My Top 5 Travel with Dog Blog and Websites, and Top 5 Plain Old Travel Blogs!

If you want to travel with your canine, there are a number of blogs out there to inspire you and great websites to help you make it happen. I try to add to my blog-roll as often as I remember but even with my favorite blogs added to the roll, you wouldn’t know why I like that particular site or blog. So, in the spirit of sharing resources and making your travel with your dog a little easier, here are my five favorite blogs and websites in each of three different categories.

Travel with Dog Blogs

  1. Dog Jaunt:  This is the blog that inspired us to start our own. In the beginning, when we knew nothing and didn’t know what to expect, Mary-Alice and Chloe came to the rescue. Their blog is to the point. No fuss, no muss. Mary-Alice is very much about fact and less about telling a story. Their blog will tell you what you need to know about different carriers, where potty break places are at different airports, and even the measurements of the underseat areas of different planes so you can figure out if your canine and carrier will fit comfortably.  With the exception of one trip to Europe, Dog Jaunt’s focus is on the US. (Our decision to jump on board came with a desire to fill a gap in blogging about Europe, eventually the Caribbean and, of course, Canada.) We   think you will find this blog to be an invaluable resource.  And we love Chloe’s pics!
  2. The Road Forks: If they can do it, we can! That’s often what comes of following this post. These bloggers are doing now what we want to do and they are doing it with not one, but TWO large dogs. So, when we thought Turkey could just not happen, we turned to The Road Forks for encouragement.  They’ve done the trip and so we know we can too. We hope to create a much stronger working relationship with these lovely folks. We’d love to meet up on some dusty road or little village some day. That would rock!
  3. Cycling Gypsies: Two people, two bikes and some big dogs. I think their story would make an amazing documentary, to be honest. I admire the chutzpa and physical endurance required for this kind of travel. We won’t do it, but their escapades makes biking to and from daycare seem like a walk in the park! We also love the children’s books they have written.
  4. Go Pet Friendly (Blog):  An amazing little business and blog. We have loads of respect for this crew: an RV, the open road, with dogs and a CAT! It’s all very bohemian and gypsy living and we love it. They are doing on land in the US what we want to do on water in the Med.
  5. The Ramble:  This blog is not entirely dedicated to travel with a canine; rather, it’s more about working as you travel – how to do it and the adventures and perils that come with that lifestyle choice. However, there are some gems on the subject of canine travel peppered throughout this blog. Gigi is witty and fun and her little dog, Luna, is one of the only dogs we know who has flown more than myself between Europe and North America. Luna travels full time and is a trail blazer! We do hope to work with them in the future. We hope to get to share a meal someday. It will happen. It will be amazing. It will be epic.

Our honourable mention goes to You Did What with Your Wiener? Although focused specifically on the dachshund breed and hiking, we just love this blog. We love that it proves small dogs have staying power and, yes, they CAN hike and are not fragile little toys to be coddled. We hope to join them on one of their many hikes one day, just because it would be nice to do that.

Canine Travel Websites

  1. Go Pet Friendly: The website that goes with the blog. So many resources here for the person who wants to travel with their dog. I don’t even know where to start so I just encourage you to go ahead and take a look. Plus, they have the cutest logo ever … well, except for mine, of course!
  2. Bring Fido: If you want to find a pet friendly hotel, restaurant or event in a specific city, go to Bring Fido, do a search and see what comes up. We’ve often found little gems using this resource. The website is not always up-to-date but it’s pretty darn accurate. (It’s always best to call ahead to confirm your information anyway). For fun, type in your city and see what you find. We also invite you to add suggestions if you happen to know of some dog friendly restaurant.
  3. Pet Travel: If you want to know what papers and vaccines you will need to enter a country with your dog, this is where you go. And you can even order the papers you will need from them. You can get the papers sent to your email or street address. We find the site to be accurate. And although we hate to pay for the papers, it does help to at least know what to look for. Pet Travel will also let you know if there is a quarantine in effect in the country you wish to visit.
  4. Trip Advisor: We love love love Trip Advisor. Why? Because you can do a search under the heading “Pet Friendly.”  We have found almost all of our apartment rentals and pet friendly hotels on this site. And with real, average people reviewing everything, you can get an honest feel for a place. Our trip to Santorini, for example, requires 2 nights in a pet friendly hotel. The one we chose (Oia Sunset) had such amazing reviews on Trip Adviser that we emailed them. Within 20 minutes, Oia Sunset was welcoming me – the canine – with open arms. We booked AND they organized a driver to pick us up at the ferry. That is service! The reviews so far were right!
  5. Airline Websites: There are many but all of them (with a few exceptions) will tell you right off the bat what their pet policies are for in-cabin and cargo tavel, as well as for service animals and Emotional Support Animals. The airline websites are amazingly useful resources. Some are better than others but if you put “pet travel” in the search box, 9 times out of 10, you’ll get the information you were looking for.

