I was recently asked to cat-sit my cousins felines for a few days. You see, Cali and Oakley aren’t travelers, not like Bolt and Keel. No, they were born as feral cats and have come to enjoy the comforts of home. And anyway, the museums, restaurants and shows of NYC that my cousin was going to frequent aren’t’ exactly pet friendly. It was better this way. I agreed […]

  Oh, how we dislike thinking about our own disasters or death, but it really is the smart thing to do. It’s also the kindest thing we can do for those who love us and would have to take care of things should something awful happen. And all of this planning is especially important because the bipeds have a dependent: Me! We know who my guardian is should […]

I am actually surprised it has taken us this long to write this post. Not because we have a tendency to travel to dangerous destinations with (for example) unpredictable weather, but because Mom is an Emergency Management and Business Continuity Planning professional.  As a result, this line of thinking is actually a part of our day-to-day thought process.  Not everyone has these “dark” thoughts on their mind when going on vacation but […]

I have been seeing too many fellow bloggers subjected to all sorts of unfounded judgment lately. Come to think of it, it’s a pervasive attitude on social media in general. It has me asking: Why is there this need to criticise. Where is the desire to do so publicly coming from? And why is there a sense of entitlement attached to the behaviour? Example Recently, I stumbled across a delightful fine […]

Thanks to this amazing little intimate group I was invited to join called… get this “Positive Vibes” (so awesome) I am not the only one writing about inspiration this week: take a look at Backroad Ramblers here for some great photo inspiration, Tangled in Food (You got to eat!) here, and The Adventure Dog Blog here for some great hiking and “connecting with your dog” inspiration! Although I am not a huge do-er […]

Our six year blogging anniversary came and went quietly this year (Nov 21). It wasn’t because we don’t want to celebrate — we certainly do and did. After all it’s a time to review our just completed year, celebrate our wins, and look forward with you, Dear Reader, to what may lie ahead. BUT! This year, for our 6th anniversary post, instead of talking about what we’ve learned […]

Every year, thousands of animals are abandoned in shelters, on the streets, and along highways, or even euthanized as people leave for summer vacation. Yes, people abandon pets when they don’t fit with travel plans. And we are not talking about a handful of pets or just one country. As you can see, we are talking about millions of pets worldwide. It’s an epidemic that, sadly, even with amazing […]

  I rarely get up on my soap box, Dear Reader, but every now and then, I feel I must. I did when Jann Arden got in a whole bunch of trouble for sneaking her small dog on Canada’s VIA Rail. And I am about to hop on the box again — even if it is for big dog air travel, something I don’t have to worry about. Because when 15 people […]

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Mom was asked an interesting question the other day—a question that made my ears perk up at full attention, listening in rather than snoozing. Mom’s friend asked, “Seriously though, what is it like travelling as a couple with a dog? You’ve travelled solo; is it better or worse? And you often say that having Montecristo with you makes travel more enjoyable, but I’d be interested in knowing how.” Well, […]

We will not be sailing on the Mediterranean for three to six months as we had planned for this year. Nope. It’s just not going to happen. And it’s okay. We’re not providing excuses. We don’t believe in that approach to life. We do, however, like to reflect on things and so I did think that you might like to know the reasons for our change in plans, Dear Reader. […]