Staying With a Dog at the Oia Sunset in Santorini, Greece

Staying With a Dog at the Oia Sunset in Santorini, Greece

Yes, this is home!

It has been a long time since we have truly fallen in love with a hotel. That’s why I am jumping the gun a little here and going straight to this hotel review. There are other airlines, airports and hotels to review not to mention sooooo many stories to share, but Dear Reader, I can’t honestly wait to tell you about this hotel.

We stayed at Oia’s Sunset on Santorini (also know as Thira) for three nights. And what a joy, from the moment we arrived to the very last minute we were there. There was never a second we were not thrilled to be there. And we are not alone. Trip Advisor reviews rave about the place and with good reason.

Oia’s Sunset is pretty much perfect.

Staying With a Dog at the Oia Sunset in Santorini, Greece

AC and a comfy bed!

On a scale of 1 – 10 in pet friendliness, the hotel is a 100. I kid you not. I was allowed absolutely anywhere I could get myself into. As soon as the lovely teal gate closed behind us, I was invited to be off leash and free. I ran around the pool when the bipeds went for a swim. I gallivanted up and down the steps and little paths that lead to rooms, stopping to sniff the flowers along the way. Often, as the sun got too hot, I could be found on the white marble slab at the doorway to the reception and … bar! (That should tell you all you need to know about how they think!) There, in the shade and with the cold rock cooling my belly, I could easily keep an eye on my new kingdom.

Staying With a Dog at the Oia Sunset in Santorini, Greece

cool tiles are soon fabulous!

No one blinked when I once barked. I was given lots of space, or cuddles, depending on my mood. The two gentleman that run the place were always happy to see me, smiles on their faces. Panos and Stavros become quick and easy friends. With a scratch behind the ear, a pick-up and lift to the bar, or a cool window sill, they took care of everyone: a frappé for Mom, directions to a cigar shop for Dad. They even booked us a taxi to take us to the sailboat well in advance; with only 42 cabs for the entire island, getting a taxi can be a problem if left too late.

The hotel does not serve breakfast but that is hardly a problem with Oia filled to the rim with lovely places to go. And we had our own kitchenette. We made our own breakfasts and lunches.  And coffee was ready at the reception desk if you wanted it.

The hotel is large by Greek Island standards. The staff, without exception, were charming and sweet. The place is also pretty with potted flowers all around and the most beautiful pool. Guests were all smiling and in a good mood. You just really loved being there.

Staying With a Dog at the Oia Sunset in Santorini, Greece

My Marble Slab!

We truly regretted having to leave. Oia’s Sunset becomes home so fast that your heart breaks a little when you pack your bags.

When our first sailing stop happened to be Oia, we were beyond happy to go back and see Panos and Stavros! We had forgotten my food dish but they had it at the reception desk for us. I am sure they would have mailed it to us if we hadn’t stopped by. When we walked in to the hotel, the joy on their faces at seeing us was far more than one would expect from strangers: that was the greetings of friends.

If ever you find yourself on the island of Santorini/Thira, make your way to the town of sunsets. Oia will charm you in more ways than you can count. (More on that soon.) And do stay at Oia’s Sunset. Lounge by the pool; take in the sun, the bright blue skies and white washed walls; watch the crazy sunset crowds from the quiet privacy of your own balcony; and become one with the town and its people. Let Panos and Stavros make you a part of their world family … or at the very least, a long lost friend. You will not regret it. Don’t believe me check out more pics!

26 Comments on “Staying With a Dog at the Oia Sunset in Santorini, Greece

  1. Everything looked cool and inviting! Whata lovely place that I myself can visit… in my dreams maybe.

  2. It looks magical. Montecristo, did you go swimming? When you barked, did Mom remind you “inside voice”—in French, mais oui? It must be confusing to have to use your inside voice outside, but in Greece at a beautiful hotel, the transition from inside to outside looks like it was seamless.

    • I don’t … do water. I just don’t. *shivers* I am not a Labrador after all.

      As for the inside/outside voice. The wild dog population of Oia barks enough that my occasional outburst was hardly going to be an issue. I did use my indoor voice when indoors. As always. Because I am a good boy.

      One night however, there was a dog fight going on somewhere not far from our hotel and it got me very riled up. I could not help myself. When the bipeds apologized the next day to everyone all we got were hands shoeing us away. I was hardly to blame it seemed and my chiming in as the dogs fought was barely noticeable. The dogs were “dealt with” (not sure what that means) and as soon as quiet returned I too was mute once more. Although very much “on guard” for the rest of the night.

      I had a very long nap the next day.

  3. Happy times…I know the same place in Yalta and ….just opposite my house, 😉

  4. It sounds a wonderful idyllic place to visit Monte. I shall definitely make a note of it, as we would only go away for 3-4 nights max and it would be perfect for us I think and not too long a flight from the UK. Thank you for your recommendation and report on this perfect place 🙂

  5. Thank you for an awesome review, Monte! I will keep this place in mind when we visit Santorini. Everything sounds lovely.

  6. I could never have written a better description for this hotel but more so for Panos and Stavros I see them everyday and they really put heart and soul into what they are doing to make guest feel and home and a holiday to remember 🙂

    • Martina – it shows! you feel like long lost friends in no time. You feel really cared for. We really hope to go back someday SOON!! Best memories. Panos and Stavros are amazing. They really really understand hospitality.

  7. How you found the courage to pull yourself away from paradise.. Waow… i guess the only thing was that there was more adventure ahead…

    Plus nothing pleases me more than seeing people understand the true essence of hospitality !

    • These two REALLY do … I think they could teach MANY places a thing or two! As for paradise … I guess more paradise to see helped!

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