Our Round Up for Travelling With a Small Dog!

We do our best to make things user friendly on the blog. We have the standard “search” area where you can just plop in a key word and all the related posts will come up. You can also browse by category or our new “by destination” page if that makes things easier.

We do acknowledge however, that if you are new to the idea of travelling with your dog (and that is how you stumbled upon our site!) you may need a bit of extra hand holding. And that is OK and certainly nothing to feel shy about!

If you are nervous… don’t be. We got you!

Remember that like everything, when it’s new it can seem overwhelming.  Practice does make perfect!  Just take a deep breath and let us walk you through the sequential order that we have come to know will help you gain the confidence you need to go ahead and become the fearless “with small pet globetrotter” we know you can be!

Our Round Up for Travelling With a Small Dog! Montecristo and biipeds.

Looking for answers! Where do I start? (photo: Danielle Gillan for Flytographer)

General Knowledge First!

Before we dive into things you should purchase or get into our great tips to make your with pet travels smoother; let’s start with things you aught to know. Yes?

Our Round Up for Travelling With a Small Dog! Montecristo.

Do you know about pet car safety?

Tips and Tricks!

These are in response to our most frequently asked questions. If we missed something let us know!

Our Round Up for Travelling With a Small Dog!

Were to? Art galleries? Festivals? Restaurants? (Photo: Danielle Gillan for Flytographer)

With Pet Etiquette

With pet travel still being relatively new in some parts of the world, it behooves those that are trail blazing the path to be ambassadors for those that will follow. That’s when proper etiquette knowledge comes in handy!

Other With Pet Travellers

And in case you thought we were the only game in town… nope! There are loads of folks doing the RV thing. Or motorcycles.. Road trips with pets are getting pretty common these days! But continent hoping? That’s different and it’s where we tend to focus. So, the international with pet travel bloggers we recommend are:

  • For BIG dog international travel we trust Maria and Shark of The Tropical Dog.
  • If you want a second opinion on some places we’ve been and a look at a few places we haven’t (like entering the UK!), you can’t go wrong with Gigi and Luna of The Ramble.

If that hasn’t convinced you yet… do take a look at our Interview Series for other travelling dogs, cats and more. Many of those folks don’t have blogs but are active on social media platforms and are happy to help you out. And check out where we go for inspiration.

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Here or on any of our social media platforms. Go ahead, take that trip with you best friend. Bone Voyage!

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