Safe to say that it’s one of the most undervalued capital cities of Europe, and that’s a real shame. Hundreds of sites, super pet friendly, Smart car police vehicles, bike paths, affordable and amazing food!

Hmm  … I’m not sure how it happened, but I forgot to write about Vis in my round-up of the Dalmatian islands. And that’s a terrible thing, Dear Reader, because Vis is unique. It’s completely different from the other islands we visited. It was also a really fun stop. How did I forget to share that experience?! Well, never mind that. I am fixing that oversight right now. What makes Vis […]

Šibenik. Oh how we wish we had spent more time there. It really deserved more than our mad dash through the rain. Alas, all we had were 3-4 hours and lots and lots of rain. Still, Dear Reader, I will share with you what we did manage to see. Because Šibenik left a mark on us; that town has something about it. We found parking right on the […]

We are not luxury travellers. I have seen many blogs out there about the luxurious goodies on offer in the travel business. Our pockets are not deep and we rarely, if ever, get to feel like jet-setters. We aren’t budget travellers either, but we certainly are not flying first class or staying at 5-star hotels, flitting from mansion to mansion, sipping fancy drinks. No. But, every now and […]

The great thing about Split is that there are also many towns right next to it to see, as well as the fabulous old city of Split proper. You can hop on a bus — easily found on the promenade where the cruise ships dock — and within a half hour or so, you can be somewhere else. Somewhere possibly a little quieter and a little smaller. Somewhere […]

We settled in Split for a little over a week. A full nine days to be precise. And it was absolutely worth it because Split is amazing, but so are some of the neighbouring towns. And that’s not to mention the awesome seaplane that can take you pretty much anywhere you want to go. Oh yeah … stay tuned for that! Split has so much to offer that […]

Last week, I had the pleasure of introducing you to the joys of visiting Split with a small dog. In Part 1, we focused on two sections: the amazing promenade and, of course, the vast Roman palace built for Emperor Diocletian. Today I will take you outside the palace walls. Although the city of Split grew unchecked and in a haphazard way after WWII, the area along the […]

I broke up my review on sailing to Mjlet Island with a small dog into two parts because I wanted to give the island all the attention it deserved. Last week I told you a bit about the National Park, the eco history, and the town of Polace where we docked at the marina. A broad brush stroke if you will. Today I want to focus more on two spots […]

As a travel blogger, when a place is magical and takes your breath away, you get a little frightened about writing a post about it. You have this pit in your stomach that says, “You will not do it justice. You will not find the words. You’ll fail this place.” And then you wipe your paws in the dirt and go ahead anyway; because we are passionate about […]

A very quiet and pet-friendly stop with a wonderful and safe marina for the night. A tiny stop offering up a GREAT pet-friendly restaurant, as well as a lovely wine tasting stop, fabulous hikes, ruins, and amazing sunsets.