Staying With a Dog at the Residence Inn by Marriott Kingston Water’s Edge – Ontario – Canada

Now THAT is a brilliant idea!

It’s nice when you feel welcome before you even arrive, isn’t it? That was our experience with the Residence Inn by Marriott Kingston Water’s Edge. (Phew, that is a long name!)

Mom had called before making our reservation to ensure that the information on their website regarding pets was accurate. We always do that because we’ve found that websites are not always up-to-date, especially regarding pet policies. A lovely employee assured Mom that pets are indeed welcome. Very much so!

These are the pet policies at the Marriott Kingston:

  • Call the hotel in advance – or leave a mention in the comments if booking online – to let the hotel know your canine companion is traveling with you.
  • A $100 non-refundable pet fee is applicable. However, service animals, including Emotional Support Animals (ESAs), stay for free so long as you have their registration card/information upon check-in.
  • The hotel has an arrangement with Pet Parade Plus for dog walking and pet sitting services. The hotel can arrange access to your guestroom for these services. Contact Shannon at 613-329-0121.
  • You can leave your pet in the room! This is awesome! More hotels should consider this. Marriott Kingston provides you with a “Pet in Room” door hanger to let other guests and cleaning staff know there is a pet inside while you are away. Brilliant!

The Hotel Street Side

Alas, here I have to pause to, again, express my frustration with pet fees. First, the Marriott Kingston’s pet fee is possibly the highest I have encountered in my world travels, even among 5-star hotels in Europe and other Marriott hotels. Luckily for us, I am a certified ESA and had my certification and badges with me, so we did not have to pay the fee. Nonetheless, I encourage the hotel to revisit their pricing.

The fee is ostensibly for “deep cleaning” after we leave, but this seems … well, fishy. First, as a tiny dog weighing in at no more than 3.5 pounds, I question just how much need for extra cleaning I might generate. (I tried whirling about in my Super Dog cape, hoping to generate swirls of energy and chaos, but the dust bunnies just laughed at me.) Hypoallergenic, non-shedding dogs are also pretty clean and neat.

Second, I hope that every hotel room gets a deep clean after the guests check out, regardless of the canine or human occupants of the room. The general germy nature of hotel rooms is now common knowledge , and with so many people suffering allergies of various kinds, a good ol’ deep clean between guests should be routine.

Alternatively, a hotel could dedicate a floor to pet friendly stays. (The Lord Elgin in Ottawa does this. They reserve rooms on the second floor near a side exit for pet stays, allowing easy exit to green space.) And, whether the hotel dedicates a floor or certain rooms to pet friendly stays, requiring a $100 deposit, refundable upon check-out if the pet has not caused any damage, seems fair. This is the most common approach these days.

Getting LOTS of loving!

If you are travelling with your dog and want to avoid the $100 pet fee, there are other pet friendly hotels in Kingston with lower or no pet fees … another reason the Kingston Marriott should consider lowering their pet fee.

But, pet fees aside, I have to say the Kingston Marriott was pretty darn awesome!

First, let me tell you that the staff are big pet lovers … or, they put on a good act, which would also earn them applause for supportive customer service! I got lots of “Oooh”s and “Aaaah”s at check-in. It might seem like a silly small thing, but such attention can make you all happy to have arrived.

Check-in was prompt and pleasant. We went up to our room (the elevators are a tad small, but that’s not a big deal for us – I am tiny and we travel light!) and met some of the cleaning staff. They also gushed over me. What’s a handsome canine boy to do?!

And if that wasn’t enough, when we met other personnel, I got even more attention: snuggles and cuddles, and a small threat of dognapping was made. And – yes, more! – I got my very own stuffed toy and a coupon for 25% off any purchase at the very cool and awesome pet store Urban Paws! Now that is pretty darn wonderful!

The bed and … Moby.

Okay, the other stuff … Our room was very, very comfortable. It had a full kitchen with cutlery, tableware, and appliances such as a full-sized refrigerator, a dishwasher, microwave, toaster and ceramic cook top. Our room also had a pull-out-sofa should we have needed it. The massive king size bed had the nicest luxury bedding and really fluffy pillows. We also had access to an office space, lounge area, and a dining area. And we had a rather nice view of Lake Ontario too.

