Flying to Dubrovnik airport with a small dog is a breeze. It’s small. Why do I love small airports, Dear Reader? I just do. I know I’ve said it before and I guess it hasn’t changed because, once again, I was so happy to be dealing with smaller airports—this time in Croatia. Zagreb airport is relatively small—more on that later—but the airport for Dubrovnik? It’s wonderfully small. And so […]

  I was totally stoked to fly KLM. I had heard good things about pet travel with the airline so was looking forward to living the KLM experience myself. I wanted to report back to you Dear Reader on Taking KLM flights with your Dog in Cabin. It started off very well on the Canadian side. There is a bus connecting Ottawa to Montreal, which is included in […]

It’s going to be a short post today because when it comes to taking Swiss Public Transportation With a Dog, you’re in luck! The Swiss pretty much follow the same approach as their neighbours Italy and France. First, though, let me tell you about the General Abonnement (GA) card. This travel card has a host of benefits. In addition to letting you take the train anywhere in Switzerland, the […]

There is something wonderful about taking the train, especially in pet friendly Europe. I recently had the chance to try out the trains in France: small rural trains, big city centre trains and, the all-time famous TGV system Small Rural Trains The small rural trains are the easiest and least expensive to take. They run from one large town to another, connecting several small villages along the routes. […]

Why should I write about flying to Amsterdam Airport with a small dog? Well, you know you’re a serious traveller when you follow the votes for the best airports every year. It’s like the Oscars, only without the fanfare. And I get totally excited when I can say, “Wow, I made it to three of those!” This year’s winners? Take a look. (PS – How #10 even got […]

I always look forward to seeing a new airport. I’m not sure why really. I mean, it’s just an airport, right? Perhaps because I was so impressed by the airport in Amsterdam (more on that in a later post) and the one in Munich, I have started to look at airports through a more discerning lens. As we approached for our landing at Nice Airport, my tummy got […]

When you are next in Kingston – because after my review of Kingston, you are going to go, right? – I recommend taking the ferry to Wolfe Island for a day of relaxed adventure. You will not regret it. Wolfe Island, named after General James Wolfe (“Wolfe” with an “e,” not my ancestors), is the largest of the world-renowned Thousand Islands. It’s located where Lake Ontario ends and […]

I have told you about flying Olympic Airways and staying at the Sofitel Athens Airport Hotel, but it occurred to me that I didn’t review the airport itself. But what can I tell you about an airport?  Is Athens any different than any other? Athens International Airport is the primary civilian airport serving Athens  and the surrounding area, and is the major hub and base of Olympic Air. The […]

As travellers, we have seen our fair share of highways.  And highways in North America have their own, odd ball markers. In Canada, I can think of the giant apple near Trenton, the world’s largest hockey stick on Vancouver Island, Calgary’s giant Guitar Pick, the Pysynka (Easter Egg) of Vergreville; and in Quebec, they had Le Madrid. The story goes, that it all started because a man, named […]

I want to thank Zala (and her Mom Mich!) from Untamed Travellers for signing up as a Montecristo Travels Foreign Correspondent! We are SO excited to have her on board. This is the first of her special reports for this blog and we could not be happier.  We now have a BIG dog perspective! YAY!   Zala walks the talk and speaks from first paw experience. She is already […]