So many options for eating in Budapest with your dog!

Dear Reader, there are a lot of things that make a city really pet friendly. Access for pets on public transit or to sites.  There is also the overall vibe you get from locals and how they treat their own pets. But for us… the ability to dine together is likely THE most important. It’s a reason we favour Europe for the most part.

Sadly, North America tends to not allow this. It’s certainly true of our own Province of Ontario in Canada. And sure some North American cities do allow pets on patios (as we discovered in Naples and Miami Florida or in Philly)… but patio dining puts you at the mercy of weather. What is a with pet family to do if it rains or gets too cold?

Although I was not surprised to discover this, Budapest was very accessible for dining with a pet. Over the three days we were there we only encountered one “no dogs” sign for a place we wanted to try out.

Tea time!

One of our absolutely favourite spots was having a real tea experience at Zhao Zhou. This place is on the main street that follows the river right near where the cable car to go up to Buda Castle departs. The tea house boasts a discreet façade and if the young lady that works there hadn’t spotted me and been kind enough to invite us in – before opening – to try some moon cakes and really special tea… I think we would have missed it. Especially since Dad is more of a coffee man.

So many options for eating in Budapest with your dog! Montecristo Travels

The young lady that just LOVED me and the owner!

What a sad mistake that would have been! This tea house completely change the way the bipeds view tea. In fact when they got home in Canada they looked into what was available locally. From a quality perspective… never shall they drink tea that comes in a tea bag again! And once you’ve tried well aged Pu-erh tea … there is no turning back.

So many options for eating in Budapest with your dog - Montecristo travels

When you are welcomed like family!

Wonderful clarity of mind, without the crash or nervous buzz? yes please… I am told it’s remarkable.  The young lady begged us to return later in the day to meet the owner. We did and we are all so glad we did!

So many options for eating in Budapest with your dog! Montecristo Travels

Moon cakes. black or red bean inside. SO very good.

The owner is very very passionate about tea and travels to China often. As a result, you can find stunning table books to flip through as you sit and sip. It really is a palce to relax – so much so we spent nearly 3 hours there!

So many options for eating in Budapest with your dog! Montecristo Travels

this is how it is served… we REALLY want a tea tray like this one but can’t find one anywhere!

Bon Appetite!

After tea we got hungry for dinner … so on the same stretch just a little further down, we settled inside an absolutely adorable little restaurant called MARVELOSA.

So many options for eating in Budapest with your dog!

AS spotted earlier in the day …

The bipeds had a delicious meal and the cook was kind enough to prep a little chicken breast for me. Free! Complete with my own baby carrot and gravy.

So many options for eating in Budapest with your dog! Montecristo Travels

hard to get any better. Glowing “candle light” eclectic décor and amazing service and food.

It’s hard to beat sitting in comfy chairs in an open doorway watching Budapest light up as the night falls. Budapest you had stolen our hearts!

So many options for eating in Budapest with your dog! chain bridge

Well isn’t that just …

Our luck with places to dine continued the entire time we stayed in Budapest including the dining room of our own hotel, that ensured a table was held for us every night. Even though they were not use to pets joingin the family over a meal; they were happy to oblige us.

So many options for eating in Budapest with your dog!

I love that I kept getting these great blankets!

Coffee houses!

Continuing with our habit picked up in Vienna we hunted down some of the best coffee houses in Budapest. After all for a while it was all the Austro-Hungarian Empire! So it was logical that the wonder of the Viennese coffee houses would be alive and well in Budapest. We were not disappointed.

Let’s start with the most VAVOOM shall we?  Take a look:

So many options for eating in Budapest with your dog! Montecristo Travels

Holy Crap Batman!

RIGHT? Insane. So the New York Café has a super interesting a long history. The Cafe is part of the New York Palace Budapest; a luxury hotel.

Surprisingly it’s not as old as you may think. Rather modern actually. It’s not from the Rococo era it emulates but rather a hundred years later.  The building was constructed in 1894 by the New York Life Insurance Company as a local head office, hence the name.

Just like the coffee houses in Vienna, the ground floor has been a longtime center for Hungarian literature and poetry. Interestingly, the building was nationalized during the communist era. After the collapse of communism, the structure was subsequently bought by the Italian Boscolo Hotels chain in February 2001. The building was totally renovated and reopened on May 5, 2006 as a 107-room luxury hotel, with the Café, also totally renovated, on its ground floor


Eager to see  what the fuss was about for ourselves, we made our way during one of our self guided walking tours we had plotted (about 5 hours long) only to find …. No dogs allowed inside.

We were absolutely bummed. Especially since it hadn’t become clear until it was nearly our turn to enter after standing in line for 15 minutes (worth it just to take in the ceiling fresco in the entrance area).

So many options for eating in Budapest with your dog! Montecristo Travels

Hard to believe it was not actually done in the baroque era but much later in fact! See the statue of liberty in the Goddesses hand?

Now we don’t’ advocate this…. Ok? But the bipeds decided to sneak me in. Our reasoning was that as a whole the city is pet friendly and … worse case…? We’d be asked to leave. It’s a risk and admittedly even a bit disrespectful; but there you have it. So Dad put his cardigan over me as I slept in my sling bag and we went in.

So many options for eating in Budapest with your dog! Montecristo Travels

Standing in line… see me?

