. The fact that it is so close to home makes me even happier. As in almost chasing my tail […]

We love a mystery. We are fans of things that can’t quite be explained. That is how I know that one day I shall see Stonehenge, for example, or the great pyramids of Egypt. With luck, both! I recently got see one such place. It was much closer to home and it is, much to my delight, very pet friendly.  It has been featured in hundreds of newspapers and […]

I was recently invited to visit at a cottage.  There really is nothing more entertaining than trolling the beach, watching for little fish to make an appearance, and playing catch with waves. The new smells alone are worth the trip. It turns out my nose is expert at detecting when the BBQ meal is ready! And I find that bipeds are generally more relaxed and jovial when out […]

There was a new addition to our neighborhood last year: a water taxi! This small ferryboat spends most of its day quietly shuttling up to twelve people and their bicycles or wheelchairs between Ottawa and Gatineau, alongside the Alexandra Bridge. The water taxi arrived a little late in last year’s season. So, we didn’t have a chance to see it in action. We ran out of time to try […]

At the foot of Mount-Sainte-Anne near Quebec City you will find a well-kept little secret. I am going to share this secret with you: The Jean-Larose Waterfalls. 69 meters in height (224 feet) they have dug their way in the hard rock in a fantastically curved and ornate path and end with a thundering splash in a massive basin at the bottom. To access these falls is a […]