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I am actually surprised it has taken us this long to write this post. Not because we have a tendency to travel to dangerous destinations with (for example) unpredictable weather, but because Mom is an Emergency Management and Business Continuity Planning professional.  As a result, this line of thinking is actually a part of our day-to-day thought process.  Not everyone has these “dark” thoughts on their mind when going on vacation but […]

Saving for travel

“The importance of money flows from it being a link between the present and the future.” –John Maynard Keynes Over time, I’ll tell you about the many things we are doing to save money for our travels, but I don’t think any of our methods will be nearly as much fun as the game the bipeds have been playing for years now. You ready? The game is “Feeding […]


Canada/USA border crossing with a small dog is painless. Making road trips or flying between the two a relatively easy task to undertake. Especially small “carry on” dogs like me! For this post we will focus on flying as an “example” but the rules are the same. Note regarding air travel: I admit right now I have no idea how it works for flying larger dogs. I write only about […]


Driving a convertible. The bipeds were bit by that bug on our trips to Florida. They loved it. Dad liked the sense of freedom and Mom kept leaning back to let the sun kiss her face.  Sometimes her hands would fly up in the air and she’d squeal in delight, making Dad laugh.  No one cared that their hair was getting messed up. Oh, the wind, the sun […]

Travelling With a Dog Pet Peeves Stink eye!

  As I now approach a full six years (Wait. Woa. What?) of being a travelling canine, I have to admit, even if reluctantly, that there are certain things my pawsitive energy can’t always overcome. You could call them “pet peeves.” (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) I like to call them “items for the poop list” or, in layman terms, “The Shit List.” In this blog, I like to […]

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How very strange that I have not yet written this post, Dear Reader. Perhaps it’s because I shy away from anything that looks like a product review, but it is time that I share with you the top 10 things to look for when purchasing an airline-approved pet carrier. It’s likely to be the most important purchase you’ll make for international travel with your small pet! And just […]

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  “It’s difficult / a challenge / hard to travel with a dog.” Ack! No, it’s not! In our opinion, it is no more difficult to travel with a dog than with kids. But you don’t see every post on travelling with children start with a caveat about how challenging it is. As you can tell, this issue is a little pet peeve of ours.  That kind of […]

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  It seems I have been remiss, Dear Reader. Although I have often spoken about entering the European Union (EU), I have not written a basic “101” on what paperwork Canadians and Americans need to enter with their pet.  It’s funny because those are the countries my readers ask about the most! Specifically the United Kingdom (UK), France, Italy, and Germany: all EU members! I also get questions about […]

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I am back from Croatia, Dear Reader, and, Oh my! OH MY! My head is FULL of amazing adventures to share with you! I know you are eager to read them all but first—first—I have to share with you one of the best ideas ever! It was one of the most fabulous experiences we had on this trip. I hope you will forgive me if I keep you waiting […]

international small dog travel

Mom was asked an interesting question the other day—a question that made my ears perk up at full attention, listening in rather than snoozing. Mom’s friend asked, “Seriously though, what is it like travelling as a couple with a dog? You’ve travelled solo; is it better or worse? And you often say that having Montecristo with you makes travel more enjoyable, but I’d be interested in knowing how.” Well, […]