Two years of Pet Travel Blogging!

Has it really been two years and 86 posts?  Two years of pet travel blogging… wow.


Anniversaries (or Birthdays) are usually a time for reflection and celebration.  So before I return to the party, the friends, food, drinks, music and the general state of revelry… what? Oh! … no no no … not for the blog; it is also Dad’s birthday today… didn’t I mention that? Oh, sorry … yeah the blog and Dad share a birthday. Kinda funny that.

Back to the blog … considering that the average blog has a life expectancy of 33.8 months, the real milestone won’t be until next year. When we beat that average OH the PARTY!! Because, I promise you Dear Reader, we are not going anywhere anytime soon. We are not average and we will beat that statistic!

Still it is worth marking our twotear anniversary.

We have gained so much from this blogging experience; we hope you have as well.  This blog may be about traveling with a small dog and we could be forgiven for thinking of it as being all about the destinations, the dogs, the food, the accessories, and the travel itself, but we have come to the conclusion that really the blog always is, and will remain, about the people.

So many people.

thank you

Thank you! Merci! Danke!

So much work goes into this blog.  Most of it behind the scenes.  For something done entirely on a volunteer basis, it sometimes boggles our mind when we look at what we manage to accomplish.  Many of you may not know this, but the team has more than just the three of us. Yes, the bipeds and I do the grunt work, but there is also Nadine our web master and social media expert without whom this blog would have died more than once. And without her, our blog really wouldn’t look nearly as snazzy!  There is Ingrid, our occasional editor, and Andrew, our illustrator (he designed the logo and so much more to come!), and then there is Dawn, our image and text editor extraordinaire.

Sister mom, friend and so much more. Dawn.

You may not realize this, but every Wednesday, I go over to visit Dawn and my Brother from another mother, Jack.  After a good walk, Dawn and I review the upcoming posts together.  We discuss changes; she edits. It is a lot of hard work that she does for us.  Thanks to her vigilance, this blog has far fewer spelling and grammatical errors peppering our posts.  More importantly, she will read something and – still maintaining my voice – she will make sure things flow and make sense.  She’ll even add some humour. We would feel lost without her. We would recommend her in a heart beat. We love her dearly.

Then, there are those of you who have kindly invited us to stay in your homes so that the team could come over to see, smell, taste and experience a new event, town, city and country.  We thank you all for your incredible generosity. How many posts have you inspired? How many times have we felt such tremendous gratitude for your trust in us? How many of you have started a cascading effect resulting in more people traveling with their dogs as a family member?

The process is magical.

The travel blog community. Not sure what we would do without you. So many of you are ahead of us, blazing the trail. Showing us it can be done.  You inspire us with your stories, your short and long term travel adventures.  You show the world it can be done. Don’t ever stop following your dreams and writing your own blogs. With or without canines.

We are so very grateful for you all. In particular, for YOU. Yes you, Dear Reader. You give this blog a ticking heart.  Every like, share and comment is akin to a gentle hug or thumbs up. Every time someone subscribes to our news feed, the reason for the Montecristo Travels blog’s existence is validated. The best gift of all are emails sent from those who read our blog and were inspired enough to take a trip of their own with their dog, came home thrilled with the experience, and did it again. Those are “Big Win” moments.  They create a sense of purpose and elation that lasts for days.

Nothing is more important than the people this blog has somehow brought into our lives. You.  Our web of amazing, fun, brave, adventurous souls.  We thank you.  We love you. We cherish you.


To all who read, to all who are as crazy as we are and travel with their pet(s) as well…Here is a toast:

To many more adventures and to new people joining us in the fun.  May we always feel this blessed! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything. Here is to two years of pet travel blogging and to at least two more!

Please raise a glass and toast: You.

– The Montecristo Travels Team

17 Comments on “Two years of Pet Travel Blogging!

  1. Always a pleasure to read about your new adventures…look at the photos of your marvelous trips but especially, through our exchanges, to enjoy your friendship! I raise my glass to “dad’s” birthday, your happiness and to a long and loving friendship!

    Your furry friends Zoé, Chanel and momma Carole!

  2. I can not say anything except: Thank you very very much to all of you – Those who feel like our family! Thank you! We love you very much!!! 🙂

    • Thanks Marlene! You who went from reader to topic! We love you and thank you for our amazing Texas experience! You went from fan status, to friend …to family. Bless you for your big, loving heart.

  3. I lift my glass to you – Monte and your bipeds – for bringing new thoughts and ideas to light for all who love their dogs, and for those who are inspired by the can-do attitude. I enjoy your posts – the writing is good, the passion and love for all things canine shines through brightly. Keep up the fine work. If a dog-less Downeaster can enjoy the tiny, but mighty Monte and his message to the world, anyone can. And should.

  4. I rise my glass to you, my friend, wish all the best to Daddy, he is absolute soulmate for me, who made my life more interesting. I refused from the communication in ukrainian FB, because many people are rude or invasive, and they their comments makes no interest for me and don’t touch my heart, the reason of it, I think, is that half of my adult life i lived in London, then in Stockholm, and feel a bit like a stanger in my home country, Montecristo, you took my heart, xxx! 🙂

    • Oh Val, and you took ours. We can not wait to HUG YOU! Stranger in your own land? you and Mom are going to get along really well. She feels the same way. Growign up in Europe and comign home to Canada was very difficult for her. She understands. 🙂

  5. We love you guys! We are thankful that you take time to share your experience, tips and precious moments in life with us!

    Cheers to you all!

    • Thanks Jessie! We are grateful you come and follow our crazy life! Bless you for being here on Montecristo Travels. Thank you so much!

    • OMG’s Small Dogs Unite would be a great name for a blog! LOL!! Congrats to you too! We enjoy your blog as well. It’s so nice to see others not coddle their wee ones.

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