26 Comments on “Montecristo Travels Poem #1

  1. Oh I love it!! Sent the hairs prickling at the back of my neck!! LOL (I think that means it’s really really ace 😉 )

    Your mom has many talents Monte and a poet is definitely one of them! 🙂 xx

    • Aw… Lisa thank you!! You just made Mom smile! She doesn’t think she has any gift for poetry … Dad and I feel differently but she said we are biased. Now with your voice in the mix she MIGHT start believing!

  2. I do want to give FULL credit to Dawn Oosterhoff for the photo, imagine editing, the layout … all of it!! THANK YOU DAWN!!! Dawn is a BIG big part of the Montecristo Travels Team. We are lost without her! Poster will be available for purchase soon right here – once we set up our little shop area on the web … stay tuned!

    • (blush) Thank you for the acknowledgement. I can always count on you, Monte, and your mom to push my creative limits so I grow a little bit more. Regularly. 🙂

      • Oh hey – we have SO many more ideas! LOL!!! Seriously dear Dawn, we would be lost without you. Our working relationship is fun, and wonderful and we feel truly blessed to have you on our team.

  3. … world traveller, fashion model, fund-raiser, actor, hero in a fantasy trilogy, blogger, philosopher AND poet !! What’s next ???

    • Well Ingrid, I did always want to try Sumo wrestling … LOL!

      And wow … reading your comment – I just realized that is ONE heck of a CV I got going!! 🙂

    • Dear Joan, Mom started writing this for the competition. But she just wasn’t happy with it by the time the deadline came about. So, instead of tossing it in the bin – she kept at it until one day – it felt right and done. Then – what to do with it? well … she figured this would be a nice change of pace on the blog! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Hi Monte,
    Your Mom has a knack for poetry! Good job Sonja!
    Dawn, beautiful photo!
    Love this post!

    • Thank you Carolyn for taking the time to let us know you liked it! This is a new set of skills for us. Hopefully not the only time … we shall see!

  5. Totally charmed, and thank you, too, for the shout-out! Fluffy diplomat is perfect — that’s what marvelous Monte is!

  6. Great job!!!! Loved it!

    I knew you could write poetry and rhyme,
    and that it would be just sublime.
    I saw you in action in “The Liar” play,
    so I’ve known that since that day.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again,
    speaking in rhymes is hard to refrain
    For once you start it’s hard to stop
    so go for it, give it a pop!

    Don’t underestimate your gift of gab
    go ahead and give it a stab
    The sky’s the limit
    once you decide to commit.

    I’m hoping you’ll write more poetry about travels
    and I’m looking forward to see how it all unravels
    Your world travels are your inspirations
    for some wonderful creations!

  7. Awesome! That put a smile on my face. I know that Monte’s mom has been a writer for years. Now she can add poet to her resume. I look forward to more!

    • More … you want more…hmmm… well okay then. But these take time! Mama finds poetry very difficult. A real challenge to get the rhythm right. She’s use to having more words to play with! Poetry is “confining” … but we shall try and try again!

  8. Hey Monte your mom is so much fun and so creative and you look so adorable
    Well done you both x
    “Wuv” you
    Willie and the woof gang

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