Flying into Greece – Our first Glimpse! Ah Lufthansa … I just don’t know what to think.  On the one hand you provided us with some of the best customer service ever and on the other hand … *shakes head*… what a disaster. Deutsche Lufthansa, known simply as Lufthansa is Germany’s major airline and the largest European airline, both in terms of overall passengers carried and fleet size. […]

It has been a long … long… time since the bipeds have been so utterly impressed with an airport. I know, an airport sounds boring right? But bear with me as I tell you why Munich Airport (MUC) is a completely different beast. As the second busiest airport in Germany in terms of passenger traffic (behind Frankfurt) it handled 38,360,604 passengers in 2012. that is a LOT of people! It is […]

When our wonderful travel agent Danielle informed Mom that the only way to get from Athens to Sofia was to fly with Olympic Air… Mom’s eyebrows rose very high. In fact I recall her asking: “Are you certain?” and there was a pause and then a head nod. Mom sat in her chair and I could see that she was trying to decide if this was acceptable. Not […]

Like everything in Bulgaria, the airport in Sofia is a study in contrast.   Terminal 1, where we landed,  is a simple concrete space with few bells and whistles.   And no surprise really when you consider that it was built in the first half of the 20th century opening on 16 September 1937. And yes, it has had many improvements since then and was hugely renovated in 2000 but it […]

There is a little known, best kept “secret” in Athens. And I am about to share it with you Dear Reader. If you are anything like my bipeds, there is something rather intimidating in trying to use public transportation in a country where you can’t read the signs. It’s not a language barrier thing… that they can manage… the alphabet is very literally … different. It’s cyrillic. Add […]

One of the great things about traveling in Greece is how accessible the islands actually are from the mainland. You can leave from Piraeus (Athens) and go … pretty much anywhere – even outside of Greek waters! There are slow ferries and there are fast ferries.  The difference in time can be substantial (several hours) depending on how far you have to travel, and in our case that […]

We have just returned from an amazing month long vacation. I have so many photographs and stories to share but I beg you for your patience just a little longer as I really do feel I need to share with you the rather unpleasant experiences that book-ended our splendid adventure. Life isn’t always easy and the rose tinted glasses must come off from time to time. Even here […]

Snooze Time! Delta Air Lines is now the world’s largest airline. It is also one of the four founding members of the SkyTeam airline alliance. Delta operates more than 8,000 flights every day and has over 80,000 employees delivering its services on all but one continent – Antarctica. Like many things American, Delta follows the “Bigger is Better” formula. That normally makes us nervous since we tend to prefer the […]

When it comes to pet-friendly airlines, we believe United Airlines are top dog. At the core of their pet-oriented services is what United calls the PetSafe program. This program specifically addresses safety for pets who must travel in cargo as opposed to in-cabin. This is what the PetSafe program offers: Each pet receives a confirmed booking prior to departure. Pets travel within plane compartments designed especially for pets. […]

Today’s post will be short and sweet. We rarely do airport reviews; after all, someone else is doing it better than we would. (Thanks, Mary-Alice!)  But, sometimes you just feel compelled to write a review because something is either so terrible you must put it “out there” or something is so fabulous you just have to share. Our review of Washington Airport is because of the latter. Washington […]