Newest Family Member The Marquise de Pompadour Puppy Session

I’ll be honest – It’s been six months and I’m still on the fence about it all. I mean I don’t hate “her” or anything… but if her antics at our Puppy Shoot with Liz Bradley are anything to go by …. *sigh*

Pompadour-puppy-tiny crown -Montecristo Travels

Don’t wear the crown EAT the crown! Be one with the crown.

Oh. Yeah. I guess I should introduce you. It would be the polite thing to do.

Dear Reader; meet the newest addition to our family my “little sister”, La Marquise de Pompadour.

You’ll likely call her Pompadour or just Pompon. Although frankly I’m fond of just calling her Missy (Dr. Who fans will understand the reference. Appropriate on so many levels).

Pompadour-puppy-tiny crown - puppy photoshoot - Montecristo Travels

You know Pompadour is tiny – tweezers needed to hold the crown!

What’s in a name?

My full name is The Count of Montecristo … and well the Bipeds couldn’t exactly then go ahead and name my little sister something like “Snuggles”… Now could they!?   I mean once you go down the route of regal names it’s a road you must keep following.

Pompadour-puppy photo shoot - Montecristo Travels

Someone is getting all the loving. Traitors.

And as you know, we Chihuahua’s tend to have personalities that take up a lot of space. Our presence felt through our energy if not from our physique.

Pompadour-puppy photoshoot - Louis Vuitton City Dog Bag - Montecristo Travels

She’s taking over all MY stuff!! What the Fluff?

My name was chosen to honour Dad’s ancestor Alexandre Dumas; the author of such amazing books as the Three Musketeers and of course the Count of Monte Cristo. It was also Dad’s favourite cigar back then; when he still indulged.  Named after the book because the cigar rollers would enjoy the Count of Monte Cristo the most of all the books the “reader” would read out loud to them… back in the days before radio and TV.

For little sister we turned to Mom’s side of the family.

Pompadour-puppy photo shoot with mom - Montecristo Travels

I still do photos better that her! you look AT the camera kid.

The Marquise de Pompadour was the Chief Mistress to Louis the 15th. She was an incredible beauty, highly intelligent and well read. She ran salons, was an accomplished musician, painted, conversed and debated with some of the greatest artists and minds of the day. She was feminine but not meek and mild.

She was also in charge of the king’s calendar. Yeah. You wanted to see the king? You had to go through her.

She was a woman that found a way to carve out power in a world that didn’t allow women to have any. You got to admit … that’s impressive. And it seems fitting for the energy this tiny new addition seems to have.

Marquise de Pompadour in all her glory with small dog

Notice the dog at her feet?

But what made “Madame de Pompadour” particularly unique is that she is the only known Chief Mistress of any court to truly, deeply befriend the Queen. In fact the Queen and she would often attend events together. Imagine the scandal! And that Queen? That Queen was Maria Leszczyńska… as in … Lishchysnki.

The name was grossly misspelled when Mom’s Grandmother and father immigrated to Canada during WWII but …. It is Mom’s last name.

Bonus round: Maria shared a love for tiny dogs with her friend La Marquise.

Boucher, Madame Pompadour with small dog

See the little dog on the bench?

So Pompadour it is and as a fun aside, “Marquise” cuts for gems are an oval with a point top and bottom … like Pompadour’s head!

Pompadour-puppy photo shoot - With baroque shoe.

Plus our Pompadour has a thing for Baroque styling… just like the bipeds. This is one of Mom’s wedding shoes!

Why a little sister?

For the record, no one asked me! I thought this trio was just fine as it was. But Mom says that I was often bored. She’d see me sitting on a chair or on the floor and hear me sigh deeply. I was never lonely, too many people in my life for that… but bored. It’s possible she was right. But you’ll never hear that confirmed by me!

There is zero chance of that now I assure you.

Pompadour-puppy photo shoot - adult and baby long hair chihuahua - Montecristo Travels

Yes yes yes little one I will play with you *sigh*

Pompadour is the opposite of me in every way. I’m an introverted, observer of the world. I am often called the Zen Master. I never really liked chewing or engaging in rough play. I’m a little stingy with kisses (making sure they are special) and hate getting messy. I will walk around a puddle because I hate getting dirty. As a puppy they had nicknamed me Sir Valium. Basically I’ve always been a chill kinda guy from the get go.

Pompadour is an extraverted, “grab life by the horns” type. She loves everyone, will kiss your face, nose, ears… tonsils (yuck!). She’s not a picky eater and will climb things that honestly I’m not sure I would attempt.  Mom spent most of her first week saying “What are you eating??!!” and proceeding to extraction. From dust bunnies to grout removed from between the balcony tiles… It’s mind boggling.

… I guess that just means that we will have some extra fun on our travels. I’m going to have to watch this one. I sense she’s trouble.

Pompadour-puppy photo shoot - Louis Vuitton - Montecristo Travels

I got your back kid.

Changes to the Blog?

The blog is still mine. I’m not being dethroned in any way. I just now may share the antics of my weird little sister if appropriate. I’m sure she will spice up my anecdotes regularly. She’s got a Lara Croft of Tomb Raider kind of vibe that one.

