Pet-Friendly Studio #869 in Prague

The great thing about looking for a little pet-friendly place to rent in Prague is that there are options. Loads of options. A quick search in TripAdvisor, FlipKey or AirBnB results in hundreds of choices.

I love that. It tells me ahead of time what I can expect culturally. The large number of pet friendly spots to choose from, told me that the Czech Republic was going to be welcoming! I also love how affordable the options are. I was surprised at that. Happily surprised! With affordability tossed into the mix, the bipeds and I figured we could go ahead and be a little pickier than usual. With that in mind, we went all-out trying to find the absolute best place to stay during our time in Prague.

MontecristoTravels-20160913-Prague-110311-800px Pet-Friendly Studio #869 - Prague

The sort of quiet side street we wanted!

In addition to travelling in the fall instead of the summer, we sometimes cut our costs for accommodations by staying just outside of the main area we want to visit. By staying outside of the centre or historic part of a city and its main attractions, you can save a big chunk of change. And since we love to walk and don’t mind public transportation (as long as it is pet friendly!), this usually works for us. This time though, we wanted to do the exact opposite and find a place right inside the old town of Prague. At first we thought we’d stay near the famous castle, but then we realized we would be doing several day trips outside of Prague and as a result, being closer to the main train station would be better.

MontecristoTravels-20160917-Prague-165741-800px Pet-Friendly Studio #869 - Prague

The main square of the Old Town!

Looking at a map – you can see that the historic parts of Prague fall into 4 areas. On the East side (oddly always on the left of maps) of the Vltava river you have the Castle (Hradcany area) and closer to the water the Mala Strana (Little Quarter). But because we wanted to be closer to the train station that meant going to the other side of the famous Charles Bridge to the West bank and taking a look at either the Josefov (jewish Quarter) or the Stare Mesto areas (Old Town).  In the end … we found a spot RIGHT on the border of those two areas.  It was perfect!


Castle far left – bridge in the middle – train station far right. You got it?

Using the search criteria “[date], Old Town, pet-friendly, 2 people” is how we came across. Studio #869 on Bilkova Street. It had everything we wanted!

While still being in the heart of the Old Town it was off the main streets and thus blissfully quiet. It also had lots and lots of natural light and although small and without much of a view it had a tiny balcony Dad could use as his little private cigar lounge and as a place to enjoy a light dinner.


Small balcony is all we need!


Across the street was the fantastic Asian Temple restaurant. We had dinner there once or twice and like most places, pets are welcome inside and out.


Our go-to in the evenings. Mom loved the coconut milk sticky rice with mango dessert!


They gave me my own chair and blanket!

Other great foodie spaces included a lovely Mexican restaurant with great shrimp tacos around the corner; a lovely Irish Pub where mom got to indulge in her French fry obsession and several really great local foods place with a fun vibes.


and of course Dad HAD to find the cigar store…

And I can’t forget the STELLAR barber shop to keep dad’s beard in check! Just two streets away from our little nest.


This is the royal treatment for pets… LOVE!


Dad needed a trim before our friends wedding!

The Old Town square and tourist office was less than a 5 minute walk in the main square. As well as the Alchemy Museum around the corner and a perfect little corner shop for cheese and a butcher for my meals.


Cheese and meat! My favourites!


Fresh produce every day!

Everything we could want was literally all around us. To have ALL that and quiet? Priceless.



Even the Charles Bridge was no more than a 15-20 minute walk away. That ended up being perfect for the day Mom proposed… and the stellar photoshoot that followed.  And as we mentioned, the train station was about a 10-15 minute walk away. BUT still far enough not to hear the trains! And our friend’s wedding venue (one reason we were in Prague! More on that later!) was also only about 10 minutes away on foot. Really as far as location went we had hit the jackpot. Add a great price, and amazingly friendly hosts and we would go back any day!


Our little grocery store!


Staying at the pet-friendly Studio #869 in Prague is a delight because the little “open-concept” single room studio is all sorts of modern awesomeness! It’s modern but, it’s housed inside a glorious older neoclassical style building.  It’s the best of both worlds!


I liked that swooping cornish on the top of our building!


Our front door!

There is even an elevator! That in itself is a crazy luxury. We rarely used it and it stopped “in between floors” but oh it was nice to have at the end of a super long day of walking cobble stone streets.


Main hallway entrance


Between the floors elevator!