Our honourable mention goes to Pet Relocation. They have often been kind enough to confirm if we are on the right path or not, even if we never hire them. That’s service. And if you DO want to move to another country, then I believe these fine folks are the go-to people.

Just Human Travellers (because that’s okay too!)

  1. So Many Places: Hands down, our favorite travel blog out there. We love how Kim writes and the adventures they are having. We can’t get enough. If you just want to make a cup of coffee and live vicariously through someone else for a time, then this is the blog for you. The best part? They’ve really just started so we have lots and lots more to look forward to!
  2. Unbrave Girl: Sally started her blog when she was in China. I am fascinated by her funny – no, hilarious – tales and especially by her love affair with food. Sally’s style is upbeat and comic. I’ve been known to snort in laughter more than once.  Although Sally hasn’t traveled far or much lately, her blog continues to be of such high entertainment value that it stays in our “favourites” folder.
  3. Wandering Sasquatch: Kim’s (So Many Places) other half started his own blog and it’s already a go-to blog for us. Wandering Sasquatch is the man’s perspective. We really love seeing the adventure first through Kim’s eyes (#1 on this list) and then his. He’s more tongue in cheek too.
  4. Further Bound: This lovely blog came to our attention when we were looking at how to save for the big trip. There’s a load of inspiration and posts on the subject. Of course, you then follow into the actual travel, which started in India. We just keep waiting for the next post. They are often profound and very raw. Sweetly written as well.
  5. Boomeresque: If you are of a certain age, then you will really love this blog. For us, it’s inspiration that travel can and does continue to be a passion in life. Even in the “baby boomer” years.  We will never be boomers as such, but we can learn a lot from them. Suzanne is a wonderful writer and I enjoy a particularly fun FB relationship with her dog, Dino. On more than one occasion, a place not even on our radar has come up on Boomeresque and made us go “Hmm, maybe we should?”

Our honourable mention goes to GQ Tripping Cutest. Couple. Ever. This blog is so much fun. All of it. From the writing style to the young couple who write it. It’s just a fun place to go. Food, wonderful places and a wide variety of locations (as in not all South East Asia – the down side to many a travel blog).

There are others blogs and websites. Perhaps I will create a follow up list. But this is my list for now. Take a moment to visit and browse my recommendations; I am certain you will not regret it.

Do you have a travel blog or website you just LOVE? Please share it with us in the comments section. If it’s shameless self-promotion, that’s okay too… just so long as it is travel related!

74 Comments on “My Top 5 Travel with Dog Blog and Websites, and Top 5 Plain Old Travel Blogs!

  1. Wow, thank you so much for the honor. I’m so glad that you enjoy the blog (hopefully as much as I enjoy writing it).

    • Oh we do … we really really do! We hope to meet you in person someday. We would love that. 🙂 Keep it up, you’re a muse and an inspiration! Don’t ever stop being you.

  2. Thanks so much for including us! It’s a pleasure to be listed alongside so many great websites and blogs. And I can’t wait until you guys are living your dream and writing about it in the Med!

    • Eeeeek we can’t either but we are going to be sailing in Greece in 25 days!!! so it’s a start! Thanks for doing so much for the travel with dog community! We love you guys!

  3. Thank you so much for including me! It’s the first time I’ve ever made a list…and not been #1 ;-). Haha, just kidding. But seriously, thank you.