Pompadour-puppy photoshoot - with Dad - Montecristo Travels

Dad is learning to carry both of us at the same time!

And of course now we will be talking about travel with TWO small dogs. So you will be seeing some new information come your way on that front. Although it will be a little while yet – she still has a series of vaccines to go through.  I think we will have to find something to do with her this summer though.

And who knows how much of a change it will be? We both fit in one carrier and we suspect there will be little actual shift in how we do things but stay tuned – you never know!

And no worries I have a HUGE amount of material to get to you still. Our entire trip through the Canadian Maritimes last summer (2017) for example. So Pompadour is not about to “blow up” our social media feed or the blog … yet.

Pompadour-puppy photo shoot - Ottawa - family - Montecristo Travels

On our home turf of Ottawa in Canada (Parliament in the background)

So, the new adventures begin. I wonder where this trio… sorry… quartet… will head off to first?! Costa Rica? Portugal? Your guess is as good as mine. In the meantime I’m going for a nap. I’m totally sleep deprived.

43 Comments on “Newest Family Member The Marquise de Pompadour Puppy Session

  1. Very well written little man, with momma’s help, no doubt. Looks like you are getting very close to your new baby sister!

  2. Just like human families, #1 child is perfect, #2 is a challenge but adorable!

  3. Hi Monte!

    What a great way to start my day … in bed reading your story. I have to say the opening was brilliant and very strong…for a moment I forgot it’s your blog and not mom’s! Haha!

    I know you might question your biped’s decision, but believe me, you two will become best buds in no time.

    We can’t wait to see you three and meet lil Pompon! Until then, keep her out of trouble.

    With love,
    Michaela and the fam ❤

  4. Hi Monte! It’s been a while since we’ve visited. Oh my gosh, your little sister is just too cute! Lexy wasn’t very happy when I moved in, but we learned to live together. I just know you two will be the best of friends.

  5. Congrats on the new addition. She’s just adorable! Looking forward to tips for traveling with two dogs in tow, as we’re a two dog family too. You know I was my parents’ first child. They used to tell me I was so awesome, they couldn’t resist having more. I’d take your parents getting you a sister as a compliment, even if she is a pain sometimes.

  6. Welcome to the family Missy, I am sure you will keep everyone on their toes and it is going to be fun to read all about it. Monte just make sure that you are always nbr one that is something Layla is saying.

    • she’s a love bug that one. I’m far more selective. But that’s good in a way. Gives me a break from unwanted attention of strangers. She can have them. 🙂

  7. I’ve been watching your family grow through the various posts that you make and each time I’m all googly-eyed – the cuteness is overwhelming! I’m so glad that Pompadour has found a loving home – and keep the sweet photos coming! Congrats!

    • aw… Rebecca thank you!! will do. Although I suspect she’s going to get me into trouble a lot. I will try and show her the ropes and keep her on the straight and narrow.

  8. She is very cute I gotta admit! You look like you’re working up to being good friends. She’ll bring something good into your life, everyone needs some excitement now and then. And you can teach her the road trip ropes.

  9. I am the oldest in my family and got a little sister when I was 3 so I feel your pain. Yours is very cute (but not as cute as you of course) and hopefully she will be lots of fun and devoted to you. Look forward to following the adventures.

  10. Oh, my CAT you are the CUTEST thing ever! Definitely squeeable if I may say so. I know that you will like your little sisfur (eventually) just be patient with her for a month, or two or four or eight…..

    You are still the Boss and still In Charge.

  11. What a cutie pie! I’m sure we’ll read a lot about your new adventures together. We can’t wait to hear how this new member of the family gets into everything. MOL!

  12. Congratulations! I know you’ll teach her the ropes and hopefully have some fun with her along the way.

  13. Oh my gosh! Where do I begin?! First, congratulations on the addition of the sweet adorable baby – welcome to The Marquise de Pompadour! Of course she need a special name, just like her big brother! How fun the future adventures and travels will be!! Love the pics!

    Now…on to my case of some serious fangirling!!! My fave books (and movies) are the Three Musketeers and Count of Monte Crisco! I had no idea he was an ancestor of Dad! How wonderful!

    I enjoy armchair traveling on your adventures…and now it will be even twice as fun with your new little addition!

  14. Congrats on the new furry family member!! Pompadour is adorable, but not as adorbs as you are of course. I would not share a carrier with her though, no good can come of that LOL!! I love the history of your names, fascinating. Its interesting to see such an early “Administrative Assistant ” keeping the King’s calendar! I bet she got taken out to lunch a lot.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  15. Congratulations on your addition to the family. She is just too adorable. The photo of them running around on the grass is wonderful. She is so tiny. Thanks for sharing this great post with us. Have a wonderful day.

  16. Your little sister is so cute, we can’t wait to watch her follow in your pawsteps as you travel together. The first year is ROUGH, but she’ll calm down soon, promise!

  17. So excited to see this journey! Monte, you will always be loved so much. Glad to see you’re getting more excitement in your life!

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