Staying With a Dog at the Sunny and Comfy in Split

We settled in Split for a little over a week. A full nine days to be precise. And it was absolutely worth it because Split is amazing, but so are some of the neighbouring towns. And that’s not to mention the awesome seaplane that can take you pretty much anywhere you want to go. Oh yeah … stay tuned for that!

Split has so much to offer that I had write not just one post on the city but two! But you know what made our stay there extra special? Our little apartment rental.


Unlike Dubrovnik where we stayed right inside the old walls, in Split, we decided to go just outside of them. The reviews of many of the accommodations in the old town talked of noise, and it makes sense … old town Split never sleeps. There would always be folks coming and going, restaurants, bars, and even nightclubs. And, well, Mom is a light sleeper.

Visiting Split with a small dog - the promenade full of people!

Night or day, the old town of Split is buzzing with activity!

So we decided to stay as close as we possibly could to the old city without actually being inside the city walls. And that is how we found the well-named “Sunny and Comfy in the Very Center of Split.” With a five-star rating on Trip Advisor and a location near the Golden Gate, just up a little hill, past a bakery and a small, well-stocked grocery store, we found our new home base.


Third floor for us! right of the balcony.

When we first arrived, I must admit I was a little worried. Although there were lovely trees and a small garden out front for some minimal curb appeal (and a dog about to do his business), the building had a sort of post-WWII vibe to it. It is just a dull, square, uninspiring building. Nothing like the pizzazz of the old cities we had become accustomed to while sailing.

Staying With a Dog at the Sunny and Comfy in Split

Dad looking for the keys. At least there is a green space and some flowers!

But we were greeted by an absolutely charming young woman who quickly let us in and up a stairway overflowing with green plants and windows looking out onto inner roof-top-like courtyards. Laundry was hanging in the sun, which had just emerged after a bout of rain. (In fact, we had been soaked by the rain on our way to the Sunny and Comfy!)

Street in Split

That grey sky! this is the street that leads to the apartment (across the street from yellow building) behind us, the walls of the old city!

As I climbed the numerous stairs (no elevator), I heard a piano faintly as we passed a door on the 3rd floor, and I noticed that a doctor had his or her office on the ground floor. It may seem strange, but these home-life attributes made us feel at ease.

Plants in stairway and small dog. Staying With a Dog at the Sunny and Comfy in Split

My flights of stairs!

Mom’s cold was really getting the better of her and she was wet yet again from the rain, so we just dumped our things in the hallway upon arrival. The apartment was a bit chilly, but the young lady showed us how to turn on the heat. She also showed us around, asked if we needed anything, and without pestering us further and sensing our fatigue, left us to settle in.


The apartment seemed enormous to us. Spending eight days on a sailboat will really change your perspective regarding space. Oh, the luxury of having a hallway! Seems silly but it was so nice to be able to hang up our coats, drop a bag, and kick off shoes without worrying about fellow sailors tripping over it all. And we found so many useful items in the hallway cupboard — including umbrellas, which we were about to use a LOT!

There was also a little table in the hallway, which quickly became where leashes, wallets, and such were deposited once home. In the top drawer were maps, walking tour pamphlets, and even matches. Basically everything we might need! The only thing I could recommend they add is a little mini map showing how to get from the apartment to the old city. Granted, we had an app on our phone for that, but not everyone is digital.


The hallway and the mirror. Nice to have all this space!

What the bipeds and I found the loveliest is the kitchen, dining, and living room space. It’s so colourful and upbeat! Complete with a little table for meals (seating four easily), the kitchen had a stove and sink and all the utensils you could possibly need. A small and quiet fridge hummed nearby, and a HUGE wooden dresser was full of extra things like serving trays, kitchen sponges, and towels.

Cute kitchen. Apartment rental Split. Pet friendly.

ADORABLE kitchen!!

We loved the chalkboard wall paint with all the rules, passwords, and contact numbers we might need. But the best? The best was the chair, couch, and coffee table. We spent many evenings there going over our day, sipping copious amounts of mint tea with honey. I became quite fond of the pull-out couch. Truly. After an exhausting day, this became my hangout; I’d often crash there and snore away while the bipeds made dinner or planned the next day.


Our lounge!

Staying With a Dog at the Sunny and Comfy in Split

It has been a long day Amigos!

Of course the bedroom was equally good — really spacious in a surprising way for a European city space. The bedroom had a king size bed and a single bed, plus a TV and loads of unused space that we soon discovered was just about perfect for the laundry drying rack found hanging behind the bedroom door. There were dressers and a closet, and tons of extra blankets and such.

Staying With a Dog at the Sunny and Comfy in Split nap time

Ah nap time!!

We became fond of the bedding pattern too! Side note: Dad snores a lot and Mom was sick, so Dad decided to move to the single bed the first night. Well, the entire mattress collapsed to the ground! No one was hurt. And when we called the next day to let management know, they said they would send someone to repair it right away. They were full of apologies. The mattress only dropped about a foot so it was no big deal, and with a king size bed still perfectly fine, we didn’t feel the need to rush it all. Instead we used the space to leave our suitcases unzipped with easy access to “not as often needed” items.

Montecristo in bed! Staying With a Dog at the Sunny and Comfy in Split

Excuse me… Moby is trying to sleep here!


The amenities were, by far, the best part. Mom had brought unscented organic laundry detergent and after sailing for eight days, the luxury of doing two loads of laundry was almost enough to make her giddy. It took a little while to figure out how the washer in the bathroom worked, but it did work and was great.


Little washer. SO happy to have you!

The shower was also great. It was small but with everything you’d need, including good water pressure and really nice on-demand hot water.

Free Wi-Fi was quick and dependable. Extra keys were available, so Mom had one and Dad the other just in case a set got lost or we split up. That’s a nice touch — the extra key. In fact, we ended up leaving Split with a set of keys. Oops! We only noticed once we arrived in Zagreb. Mortified, we quickly texted the number we had and wouldn’t you know it? The owner is studying at the university of Zagreb and so he dropped by at our hotel room to pick up the keys. That, my friends, is service. HE came to US! Even though it was our error. Nice. Classy!


The small grocery store down the street where we got jar after jar of tea and honey for mom. No pets inside so hand-off required.

In review: Sure, the building isn’t the architectural wonder we may have liked, but the nights we spent there, with the blackout blinds, quiet street, and silent neighbours, were perfect. We really came to enjoy making our little dinners and having our breakfast at the table in that cute and vibrant kitchen. The little grocery store down the street bailed us out a few times (honey, lemon, and tea supplies). And the baker’s great smelling bread would greet us as we left our home base every morning. Staying with a dog at the Sunny and Comfy in Split is a no brainer. A great pet-friendly apartment in walking distance to everything.

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