  4. What a great list! Very fun! We enjoy lots of little dog travels, and we’ve used Pet Friendly a lot as a super resource.

    Keep on wagging,

    • Ah yes Pet Friendly is a great resource – although I don’t like the look or feel of their website. It has a very dated vibe in our opinion. Still, I have found some great information there for travel with canine within Canada. Thanks for reminding me I should add it to my blog roll.

  5. Aww, thanks so much for the shout-out! Although I’m not so sure how my blog feels after being called “plain” and “old.” She’d prefer “snazzy” and “mature.” (And, yes, I just referred to my blog as a “she.” She’s totally all lady.)

  6. Thank you for posting these! I’ll make sure to check them out 🙂

  7. Montecristo is so cute! If you ever come to Thailand you can meet our traveling dog Eden. She is the star of our travel videos here in Chiang Mai and was recently on Thai TV as well. (Now she has a ego problem lol)

    • Ooooh our first Thai contact!! Just looked into the requirements for entry and they seem do-able. Would be nice to get the forms agead of time to fill out in advance. Wonder if we can do that. What is great is no quarantine. Tha’s important to us!

      The bipeds have always wanted to go to Thailand, so maybe we will be going in the near future – we would LOVE to meet Eden the TV star and her bipeds! I have been in magazines, am the hero of a series of children books and have YouTube videos. So I understand the ego problem. She just needs to be reminded that she sniffs bums and poops like all dogs! 🙂

  8. Thank you so much for including me, it’s a real honour, especially amongst so many of my own favourites 🙂

  9. Greetings from Toronto. How did I miss this post earlier!?! I am seriously honored (or should I say “honoured”) that you included Boomeresque in your blog roll — even though I’m of a certain age. I am so looking forward to meeting you all in a few days!!! I wish Dino were with me. I guess Montecristo will just have to bring his bipeds to Philadelphia to meet him.

  10. Thanks for the list. I am going to go through each and find my own favorites. Unbrave girl feels like an old friend already.:)

    • Hey Roxy! Thanks for the comment! It is so tough to narrow it down… there are great sites all over the interweb! But these just stand out … for now. Keep traveling my friend!

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  12. So helpful article! This Christmas my best friend bought me a little sweet puppy. Now, I am planning to go on a vacation in Croatia and I want to bring my dog with me and I don’t know what exactly to do. Thank you for the nice advices!

    • Not hard to travel. You call your food and animal inspection agency – get the EU form in the right language. Get your vet to fill it out in blue ink. Get the agency to stamp it. Done. Then book a flight on a pet friendly flight. Of course THAT part depends on the size of the dog.

  13. Thank you so much for this article! I have four-year-old dog called James and we are going to Spain next month because of my job. I have so many things to do before we actually move and I didn’t realized that James might be a little stressed by the whole situation. Hope he will like the new apartment.

    • Dogs are happy as long as they feel that they are part of the family! maybe take a little time to have some one on one! Let us know when you have arrived in Spain! where are you settling?

  14. Thanks for this, I take my dogs all around the back roads of the Southwest and wondered what other’s were writing about their own travels, links, resources. Great stuff, keep it up!

    • Thanks! We focus a lot more on international travel than hiking and road trips but they certainly are a part of our travel menu! Hence the “local treasures” series that I think I need to re-name.

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  16. We came across your website in search of finding out how to acquire blog sponsors for blogs written about international traveling with your pet.

    We’re relatively new to the blog community and are having a great time “tailing” our travels while living in Germany through the perspective of our beagle mix named Merlin.

    Your website is full of useful resources and information all fur baby parents could use.

    Thank You,
    Linda & Merlin

    • Thank you! glad it’s helpful to you.
      Making any profit from blogging is insanely difficult. We’ve been at it for nearly 6 years and make very very little. Certainly not enough to live off. Good luck! In a world where everyone works for free … it’s harder to make a money as a writer. Even those that pay – pay ridiculously small amounts. I do however, wish you the best of luck! and enjoy!! Maybe our paths will cross – we should be in Berlin for a few days come September!

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