Three hours North East of Quebec City you will find the surprisingly interesting stop of Rimouski.  Right on the water’s edge, you will find Pointe-au-Père Site Historic.  If you are looking for a really fun time that doesn’t exclude your pup entirely, and you’re able to do a bit of a hand-off (two people or caravan) it is well worth it. This is how we went about visiting […]

So where was I? Ah yes … pet friendly Prague and all it has to offer! So far I’ve taken you on my tour of the Castle and the Little Quarter in Part 1 and then I took you over the Charles Bridge, into the Old Town and Jewish Quarter in Part 2. We have covered a lot of ground you and I but it isn’t over! Today […]

“The importance of money flows from it being a link between the present and the future.” –John Maynard Keynes Over time, I’ll tell you about the many things we are doing to save money for our travels, but I don’t think any of our methods will be nearly as much fun as the game the bipeds have been playing for years now. You ready? The game is “Feeding […]

I have a confession to make, Dear Reader: I prefer small towns. For all the accolades that the “big ones” get — you know, Paris, Toronto, Rome, and the like — well, I tend to favour the smaller, more human scale places. We prefer stops like Plovdiv, Sienna, Dubrovnik, or even itty bitty little Oia on Santorini island in Greece. Because in big towns, we quickly feel overwhelmed […]

I broke up my review on sailing to Mjlet Island with a small dog into two parts because I wanted to give the island all the attention it deserved. Last week I told you a bit about the National Park, the eco history, and the town of Polace where we docked at the marina. A broad brush stroke if you will. Today I want to focus more on two spots […]

As a travel blogger, when a place is magical and takes your breath away, you get a little frightened about writing a post about it. You have this pit in your stomach that says, “You will not do it justice. You will not find the words. You’ll fail this place.” And then you wipe your paws in the dirt and go ahead anyway; because we are passionate about […]

Why We Continue to Love G Adventures: First, Dear Reader, a disclosure. We love G Adventures. They are not paying us to say that; we really do love them. We do not receive any incentives, nor are we affiliated with G Adventures or anything like that. Our blog post is an honest, based-on-our-experience evaluation. And I think that is important. I am sceptical when a blogger is affiliated with […]

A very quiet and pet-friendly stop with a wonderful and safe marina for the night. A tiny stop offering up a GREAT pet-friendly restaurant, as well as a lovely wine tasting stop, fabulous hikes, ruins, and amazing sunsets.

Stefan, Sonja, and Monte at Champlain Lookout

I am writing about money and travel again because it keeps coming up. People don’t seem to understand that saving for travel means getting rid of the pervasive myths and doing a reality check! Even people who have read my posts about how we save for travel still seem befuddled by the idea that two civil servants with a wee dog can get on a plane, train, or sailboat and do any sort […]

We will not be sailing on the Mediterranean for three to six months as we had planned for this year. Nope. It’s just not going to happen. And it’s okay. We’re not providing excuses. We don’t believe in that approach to life. We do, however, like to reflect on things and so I did think that you might like to know the reasons for our change in plans, Dear Reader. […]