We really liked how vast and open the common areas are. Often in old European building things can get tight and narrow. But not this time. This time you had room to maneuver. You could put bags down, look for keys and not be in the way. We loved the BIG massive doors too. Especially when we found out that ours was steel plated inside. Talk about feeling safe. And the intercom …? Also really great.


the far left door was ours!


You see that STEEL door?? Wow… plus intercom.

And it’s all crazy clean. The stone steps polished to a shine, the metal elevator doors, and mirrors on every floor gleaming and projecting our images back at us… and the lighting in the common area was good if sometimes a little slow to catch us via the motion detectors.

Dad loved that you could also let yourself into the building with an access code rather than key. That meant that if only one biped had to pop out a moment to grab something at the little store – or the pastry place down the street – well you didn’t need to take the spare key.


so ready to go out to get Mom a treat!


TREATS!! for mom … of course.

The moment we walked into our little studio we fell in love.  The first thing that grabs you is how clever the layout is.  A sort of box within a box concept. The kitchen is the first thing you see straight ahead and it was SO much  more kitchen than we had hoped for. It was a real full kitchen.


Woa!! hello pretty!

The hardwood floors everywhere were spotless clean – like everything else. The closet space was huge and truly impressive. The white leather couch was comfy… so comfy Dad nodded off to sleep one day. The book nook came complete with loads of books on Prague and a full stereo system and truly lovely music collection.


That’s a full collection!


top shelf right – best CD collection ever!


couch is also an extra bed…and our glass table!

The blinds were perfect for sleeping and worked on a remote control system that took two seconds to figure out. The bed was wide, comfortable, with great pillows and perfect little individual duvet covers. The mattress firmness was on point.


Enjoying breakfast in bed!

Two nightstands came complete with glass costers, and reading lights that actually worked AND even had dimmers.


So much natural light!

The bathroom – a wonderful modern concrete creation – was perfect. Water pressure was great. Towels were plentiful and we even had a washer and dryer!  The fancy pants bathroom oils and body-wash were a pleasant and welcome surprise.


Such a nice bathroom! Here is seen from straight on (water dryer behind steel door) and to the right – the shower. HUGE! (photos from website)

The big glass desk did double duty as our dining room table and office. It could be moved about if we wanted, since it was on casters. And they did not skimp on the chairs. They actually looked a lot like the ones we have at home.  Everything was exactly like the photos. Perfect.


We ate ALL of these!! Now to find some here in Canada!

The most obvious selling point is the delightful little kitchen. How we enjoyed that space! We absolutely loved the teas the owner had left for us. And totally ate every single amazing wafer cookie too! We also loved that the kitchen had everything we needed: plates, knives, pots, pans, colander, cutting boards … even dish soap and sponges. Heck, they even provided a Nescafé pod coffee maker and a free coffee each! (small charge for extra coffee pods applied or we could go get our own at the store 3 blocks away).  And to have a big fridge – not a mini bar … a stove top and full oven… just … wow.  There was plenty of paper towels, dish towels, garbage bags. Really everything.

Montecristo Travels to Prague

TV where the closet wall is. Glass door provided privacy if someone was sleeping while the other cooked.


As for all the other things that just make a stay better the one that made us smile ear to ear was the housekeeper visit done halfway during our two week stay at no extra cost.


Having fresh figs on the balcony!

From fresh bedlinen to towels and a cleanup of the kitchen it was nice to have that little extra touch. The cleaning lady was super nice, and arrived as requested while we were not there so as not to disturb. Also:

  • Free Wi-Fi: I have said this before and will say it again: in this day and age, free wi-fi is a must. Anyone charging for it does not get our business. Wi-fi service at Studio #869 was perfect: free and with no lag.
  • Heating/AC: They have it. We did not need it at all in September. But if you should need it. We tested it out. It works great! Heating too.
  • Security: From the key and keypad to the street level door, to the apartment key, the huge steel baking to the big door, and iron peg that went into the floor when you locked it, the intercom and the safe. We felt protected.
  • AV:There was a flat-screen TV we never used other than to check local weather and to use the clock.Radio and amazing stereo too.
  • Other: We took full advantage of the washer and dryer, clothesline dryer, iron, and ironing board. Oh and yes, even the hairdryer in the bathroom.

NOTE: Hawks DO hunt for pigeon in the area so DO NOT leave your small dog alone on the balcony!

