Pet Friendly Walking Tour of Vienna – Part 2

Look at that! You are back for more after our first suggestion! Well alright then!. Let’s tackle our second pet friendly walking tour of Vienna! On the map below, the tour I’ll get into today loosely follows the pink line. So shall we? Let’s start where our subway would always drop us off and at one of Vienna’s most recognizable monuments mentioned in the last post – St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

Pet Friendly Walking Tour of Vienna with Montecristo Travels

On the right you see the Cathedral as the starting point!

Bermuda Triangle

Your confused right now aren’t you? I know … I was too. I had no idea but this is the nickname given to an area in the old town near the Ruprechtkirche (church) that is the most popular place to go out. If you are into clubs, dancing, bars and restaurants then this will be the spot to delight you.

It’s not really our jam so we just strolled through enjoying the pleasant vibe and gorgeous architecture.  This area has what I would call a split personality. A historically interesting “day time” face and a very different “drunk” persona at night!  I just loved the many many many patios to enjoy. Nearly ALL pet friendly.

Hoher markt

You’ll want to stop here for the famous Anker Clock. Try to come for noon each day when the figurines parade across. The Art Nouveaum, clock  was designed in 1911 by the painter and sculptor Franz von Matsch, and acts as a sort of visual bridge between two buildings in what is thought to be Vienna’s oldest Square, Hoher Markt.

Pet Friendly Walking Tour of Vienna with Montecristo Travels

It’s the coolest little connector we have ever seen!

The clock shows the time with historical figures that move across the clock face. Every hour a different historical figure passes by. Each of the twelve figures have a roman number on their head indicating the hour, while the minutes are shown by an arrow above the figures that point to the minutes on the clock face. In a two words… soooooo cool!

Pet Friendly Walking Tour of Vienna with Montecristo Travels

Now you know at what time we were there!


This is a somber spot with a memorial to holocaust victims. translating to “Jewish Square” there is the memorial itself and also the excavations of an old synagogue and museum on Jewish life in the middle ages.

Pet Friendly Walking Tour of Vienna with Montecristo Travels

The very somber memorial made of stone reminds us all of the WWII sand bag fortifications.

I had a blast meeting a little local dog who was guarding the front door to her owner’s boutique. We ran like crazy around the pedestrian area and had a wonderful time.

Pet Friendly Walking Tour of Vienna with Montecristo Travels

Making friends with a well dressed little lady!

Some may say it was a little disrespectful for us to run around; but as the shop keeper pointed out “We remember so we celebrate life. And dogs… they LIVE!”.

Am Hof

This spot is not as recognizable but strangely enough is actually the most architecturally significant site in the whole of the old town. All of that because of a … parking garage. In the 1960s the city decided it needed to invest in some underground parking, but everything came to a screeching halt when the remains of a significant Roman settlement were found during excavation.

Pet Friendly Walking Tour of Vienna with Montecristo Travels

Gold ball! THROW IT!! someone throw it!!

The striking Kirche Zu den neun Choren der Engel (If my German isn’t too off that means Church to the new angel’s choir!) a beautiful Gothic church with baroque façade certainly adds flair to the square.

Come in the winter and THIS is where the Christmas market is set up. I am told it’s something to see! Mom remembers from when she lived here as a child. AT the time of our visit there was a small carnival set up!


Walk along Freyung, at one time home of street entertainers and brash market traders. Until you see the small Church.

Pet Friendly Walking Tour of Vienna with Montecristo Travels

Relatively small by Vienna standards!

Now this place is totally awesome. On the outside it’s a pretty simple looking church. I was happy to see St. Francis the patron of animals there. But what is really amazing lies inside. AND … I was allowed in covertly!

Pet Friendly Walking Tour of Vienna with Montecristo Travels

Shhhhh…. nothing to see here only a globetrotting dog and his biped!

Let your eyes adjust to the dim light and then find the GIANT mosaic copy of the last super by Da Vinci. Commissioned by – of all people – Napoleon Bonaparte!

Pet Friendly Walking Tour of Vienna with Montecristo Travels

Can you make out the tiny tiny tiles? AMAZING!!


We didn’t pop in but I was told it’s one of THE leading German speaking theatres of the world! I liked the fact that this area was full of fountains, statues and green park spaces. It’s nice to give the paws a break from all that stone! And DO take time to look at this façade it’s … it’s… SO much to look at!!

