A stroll on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France on a beautiful late summer day in 2015 (above banner pic)… nothing to worry about. But we all remember the mini van incident a year later… right? With terrorist attacks in cities that we’ve considered safe, political turmoil, and natural disasters wreaking havoc, it’s easy to feel like the planet is increasingly dangerous and hate is on the […]

When an article such as the one about the poor dog dying on a United Flight in an overhead bin shows up in my news feed on FB my heart breaks. It breaks for the unnecessary death of the pet. It breaks for the family that lost a loving companion in a horrible preventable way. It breaks for the airline staff that either did not know what was happening or […]

Over the last few years we have discussed our solutions for things such as airline approved carriers, in-transit potty solutions, and of course what airlines we prefer and why. One thing we have yet to cover is the issue of food and water. There are a surprising number of regulations regarding crossing borders with either food or water – especially for air travel. When on a road trip […]

Something people rarely think about when they travel is the potential for getting sick. Very sick. For we canines, the dreaded illness that immediately comes to mind is rabies – a horrid, lethal virus. Thankfully, this disease has been eradicated or all but eradicated in most countries. (Many countries have managed to eradicate rabies among domestic animals, but wild animals such as raccoons, skunks, and groundhogs still carry […]

Dear Montecristo (A Letter from Dr. Cindy Elias), Thank you for asking me this very important question reguarding air travel for canines… and hello to all the four-legged friends out there that are lucky to have their bipeds bring them along while traveling. (It is definitely no fun to know that you have been left behind while the rest of your family is off having a great time […]

I had an interesting experience this week. I was called upon to find an emergency Animal Hospital in Toronto for a canine in very bad shape. I thought it might be a dog visiting in Toronto who needed this help. Although, I suppose even with that, it’s a bit unusual to seek advice from someone in Ottawa, four hours away from Toronto. As it turned out, this canine wasn’t visiting, but […]

Without wanting to get into the “for versus against” vaccination debate and without wanting to scare the heck out of you, Dear Reader, I think it is time we chatted about parasites and more. There are several nasty Bugs that you might meet on your travels and these are souvenirs you do not want to bring home. But first, a disclaimer: we are not vets or animal health […]

Dear Montecristo, I’ve been reading your blog and thought that I’d throw in my two cents worth about how bipeds can make travelling with a pet a little easier… Maybe we should start off with ID and how a microchip is required for dog travel? Bipeds have passports to ensure that everyone knows who they are.  You and your fellow dogs (and sorry, cats…) are at a distinct disadvantage in […]