Montecristo Travels Basic Supplies Packing List_2011

Montecristo Travels Basic Supplies Packing List_2011

A list to help travellers pack for their dog.

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  1. Looks great, love the format. One thing I always bring when traveling with my dogs is a disposable vinyl tablecloth to put under the playpen or ex-pen in the hotel room. When you leave just roll it up and throw it away. I am sure Monte would never have an accident, but I find it very useful for my show guys, just in case.

    • Wow Shawna that is a great tip!! I hope others will put their tips here and people can add them! thank you so much for sharing. My playpen comes with a washable bottom. I have never had an accident but it helps with all the wall to wall carpet found in hotels. Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. This sort of goes in the appropriate clothes category but might not always be thought of. Some big dogs have a lot I trouble with the shiny floors in hotel lobbies etc. At 95lbs carrying Sadie is a last resort, but she has traction boots for these situations. They’re lifesavers and we would not travel without them! I think you’ve covered pretty much everything though!

    • You are correct – I would never have thought of this! Thank you so much Brittany! Since we live in the “portable” dog category we always welcome big dog information! Brilliant … would hate to see some poor dog slip and get hurt on those dangerous floors – especially when they are wet! we saw this in Key Largo after a rain storm. The marble floor was like a skating rink!

  3. Bonjour! I love your blog, very informative. I live in Italy and will fly thru CDG and will be visiting Montreal. I have a Italian Greyhound that I use for hearing dog. It is invaluable too me. Air France was helpful on the phone and removed a lot of stress. I have called Canada to ask about the food that I will have for him for the trip. I have not read this info in your blog yet (maybe I am not there and will read it later) In the other case I want to mention that my dog eat dog croquette with salmon, duck or rabbit . Then there is a problem to enter Canada with even ONE croquette. I will start feeding him with vegetable croquette for him to adjust and have a good trip until we find something in Canada. Montecristo what do you eat when you travel. Ciao

    • Hello Sylvie! Eating on the road and flying with food is tricky. I wrote about it here.

      Canada has LOADS of dog food options and very very healthy ones too. I am sure you can buy your dog food here. What brand is it? We have so many pet shops it’s crazy! I would worry too much about it. Sure your dog may take a few days to adjust but it should be ok. Alternatively you can always see if the dog food company you use will ship a bag to your Montreal address.

      We don’t use crockets. It’s made fresh twice a day. I DO often travel with freeze dried food. They look like little brown, super light weight sponges. Made by a Canadian company called Orijen. They travel very very well.

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