It was 10:30 a.m. on a hot and sunny May morning in Naples Florida when we made our way to 99 Riverside to see for ourselves the much talked about “new” Off-Leash Dog Park . Nicknamed “Central Bark” this facility is open, like the city’s other parks, from dawn to dusk seven days a week. The irony here is that we are not off-leash-dog park lovers. We often […]

As the nice weather has finally arrived up here in the “Great White North” and as the highways become safer and less traitorous our thoughts turn to road trips.  We travel abroad twice a year, but we also really enjoy discovering things a little closer to home.  A few places on our list of possible destinations this year are Niagara Wine Country, The Thousand Islands, Tremblant or a possible trip up to […]

We sail.  Yep … right now it’s a small 26 footer on the Ottawa River.  But we have BIG plans! In 2015 we hope to sail around the Mediterranean hopefully on a 40-50 footer.  It is my bipeds dream to own a Beneteau one day … perhaps sail the Caribbean with is as well.  A dream they are hell bent on making come true. So, they started.  First […]

Florence, as was described in our post, is not only a city that was so inclusive of dogs that the bipeds are seriously thinking we should all just move there … but it also boasted some really amazing dog parks. For a relatively small city center (we did not visit the “suburban” areas) we found a surprisingly large number of dog parks and it seemed that every small […]

One of the oldest methods of transportation dates back to the 1880s … the bicycle! A marvel of engineering that forever changed the world on almost every continent.  Although there are no tips on riding a bike with a small dog, my biped Mom loves a blog called Girls and Bicycles that deals with trying to get North Americans to see the bike as something other than a […]