Obviously, this hotel is designed for longer stays, but even for just one night, it was a treat. I would say that the rooms are about 50% larger than standard rooms in North America. And, check this service: you could leave a grocery list with the hotel staff in the morning and by the afternoon, the groceries would magically appear in your room. Now that is classy!

I was not allowed in one area of the hotel – the bipeds dumped me off in our room and went without me (ahem) – but they told me the hotel also has a really nice salt water pool with a hot tub and a small but nice gym. Oh, and they also have a little laundry mat, should you want to do your laundry. Pretty neat!

Breakfast was included. Although I was not allowed in the breakfast area, the bipeds did bring back some turkey bacon for me. It was okay, but I prefer real bacon. The bipeds said that breakfast, generally, was also okay – nothing spectacular or worth raving about, but adequate.

Kitchen and Dining

The hotel has lots of parking, so you will not need to worry about that. We chose underground parking – there is above ground as well – which cost us $16. That seems a bit pricey to us, but we noticed that Kingston has absolutely no free parking to be found anywhere and the parking lots were all priced the same. Still, it would be nice if the hotel offered a bit of a break on the parking fee rather than doing the usual “that is the standard around here” approach.

Now, here’s what’s really neat: instead of driving and parking your car, you can sail up to the hotel! YEP! And since we are sailors, we looked into that very neat feature. The hotel offers this service through an arrangement with the municipal marina two minutes away.

In review: As far as we can tell, the Residence Inn by Marriott Kingston Water’s Edge is currently the best property in Kingston in terms of newness, staff, and location. Be warned, the price will not accommodate every budget and there is an additional parking fee per day. But the hotel is a close walk to everything you might need, including restaurants and attractions. Internet for up to 6 devices is free, and an indoor pool with Jacuzzi and gym are available for guests. The breakfast area is small but there’s ample seating and a stock of the usual hotel breakfast fare. Finally, other than the high pet fee, the hotel excels at welcoming “with dog” travelers.

12 Comments on “Staying With a Dog at the Residence Inn by Marriott Kingston Water’s Edge – Ontario – Canada

  1. Dude, nice hotel — although I hear you about the turkey bacon. Of course, as you know now that that you’ve met me, I’ll eat anything. I guess turkey bacon is better than a piece of who knows how old leftover crab leg from a gull meal on the street, but a guy has to eat what he can get. Your phurry Philly phriend, Dino

  2. I love this hotel! Great location, the rooms are perfect for weekend getaways thanks to the fully equipped kitchens (gotta keep the wine chilled somehow!). Glad you enjoyed it too.

  3. I just re read your article and realized I missed your mention of Urban Paws – they are a fabulous store selling all things pet related (but no pets of course, that would be wrong!). They also support dog rescues in the area, so be sure to support them!

  4. Pet friendly???
    I stayed at Kingston’s Marriott Water’s Edge with my Standard Poodle and was very impressed with the suite and staff. Everyone was so gracious and kind to my dog and this appeared to be genuine. That is as far as pet friendly goes. The fee was 75 dollars (not related to size) which I think makes a statement of keeping pet owners staying at a minimum. It certainly discourages multiple night stays. Marriott should re-examine their approach to pets and consider a returnable deposit for a room left without damage. This would truly make them pet friendly which I’m sure would increase nights stayed.
    As for the deep cleaning excuse, I agree with the previous note on this site that it should be expected no matter if a dog stays in a room or not. There are many more deadly allergy traces left on many surfaces and carpets by previous guests such as nuts and sea food, as people often use their hands to eat these and touch multiple services.
    A significant consideration to make note of is that if you stay on your points or certificate (at certain Marriotts) you do not get reward points for the pet fee if you pay for it on your Marriott Visa. After staying two nights, one in Kingston and one in Belleville with combined pets fees of over $120.00, my suggestion is to use another bank rewards card to pay your pet fee and other incidentals (as price you pay for incidentals are not given points either) on check-out so you can get some benefit from your stay.

    • I found it to be pet friendly by North American standards. All the things you discuss are issues that exist everywhere we have stayed inNorth America.

      Great tip for the rewards. We tend to stay at rental apartments so it’s not often we do the hotel thing.

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