Dog Tries Cat Sitting and Things Go Terribly Wrong

I was recently asked to cat-sit my cousins felines for a few days. You see, Cali and Oakley aren’t travelers, not like Bolt and Keel. No, they were born as feral cats and have come to enjoy the comforts of home. And anyway, the museums, restaurants and shows of NYC that my cousin was going to frequent aren’t’ exactly pet friendly. It was better this way.

I agreed on one condition, that the bipeds would assist me… since you know … opposable thumbs and all that. With everyone on board I felt confident I had this. Why not? They may be bigger than me but I had two humans to back me up! At first all was fine.

(Caution: Mature content ahead. If you are easily offended, thank you but stop reading now)

Then … they started to stray. It was as if they were testing the waters.

Dog Tries Cat Sitting and Things Go Terribly Wrong Montecristo Travels Inc.

Although I thought their use of chopsticks ingenious; I wished they had told me they were leaving the apartment. They aren’t supposed to… not that you would know they were even there in the first place given how elusive they were being…not to mention camera shy! Total Polkaroo’s!

And it was almost like they were emboldened by breaking that first rule. Things seemed to escalate out of control…. Quickly.

Dog Tries Cat Sitting and Things Go Terribly Wrong Montecristo Travels Inc.

I voiced my concern but the bipeds brushed it off as “cats will be cats”. I tried to worn them that I had a really bad feeling in my tummy… but they didn’t listen.

Dog Tries Cat Sitting and Things Go Terribly Wrong Montecristo Travels Inc.

Yeah … not good. So I grounded them. I mean really what else was I suppose to do? They had driven me to it. I told them they were under “house arrest” and couldn’t leave the building. They smirked … I found out why later.

Dog Tries Cat Sitting and Things Go Terribly Wrong Montecristo Travels Inc.

After my initial panic I trusted what my nose told me. It was just water, mussel powder (a treat I enjoy that they must have stolen during the burglary) and cat-nip. Thank heavens nothing actually illegal. I may have growled and barked my discontent and well… I believe they tried to get back at me for that.

Dog Tries Cat Sitting and Things Go Terribly Wrong Montecristo Travels Inc.

I will admit, I lost my cool after I saw the ransom note. I can’t believe the cats tried to frame me! Luckily, my Good Boy reputation held up and no one was buying it. Not the bipeds or my cousin… We had been keeping her abreast of things – twice a day – via photo evidence updates.

I had only one more night to get through. I wish I could say I was surprised when…

Dog Tries Cat Sitting and Things Go Terribly Wrong Montecristo Travels Inc.

I will admit, on the last visit before my cousin got home I was prepared for the worst. I walked in ready for it … but it seemed they were going to play innocent. But, just to be sure there were no hidden surprises though, I inspected the entire place – like a good sniffer dog – the apartment was “clean”. Phew!!  With that I left glad it was over.

Dog Tries Cat Sitting and Things Go Terribly Wrong Montecristo Travels Inc.

Would I do it again? I don’t know. Maybe I would. I’m more prepared for what is really involved with cat-sitting these two now. Never a dull moment that’s for sure. But yeah … would you? And is this what all cats are like or just these?

58 Comments on “Dog Tries Cat Sitting and Things Go Terribly Wrong

  1. Monte, you are a very good cat cousin. I hear I also have a cat cousin. Fortunately, it lives in California, so I don’t think I have to worry about sharing my space. Whew. Your phurry Philly phriend, Dino

  2. Those cats can be so tricky! I hope you are enjoying the peace and quiet now that things are back to normal. It’s no fun worrying about being framed for their nonsense.

    • Seriously – after ALL I did for them … they try to frame me? I almost lost it. I nearly told the bipeds not to clean their litter anymore as punishment.

  3. Our kitty cousins across the water are tops for mischief as you have found to your cost 😉

    You did make us laugh too!!! Thank you.

  4. Monte, you sure did have a rough pet-sitting experience! Maybe next time the cats can do the pet-sitting, and you can turn the tables on them. Or perhaps you could turn their antics into a picture book and earn some money for your woes.

  5. Those cats sure kept you busy! I bet you were glad when their bipeds came home. We’re not sure exactly what our cat does when we aren’t home, but I think he does some of those same shenanigans.

  6. Oh my dogness! Those naughty kitties! I’m sure their bipeds were none the wiser. Glad you survived and hope you give them a dose of their own medicine next time!

  7. Cats can be tough. Kilo the Pug would not have been so generous. He would have encouraged them to leave the house LOL, blamed them and taken any treats. Hilarious.

  8. Right? Sophie and Rufus are on your side. You try and trust somebody and look where it gets ya.

  9. Oh, I just loved this fun and creative post! Cat-tastic! I bet you would do it again…now you are all the wiser so those kitties better step up their game! 😉

  10. Kudos to you for your attempt at cat-sitting. We are as good as gold, except for the two brothers name Ollie and Baggy. The bipeds call them the “Yoots” as they’re the ringleaders in mischief making. If you had cat sat them, they would have purrrsuaded you to use the kitty treadmill aka toilet rolls, then blamed you for it.

  11. Rumor in my house is that the cat always wins – and dogs well, they should know there place so incidents like this do not happen! This is such and adorable post!

  12. That was one hilarious post, really enjoyed reading it and your images were fab. The first time is always the hardest, I’m sure they won’t get anything over on you next time…if there is a next time!!

  13. This is such a great post, I’m still laughing my head off!! Your photos & captions are so creative and fun. Brilliant, absolutely Brilliant! Thanks for such a great read.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • Turning coal into a diamond? You know now that it’s over I can see the humour. LOL 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it. I live to make people happy.

  14. LOL ! What a wild night! But you lived to talk about though, right? Eh, I don’t blame you for thinking twice about cat sitting again. Some cats can be very mischievous!

  15. Haha… naughty cat cousins! They kept you on your paws all weekend, you did a great job and we hope you got extra treats for being such a good cousin!

  16. These cats were really trying to label you as incompetent…so glad you were on to them and their bipeds were none the wiser to the shenanigans that occurred while they were away…lol.

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