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Get in touch – we don’t bite!

On Getting In Touch

Want to know how to contact Montecristo Travels Inc.? You are in luck there are multiple options available to you:

1) Comment within the post that has caught your attention (don’t be shy!),

2) Message on the Facebook Page,

3) E-mail at (please no solicitations).

4) Tweet or even leave a message on Instagram!

On Sponsored Reviews

Montecriato Travels Inc. is not paid to sell products or services mentioned in the blog or in videos. They do not normally partake in sponsored reviews. Should you however, feel that you or the company you work for, offers a product or service that is in line with our niche market please send us an email with the following:

1) A little about the company and the product or service you believe warrants an exception to the rule.

2) How much you are willing to pay for the review.

3) Agreement that the review can and will only happen after Montecristo Travels Inc. team members have used the product or service first hand. And that you understand that, as a result this may take time for the opportunity to present itself.

4) Acknowledgement that payment covers the time to write the review (or record a video), take photos, edit and for the reach to the Montecristo Travels Inc. audience but does not guarantee a favourable review. Montecristo Travels Inc. will review the product or service honestly for its audience.

On Collaborations

Have a special project you would like to work on together? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.  Before you do however, please consider the following and include the information in your pitch:

1) Is the project related to travel or an active lifestyle with your pet? If so how?

2) Is there a solid return on investment (ROI) for Montecristp Travels Inc. (ex: new audience reach, traffic drive estimate, or payment)?

3) How much of a time commitment will be required? What is the deadline?

On Guest Posts

Montecristo Travels Inc. only accepts guest posts from individuals that are travelling with their pets and want to share their stories, provide an amazing “with pet travel” tip or trick or review a pet friendly destination.   Posts must:

1) Be reviewed, edited and approved by the Montecristo Travels Inc. editing team.

2) Must include high quality photographs (credit always provided).

3) Must include the words “First published on Montecristo Travels Inc. – with link – if shared on own blog.

Note: We do not pay for guest posts at this time.

On Public Speaking

The Montecristo Travels Inc. team is available for public speaking events in both English and French. They are located in Ottawa, Canada. Please note that should travel over an hour drive be expected, travel costs must be covered by the invitee as well as the speaking fee.

On Book Readings

Sonja Lishchynski, author of the “Montecristo Travels To… ” illustrated travel guides for children 4-8; is available for readings in schools, libraries or for private events. Please note that should travel over an hour drive from Ottawa, Canada be required; travel costs are to be covered by the invitee. As with the books, readings are available in both English or French.


Sonja is available with or without Montecristo.for book readings!

Disclaimer: Montecristo Travels Inc. is not responsible for what you do with information you may read in the blog or take away from a video or public speaking event.