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Ah Montreal … what a fun and vibrant city. It was time to travel to Montreal with a small dog. Because, yes even with the crumbling infrastructure this metropolitan remains a favorite place for us to visit. Plus, my Aunt Nadine is there and she’s awesome! She is the Webmaster behind this site and my Mom’s Best Friend. She’s pretty much amazing … even if her cat Cosette […]

Originally we were supposed to go to Puerto Rico for Mom’s birthday.  A nice big dive trip was being planned.  Dog friendly accommodations found, airlines looked into and a long frustrating search for pet/vet paper requirements was underway. So how did we end up with a return visit to Naples with a small dog? yes me! Who else? Then the bipeds went and bought a new Loft/Condo.  Don’t […]

To date the bipeds have not folded under the temptation of purchasing a unique designer item from canine couturier Kiki Hamann.  Anyone who knows anything about true doggy couture will know of whom I speak.   She is the Gucci, Armani and Jean Paul Gautier of the Canine fashion world. I know … deep in my itty bitty gut that one day … one day they will stop “window […]

One of the oldest methods of transportation dates back to the 1880s … the bicycle! A marvel of engineering that forever changed the world on almost every continent.  Although there are no tips on riding a bike with a small dog, my biped Mom loves a blog called Girls and Bicycles that deals with trying to get North Americans to see the bike as something other than a […]

We all come from water.  So I am told.  It is a source of well being. It is the one thing we all need regardless of species.  In Africa it is the one place where predator and pray will co-exist without fear of the hunt. More than 80% of the planets life forms live in water.  This planet should be called Water and not Earth.  In Canada we […]