When an article such as the one about the poor dog dying on a United Flight in an overhead bin shows up in my news feed on FB my heart breaks. It breaks for the unnecessary death of the pet. It breaks for the family that lost a loving companion in a horrible preventable way. It breaks for the airline staff that either did not know what was happening or […]

I am thrilled to welcome Little Lola Sunshine and Caron Slimak to the Montecristo Travels “special correspondent” interview series — the series in which we prove we are not the only ones travelling with our pet(s) and the first step in building a community of people passionate about both their pets and travel. So welcome, WELCOME! First, can you tell us a little bit about yourselves? Who is […]

  “It’s difficult / a challenge / hard to travel with a dog.” Ack! No, it’s not! In our opinion, it is no more difficult to travel with a dog than with kids. But you don’t see every post on travelling with children start with a caveat about how challenging it is. As you can tell, this issue is a little pet peeve of ours.  That kind of […]

We are not luxury travellers. I have seen many blogs out there about the luxurious goodies on offer in the travel business. Our pockets are not deep and we rarely, if ever, get to feel like jet-setters. We aren’t budget travellers either, but we certainly are not flying first class or staying at 5-star hotels, flitting from mansion to mansion, sipping fancy drinks. No. But, every now and […]

Our experience flying Croatia Airlines with an in-cabin pet was very positive. Although still a small fleet by international standards, Croatia Airlines exceeded our expectations from the customer service to the actual airplanes. But I shouldn’t be surprised since we have had good luck with the Star Alliance group and Croatia Airlines joined the group in 2004. When we were booking our flight, our fantastic travel agent, Danielle, […]

There is a lot of information sprinkled here and there in this blog that would help anyone that has to travel with their small canine companion. But instead of making you dig up where all that useful information is, I thought it might be fun (and easier for you Dear Reader) to do a little consolidating.  Think of it as a round-up of relevant posts; a one stop shop where you can find the most useful links. […]

On March 28th, 2012 I had the chance to fly to Toronto from Ottawa to be a part of the filming process for the “Pet Spoilers” promo. The concept of the show is for people who spoil their pets to compete for a prize based on who has the “Best Dog”.  I think it’s a fun idea even if I am a little unclear how that would all […]

Maybe it is the sun that makes the folks in Florida so happy and dog friendly … maybe … okay well I don’t know… but I must admit that they “get it” in the sunshine state when it comes to providing a safe haven for dogs that are travelling with their bipeds. In November 2010 – we had the pleasure of arriving in (and later departing from) Miami […]

Flying to Charles de Gaule, Paris with a dog is easy.  Well a small one anyway. But if there is one thing that is always intimidating when traveling, it is a very large, complex and chaotic airport. Charles de Gaulle – Paris International Airport – falls in that category.  The airport has grown over the years adding extensions and new terminals here and there without a seemingly logical […]