Enjoying Prague With a Dog – Part 3

So where was I? Ah yes … pet friendly Prague and all it has to offer! So far I’ve taken you on my tour of the Castle and the Little Quarter in Part 1 and then I took you over the Charles Bridge, into the Old Town and Jewish Quarter in Part 2. We have covered a lot of ground you and I but it isn’t over!

Today I will take you “just” a smidgen outside of the main core area. Nothing major, no big long bus rides, or subways … nothing like that. Just on that fine line that marks the boundaries of the old part of the city and the rest of it.

Let’s start by crossing the Vltava River from the Old Town (where we were staying) and over to the side where the Little Quarter starts but … not using the Charles Bridge this time. Rather let us leave the core a little and cross the Cech Bridge instead.


Cech Bridge is also pretty! Don’t you think?


We are heading to those stairs over there! You can see the Metronome Statue up top!

This takes us to the very steps that lead UP to one of our favorite spots in Prague: Letná Park.

Letná Park and the Hanavský Pavilion

Letná Park is a large park named for the hill it occupies, is built on a plateau above steep embankments along the river. Letná parks elevation and location will provide you with some rather stellar views. But first you have to make it up there! Now you can take a road up, or bus but of course I love stairs and so that is what we took!


There is signage at the base!

I love stairs. I really do. And the fact that I could run all those steps without a leash was just wonderful.


woooohooo! Following Dad up the stairs! Yes off leash!


Seriously – how nice is this view?

Once we reached the top of the steps, I stumbled across the Prague Metronome, a rather hypnotic statue that I understand stands in lieu of a monument to Joseph Stalin that was destroyed in 1962.


I always like fun “graffiti” like this. Not the horrible tag stuff (behind me) but the “let us think on that” stuff (to my right).

There is also a coffee shop there, with pillows on the steps. But we had just started our day and were eager to discover the park.


So … the shoes? I have no idea!


Making new friends! These folks were on a Segway tour!

It’s a special park you see. It’s here that during the Velvet Revolution, happened. On the 25th and 26 November 1989 approximately 750,000 people protested in here. These protests were followed by a general nationwide strike on 27 November 1989. And it’s how the Czech Republic gained its freedom from communism.


Told you! Worth it!

But the main reason most people make the hike up is to go take a closer look at the beautiful cast- iron Hanavský Pavilion.


Smile for the camera!

Built in 1891 for the Jubilee World Fair it’s constructed from cast iron, masonry and glass in the Dutch Baroque style. We were particularly taken by the double-flight staircase and its richly decorated banisters.


Hanavský Pavilion from the side entrance.

The prince of Hanau donated the pavilion to the City of Prague before the World Fair ended. The construction was taken apart and then rebuilt on the new designated site at the edge of Letenské Sady (Letná Park) in December 1891. The pavilion was in the beginning used more as a shelter for the park visitors and only later became a restaurant.


Enjoying the view with mom … wish we’d caught that it’s a double stairway … Oh well!


Path heading back down from the pavilion if you don’t want to go back towards the castle.

After our dessert and coffee break, we headed in the direction of the castle. It’s a long stroll from the pavilion back to the castle, but well worth it. There are numerous gardens that make up that park. I liked stumbling across a park dedicated to writer, poet and playwright Julius Zeyer.  It is a very melodramatic monument.


It’s a lot bigger than you think!


I think the characters are from his works!

And of course, it’s also a way to see the back gardens of the castle. Sadly those are not pet friendly so what you will mostly see is the wall that surrounds them.


but I mean – even the wall is pretty!

But from time to time, you will get a gate rather than a wall and you will catch a glimpse of the rather large, ornate botanical style gardens.


Peekaboo! I see you!

And of course eventually you end up back at the castle proper. Like us, you will likely decide it’s time for refreshment and you’ll sit down and enjoy one of the many spots the castle grounds have to offer.

Vltava River Tour

Now, normally we are not a big fan of these types of outings.  But on a really nice sunny day after a long night partying at our friends wedding, we realized that all we wanted to do was float on the water, enjoy a drink and a plate of fries and soak in the rays and relax. That is when Dad decided to enquire as to the pet friendliness of the Prague Boats River Cruises.


All aboard! Armed with information!

And it turns out that they are pet friendly! At no extra cost too. Wooohooo! So armed with our guide, we boarded the boat. Settled down, ordered our food and drinks (its cash only!) and for two hours we just enjoyed the slow and steady pace and stellar views.


