Montecristo in Vienna

Ah Vienna, just saying the word and images of historic coffee houses, Heuriger taverns, massive monuments and Opera houses dance before my eyes. To a soundtrack of classical music of course. Probably Mozart if I am honest! A beautiful city not lost to its past, but rather one that seems to have done the unthinkable: brought the past to the modern era in a cohesive way. With only 3 […]


AND we are back! Last week after our pet friendly stroll through Prague’s castle grounds and the adjacent little quarter, I left you on the banks of the Vltava River near the spot where Mom proposed to Dad. To continue our visit, I invite you to go up some steps, onto the world famous Charles Bridge and cross over to the other side with me. Charles Bridge It’s hands […]

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Writing this blog and keeping our promise to you, dear Reader, to report on pet friendliness we find in the world, keeps me focused when I sit down and pull my thoughts into something coherent to share with you. When I started thinking about my time in the Czech Republic, I was tempted to start big with my first instalment on Prague, but re-thought that approach and decided […]


Safe to say that it’s one of the most undervalued capital cities of Europe, and that’s a real shame. Hundreds of sites, super pet friendly, Smart car police vehicles, bike paths, affordable and amazing food!


I have a confession to make, Dear Reader: I prefer small towns. For all the accolades that the “big ones” get — you know, Paris, Toronto, Rome, and the like — well, I tend to favour the smaller, more human scale places. We prefer stops like Plovdiv, Sienna, Dubrovnik, or even itty bitty little Oia on Santorini island in Greece. Because in big towns, we quickly feel overwhelmed […]


I broke up my review on sailing to Mjlet Island with a small dog into two parts because I wanted to give the island all the attention it deserved. Last week I told you a bit about the National Park, the eco history, and the town of Polace where we docked at the marina. A broad brush stroke if you will. Today I want to focus more on two spots […]


A very quiet and pet-friendly stop with a wonderful and safe marina for the night. A tiny stop offering up a GREAT pet-friendly restaurant, as well as a lovely wine tasting stop, fabulous hikes, ruins, and amazing sunsets.


When you look at a map of Croatia, Dear Reader, you will note that the southernmost town (follow the coastline down to the southeast) is a small place by the name of Cavtat. (The locals call it Zavtat.) If you follow the coastline any further, you end up in Montenegro. We had so hoped to go to Montenegro but, sadly, although getting into Montenegro was easy, returning to […]


Last week, I introduced you to Dubrovnik and took you on the first part of a walking tour. We checked out the city walls, Brsalje Square, the Pile Gates, Onofrio’s Fountain, the Church of our Saviour, and the Franciscan Monastery. Whew. I promised to come back and fetch you in the monastery gardens so we could continue our tour. Did you enjoy your time in the garden? Did […]


I am going to start my review of Croatia with a crowning glory—a gem, a jewel, a masterpiece, the pearl of the Adriatic Sea: the old city of Dubrovnik. I will not lie to you, Dear Reader: Even with its large—nay, huge—numbers of tourists crowding its narrow streets, and even if it is the one place every tour bus, cruise ship, or checklist-traveler will visit, we absolutely LOVED […]