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Travel With a Small Dog to Pisa, Tuscany in Italy…. because there are certain places that people just know. No matter where they are from. Often it is historic, scenic or a special monument.  In the case of Pisa, it is certainly all three; but it must be one specific tower that has captured the imagination of people from around the world. Pisa has its leaning tower. An irony not lost on us, […]

Even as my bipeds fight bad head colds … we are so excited about this we can barely sit still!  At long last The UK will harmonize its pet movement rules with the rest of the European Union.  As of the 1st of January 2012 the UK (along with Ireland, Sweden and Malta) will leave behind the archaic six-month quarantine that has been in place from the 1800s. […]

This will be a short post.  I just wanted to take a moment to thank all the people that have made it possible for me to have all the paper work needed to go on vacation with the bipeds (October  2011) to Florence Italy and Paris France. So I need pet papers for Italy and France! or do I…? Ha! Nope! Because once inside the EU I am […]

Dear Montecristo, I’ve been reading your blog and thought that I’d throw in my two cents worth about how bipeds can make travelling with a pet a little easier… Maybe we should start off with ID and how a microchip is required for dog travel? Bipeds have passports to ensure that everyone knows who they are.  You and your fellow dogs (and sorry, cats…) are at a distinct disadvantage in […]

We do a lot of travel by car.  Drive to Toronto, to Montreal and sometimes trips (about 5 hours one way) to Quebec City to visit family. And I have to say we have our favorite pet friendly roadside stops. I have mentioned before that we believe a dog, just like a human should be strapped in for safety, and as a result I have a booster seat. […]