In review: Staying at the pet-friendly Studio #869 in Prague is amazing value for money and a really great location. Lovely hosts with generous spirits. Plus, because no one was checking in the day we were checking out, we were told we could stay a little longer than normal check-out time. That was wonderful, allowing us to relax and indulge in a last visit to the fresh market before leaving Prague for Vienna and making a picnic lunch to enjoy on the train. So not only was the location great, and the studio lovely and pet-friendly, but we also got great customer service.

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  1. That’s great that Prague is so pet-friendly and wonderful that there are so many options for staying with a dog. Even the shops all seem so pet-friendly. I love it! Another round of great pictures, too!

  2. I’ve been to Prague (pet-less) and had no idea how pet friendly it is. Looks like you had an amazing time, and the pictures are incredible.

  3. What beautiful accommodations! When you said the elevator stopped between floors I became a little nervous until I saw you photo and understood 🙂

  4. How lovely! I have seen so many reports on the beauty of Prague that this is a pleasure to see AND you had a splendid place to stay. Having a comfortable base to work from is so important on a trip – a safe haven to crash out and rest after sightseeing!

    • home base is a huge priority in our planning.Some end up being a lot better than others. this one was a winner. Prague is magical.

  5. Looks like a fabulous place and accommodations. I love how pet-friendly it is, your own blanket and chair and all! We have heard how beautiful it is there, thank you for giving us a glimpse! 🙂

  6. Wow, that place is PLUSH! I only wish I could find accommodations like that in the US, at an affordable price no less. These photos are great, thanks for sharing.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  7. What a cool place to stay!! I loved all your photos. It’s nice to have a space that is in close proximity to so many sights (and restaurants) that is also affordable.

    Glad you got your french fries! Omnomnomnomnomnomnom..

  8. What’s happening in the main square of the Old Town? Looks like quite the adventure.

    Oh! Coconut milk sticky rice and mango. Take me please. 😉

    The large selection of cheeses is incredible! I think I’d just eat all day in Prague.

    Your accomodations are just as fabulous. My husband would never leave the kitchen. 😉

    Wow! If I ever get to Europe, I need to bring the pets. Sounds like a great time.

  9. That looks like a great place, I love when travelling having a kitchen as what can be more fun than buying local foods and cooking them while relaxing, thanks for sharing this info 🙂

    • we love having our own kitchen. We are nearly vegan so it really helps. Plus we don’t do dog food so there is that meal prep too. We love going to local fresh markets, then looking up recipes we have never tried and having that adventure. It also saves us a TON of money.

  10. Oh, I just love that Prague loves dogs and allows them here and there (and everywhere)! I loved all of the pictures and feel so included in your posts – they exude the beauty of the locations. I want to sit with you on the stoop and join in the fig eating! 🙂

  11. It sounds like you found a perfect place to stay! We recently discovered Airbnb and Home Away and prefer that to hotels.

    I wasn’t expecting a Mexican Restaurant in Prague, but I think it is awesome!

    • Wasn’t expecting an Irish pub either! it was great. It’s a capital city so it has all that diversity. We never ever stay at hotels for any stay longer than 2 nights now. Or … well it’s super rare.

  12. What a beautiful place to stay! It sounds like you all had a wonderful trip. Love how so many places are pet-friendly. Maybe one day we will get to visit Europe with our Adventure Cats!

  13. The place you stayed was great! I always love your posts, seeing the places you’ve been, the nice photographs, and getting the canine point of view! I’ve got to get my travel on again, your posts have inspired me! Thank you!

  14. The studio looks amazing- so clean and cool but comfortable. Then what a great place for Mom to Propose- woohoo. Plus wonderful they let you in the dog-friendly restaurants and places (better than Ontario). Sounds like a fabulous trip.

    • as I said to another here – I find that in Europe places that are NOT pet friendly are actually rarer than those that are. they have their priorities straight!

  15. I love that Prague is so pet friendly. The US is so restrictive when it comes to animals and places with food. This sounds like a wonderful place to stay.

    • Canada is as well. more so in fact than the US. At least in some parts of the US you can dine on patios. ALL of Europe is pet friendly compared to North America. It’s why we keep going back.

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  17. I am amazed about the place, photoshhoting and your adorable dog. I have never been to prague although

  18. They even have pet-friendly zone in Prague. How amazing! That place is so lovely. Do you mind telling me the accommodation price for 3 days at a place like this in Prague? Thanks in advance 🙂

    • I recommend you click on the link provided since the prices may change. Also note that the longer the stay the more ability you have to negotiate better pricing.

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