EU Pet Papers for Italy and France

This will be a short post.  I just wanted to take a moment to thank all the people that have made it possible for me to have all the paper work needed to go on vacation with the bipeds (October  2011) to Florence Italy and Paris France. So I need pet papers for Italy and France! or do I…? Ha! Nope! Because once inside the EU I am free to cross EU borders!

Our lovely travel agent Danielle (more on this in a future post!).  She took care of everything – making sure we had “a canine in cabin” flight booked, confirmed and double confirmed. Total cost including taxes: $175.00

My own bipeds for finding the right documentation for entry into Europe and more important being allowed BACK into Canada !

The awesome assistance of Pet Relocation for e-mailing us the correct EU form now available in PDF for you in my resource section.  These folks are great.  Cost: $0.00

Montecristo the dog in Paris

SO ready for this!!!

My vet, Dr. Clement at the Carling Animal Hospital – she is simply put … awesome. I think I have a crush on her. I think it might be mutual.  In any case, she filled out the form for both France and Italy JUST to be safe! In blue ink … made sure I had the right rabies document as well.  She called the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and asked all the right questions so that we would have no trouble getting the certificates endorsed by them. She even went so far as to get the number and the extension for my bipeds to call to book the appointment. (In passing if you are in Ottawa : 613-274-7374 xt. 222) Cost from vet: $0.00

And then, there were the charming people at the CFIA office: In and out in a jiffy, polite, efficient and no nonsense.  The Ottawa office is located at 38 Auriga drive (near hunt Club and prince of Whales).  Cost for getting papers endorsed: $20.00 (Updated in 2015 now: $40)

So here I am … two days away from our departure date and I am all ready to go!  Honestly? It wasn’t that big a deal. I have no idea what the big fuss was about … getting my passport was not the long and difficult process the bipeds had feared.

Total cost including tickets all paperwork and taxes: $195.00

Was your experience this smooth?

6 Comments on “EU Pet Papers for Italy and France

  1. And I’ll bet you bring back $1 million and 95 worth of memories! Safe travels to all three of you and best wishes for a great trip. Bring back lots of stories!

  2. Have a wonderful trip and yes, bring us back lots of pictures and wonderful stories. On another note, hope you never want to travel to Australia for a little vacation…big time expense and one month quarantine on the other end.

    • We did look into it – there are ways around that but LOADS of paperwork!!! Maybe one day – but not now! Hawaii would come first I think – in terms of “tough nuts” to get into!

  3. Have a fabulous trip, little fella, and give those bipeds a big…lick…for me (but to be honest I’d rather have hugged them but your legs are too short for that)! Can’t wait to hear all about it! xo

    • Ahahahaa!!!! you made all of us laugh with the imagery!! Thank you Auntie Izo!! stay tuned for the tale! We can’t wait … Thank you and see you soon!

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