Pet Friendly Walking Tour of Vienna with Montecristo Travels

Even the street lamps are super POSH and with a theatre theme. “Devil in the details” lol

The Burgtheater (constructed between 1874 and 1888) was the final “magnificent” building to be built along the famous Ring Street (more about that in the blog post on our bike tour). Designed by the two architects Gottfried Semper and Karl von Hasenauer, the structure with its ornate façade features busts of playwrights and famous figures from world literature (I found Shakespeare!), complemented by paired figures that symbolize human emotions in opposition: love and hatred, humility and self-importance, heroism and selfishness. At the top, dominating all the others, the God Apollo holds court with on his right, the Muse of Tragedy Melpomene  and on his left the Muse of Comedy Thalia.


City hall is the most flowery building of them all in Vienna! Seriously! This stunning building was just covered in red geraniums. I really loved that. It made it so … cheerful! I can’t even imagine what it must be in terms of maintenance but OH so worth it. Mom took way too many pictures!

Pet Friendly Walking Tour of Vienna with Montecristo Travels

I hope they have a built in irrigation system!

Designed by Friedrich Schmidt (1825-1891), it was erected between 1872 and 1883 it’s built as a sort of “Gothic Revival” in a way.  It’s not a museum only (although you can tour); today this stunning City Hall is still in use as intended as the head office of Vienna’s municipal administration. More than 2000 people work in the building!

Pet Friendly Walking Tour of Vienna with Montecristo Travels

A cross between a Cathedral and a Castle in looks!


You can’t miss this enormous Greek revival/Neo-classical building. Seriously for a moment I thought I was back in Athens. It comes complete with an enormous statue of Athena. It’s worth going up the steps to see the beautiful fresco over the front doors.

Pet Friendly Walking Tour of Vienna with Montecristo Travels

I am the God Montecristo claiming my place on Olympus!

Plus Yay!! Stairs! My favourite! this building too is in use as intended. Politicians come in and out. Debates can be watched from within. I think ti’s wonderful that these magnificent structures are not “just” museums but places of work for every day people!

Pet Friendly Walking Tour of Vienna with Montecristo Travels

How ornate can a ceiling and crown moulding get?

By now we were absolutely pooped. We decided to head back towards the Am Hof area to find a famous coffee shop said to be one of the most beautiful and oldest in the city. A well-deserved treat for all!

Pet Friendly Walking Tour of Vienna with Montecristo Travels

Oh hellooooooo….! Apple strudel is a local speciality you MUST try it!

…And that reminds me … I need to tell you about the Viennese Coffee houses next week!

31 Comments on “Pet Friendly Walking Tour of Vienna – Part 2

  1. I love European architecture. It was one of my favourite parts of my art history studies – I loved English C18th as well 😉 but European extravagance!! These days we seem decoratively so much more impoverished. The money stays with the rich, it doesn’t flood out into magnificent architecture and gorgeous painting.

    I am so jealous you visited such a fantastical place and as for the strudel * swoon *

    • I agree 100% there seems mohave been a huge decline in ornamentation that is made available to all rather than the elite only. Odds to magnificent presence …. although i do enjoy truly inspired modern architecture I find it’s most effective when juxtaposed with the past.

  2. I always try to choose a favorite area in posts about travel but I could not with this one! I want to see ALL of these areas of Vienna! Since I can’t decide I am going to go with the area that has the apple strudel lol. That’s the easy choice right?
    Thank you for both of the articles in this series! I do not get to travel far so for me it’s like a virtual vacation!

    • Glad you enjoyed it… hey maybe I will have to get the recipes for some of the strudel we ate to share! Although hey are often carefully guarded family secrets. 🙂 Stay tuned for the Coffee houses of Vienna post!

  3. I love love your sharing with us the history and culture of these places as it makes me in a funny way feel I am there. I so want to visit Austria one day and I have heard their coffee and pastries are the best, yummm

    • I have come to appreciate both the city and the country – my happiest place are in between places…. the small towns in Europe for example … many of them have a castle too!

  4. I love your tours! That clock may be the coolest clock I’ve ever seen. How unique and beautiful. And that city hall building with the gorgeous architecture and the bright red flowers on every window! Simply stunning. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great stuff! I am so a fan of the European architecture and of course — that apple strudel has me drooling. The clock has to be my favorite image — what detail, that must have been incredible in real life!

  6. Wow, I can see why you and your bipeds enjoy traveling so much! You always manage to find so many interesting places and take beautiful photos. I think it is great that you always seem to meet a friendly dog wherever you go!

  7. I always enjoy the way you share a blend of beautiful scenery and architecture with a bit of real life fun through the personality of Montecristo! What a beautiful adventure capped off with a tasty dessert!

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  9. Such beautiful photos! I completely agree that it’s wonderul that these buildings are not tucked away as museums. Working in such a glorious environment must be incredibly inspiring. When I think of America within this context, I am grateful for the National Parks.

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