The bipeds had a wonderful time. There was live classical music, and the atmosphere was amazing. No regrets.

The waiter noticed me, went to the floor manager to report us… and as the floor manager came to our table… he just winked at mom and waved his hand to the waiter brushing our infraction off. Obviously we had gotten lucky and fallen on a dog lover.

So many options for eating in Budapest with your dog! Montecristo Travels

Ooooh FANCY!

While we were in Budapest we found ourselves returning to Café Gerbeaud.  Not only was anything chocolate there fantastic, the patio was superb, the indoors magnificent and pet friendly; and most of all, it was the impeccable pet friendly service that made us accept the slightly high price point.

I was spoiled Dear Reader… my own treats, water dish … lovely fleece blanket to keep me warm when outside under the heat lamps (it was fall and a little cooler), but I also got loads of snuggles from staff that seemed otherwise professionally aloof with others … hehehehehee.

Cozy and happy! Time to people watch!

They are known for their chocolates (we brought some home as gifts) and cakes but you can eat there and the food was delicious. It’s a huge patio on a pedestrian square. An amazing spot to people watch and more. Honestly … if you don’t have much money it’s still worth a stop – just order a drink and share a dessert.

So many options for eating in Budapest with your dog!

I miss this type of service – silver trays and such… it’s very much a European approach. I so hate one time use cups we see here.

And so, we can honestly say we found Budapest pet friendly. Because as we said – if you can eat with your dog in a city…. It gets a 5 paw rating from us.

Do you have a place you can dine with your canine companion? indoors or out?

26 Comments on “So many options for eating in Budapest with your dog!

  1. Budapest was one of our favourite places, but I didn’t realise at the time how dog friendly it was. Since moving to England I have become quite the tea drinker, so the tea shop sounds like something I would have joined.

  2. I love hearing that cities are pet friendly and I am very fortunate to live in San Francisco where there are more dogs than kids. My favorite place is a Syrian Restaurant owned and run by a family, they know me and Layla and always let her in with no problem, she sits at the booth with me, gets a bowl of water and of course a piece of chicken, actually it has got to the point where I cannot walk past there without her dragging me in LOL

  3. wow and more wow Budapest is in my list of places I want to visit, did not realize in Europe you would find so many places that are dog friendly. Seems you guys had a blast. Loving all the pictures and the tea time looks so yummy!

    • Europe is very pet friendly – I mean sure some places a bit more than others – but on the whole I would say far more pet friendly than North America.

  4. Some of those places are pretty monumental. It’s so great to see that such a city is quite pet-friendly.

  5. Wow, this is a dream destination isn’t it. How lucky you are to have seen it all for real AND to have been welcomed in so many places with your pup!

    I have adored seeing the pictures, so thank you for a totally amazing report.

  6. Yes, that’s usually the biggest issue for us when traveling. Dogs are allowed on almost every Portland patio here. During the rainy season, it becomes more tricky. There’s some covered patios with heating that we go to but indoors would be better!

  7. I have never been to Budapest but your post and photos have inspired me and the fact that it is very dog-friendly. So cute that you got sneaked into the coffee house, was spotted and then welcomed to stay! You look so cosy in all those blankets. What a great trip you had!

    • The blankets is something we first spotted in Prague then Vienna, then in Bratislava and again in Budapest – thinking it’s a regional thing.

  8. What a beautiful location! I’m so jealous of all of the places you are able to visit! It is unfortunate that so many places don’t allow pets in restaurants in North America. I believe it’s the irresponsible owners who mess it up for everyone else. I know the US tries to claim it’s a health issue. That’s interesting because most people who own pets in the US have them inside and cook at home. Go figure!

    • right? I know … or hey if it’s allergies here is a statistic – more people are allergic to scent…. so you know perfume, body spray, conditioner…. ahmmm… so … yeah.

  9. What a beautiful city to explore that’s so dog friendly. I’m in awe of some of the architecture and design detail. Just gorgeous. You had me biting my lip when the waiter was summoned! Luckily he was a dog lover too! Whew! You have the most deliciously awesome adventures!

  10. Those mooncakes look so good. I’ve never had one, so I’m very curious to know what they are like. It is awesome that so many places in Budapest are welcoming to dogs. It looks like a beautiful place to visit!

  11. Budapest looks like a wonderful city to visit. I love that it is pet-friendly. I think dogs get much better socialization if they can go everywhere and have many different experiences. When I went to Germany, I was amazed at people bringing dogs into restaurants – something we could never do here, even many outdoor areas won’t allow dogs.

    • North America always says they are pet friendly but I think people say it here without knowing what the rest of the world is up to! LOL

  12. What a wonderful trip to Budapest! Love that things were SO doggie friendly! And I like that your parents are rebels, sneaking you in! It’s so fun traveling and finding little places that you click with and spend hours there!

  13. Every time I read one of your posts I turn green w/ envy! Why doesn’t North America get on board already?? Pets are family and you don’t leave family home when you go out for great meals! The tea house looks so lovely and inviting. I’m a big tea drinker myself, but I do drink tea from a tea bag – Gasp! Delightful post, thanks for sharing.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • My theory for North America is that we still haven’t moved away from seeing dogs as “working animals” for farms and hunting etc. As a whole people still see them as a hygiene issue. Of course it’s not true – you can only get 3 illnesses from dogs but you can literally get billions of them from other humans. LOL

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