Everyone is in a good mood!

We docked at the Cech Bridge Dock (yep that same bridge we saw earlier that takes you to Letná Park!) that’s #8 on that map and headed towards Charles bridge from there.


Checking out our boat!

It was so great; the guide is really well done. The little silhouettes make it easy to recognize the monuments and buildings you are passing. I loved the time we stood still near the Kampa Dock as we waited our turn to go down the one and only lock.


In the lock waiting for our turn – with Charles Bridge just behind us.

After spotting the familiar Eifel like tower on Petrin hill, I turned to look at the other side of the river and saw a beautiful dancing building! I really do love that crazy modern masterpiece. The house that was there before was destroyed in WWII by USA friendly fire (tisk tisk tisk…)!  So in 1996, it was time to add something fun and whimsical to the Prague skyline and wash the sadness away from the area. That is how, in honor of those foolish Americans to show there was no ill feelings, the Dancing House was built in honor of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.


Dancing House!

The river cruise was really pleasant. I saw so much: islands, and breweries and theatres and monasteries. We went under at least 8 bridges and chatted with some really nice people.


At the furthest spot before turning back we discovered another castle … Sadly we were leaving the next day so never got to visit this Church and the walls.

And I must admit that we now feel like river cruises are really a rather wonderful way to get the lay of the land … in an ironic way. But seeing everything on land from the river does make it clear how these cities were built for trade from the river.


It’s nice to take it slow! With Dad chilling on the River Cruise boat.

So there you have it Dear Reader. My little extra segment for enjoying Prague with a dog.  I`m glad I wrote a part 3, it`s a first really but I hope you agree it was worth it! It allowed me to share with you those little extra’s that I fear far too many people miss.

32 Comments on “Enjoying Prague With a Dog – Part 3

  1. Beautiful! I have always wanted to go to Prague. I had a friend from there who said so many good things about it.

  2. Thanks for sharing part 3 of your Prague adventures. The pictures are absolutely stunning. Now I want to go to Prague. I love river boat rides too. It’s a great way to take in everything at a glacial pace and enjoy the moment.

  3. I’ve heard such amazing things about Prague (especially the beer) and my grandfather came from Bohemia back before it was Czech Republic. It is definitely on my must do list! Thank you for giving me a tantalizing little taste.

  4. You had such a beautiful day for this trip! I love the photo of you smiling. 🙂 You are a lucky pup to get to see all of these amazing things. I can’t even imagine the struggle that Prague had to go through with communism. I’m glad that they are free. I hope that you had as much fun as it looks like you did!

    • It was a perfect day. And yes … it was a horrid struggle. SO many died. The Lennin Wall is the best memorial of hope for that (Part 1) I am glad that they are on another path now.

  5. That pavilion is stunning. As are the views. I love river cruises although Mr. N hasn’t been on one yet. I think there’s some in Seattle that are dog friendly.

  6. What a gorgeous place to spend a day! That pavilion is beautiful, love the intricate details on that double staircase. Thank you for sharing Prague!

    • Prague has been a dream to visit. We will likely return some day – so much left to see still even after 2 full weeks.

  7. What a beautiful day for an adventure! You look so happy sitting on the stairs smiling for the camera. And the views! Lovely! Thanks for sharing Prague with us.

  8. Happy photos, happy dog, and happy memories: How great is life? I love that you share your dog welcoming adventures with us; I get to see so much of the world through your dog loving lens.

  9. I so love learning about other countries and cities especially when they dog friendly as it makes so many pet parents lives easier, thanks for this great post

  10. Wow – what a city. I know someone I have bought from, Magic Realist Press, are based in Prague and the city is such an inspiration to them!

    I am glad you got to go offleash – real freedom for a dog – right?

    Thank you for showing us this amazing and breathtaking city.

    • Yes REAL freedom is off leash. Some dogs can’t be trusted but I never go more than 3-4 feet away and stay on the path. I don’t even chase squirrels!

  11. I continue to be in awe at how beautiful Prague is. I wish I were younger again and could handle those steps because the view was amazing.

  12. I always love reading about your adventures with Monte Cristo! Such beautiful sights and fun times. I would love to get over to Europe sometime and see everything myself. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Prague certainly looks like a wonderful place to visit! I’m glad you included a Part 3, you have so much to share! I bet people love meeting Monte wherever he is.

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