Our experience flying Croatia Airlines with an in-cabin pet was very positive. Although still a small fleet by international standards, Croatia Airlines exceeded our expectations from the customer service to the actual airplanes. But I shouldn’t be surprised since we have had good luck with the Star Alliance group and Croatia Airlines joined the group in 2004. When we were booking our flight, our fantastic travel agent, Danielle, […]

Considering I write a blog on the very topic of with-small-dog-travel, it is shocking that it has taken me this long to write an umbrella post on air travel with your small dog. So it is time for me to fix that situation and give you a basic, Air Travel With a Small Dog 101 or if you prefer Air Travel With a Small Dog Tips! First, what does […]

  I was totally stoked to fly KLM. I had heard good things about pet travel with the airline so was looking forward to living the KLM experience myself. I wanted to report back to you Dear Reader on Taking KLM flights with your Dog in Cabin. It started off very well on the Canadian side. There is a bus connecting Ottawa to Montreal, which is included in […]

When our wonderful travel agent Danielle informed Mom that the only way to get from Athens to Sofia was to fly with Olympic Air… Mom’s eyebrows rose very high. In fact I recall her asking: “Are you certain?” and there was a pause and then a head nod. Mom sat in her chair and I could see that she was trying to decide if this was acceptable. Not […]

Like everything in Bulgaria, the airport in Sofia is a study in contrast.   Terminal 1, where we landed,  is a simple concrete space with few bells and whistles.   And no surprise really when you consider that it was built in the first half of the 20th century opening on 16 September 1937. And yes, it has had many improvements since then and was hugely renovated in 2000 but it […]

Snooze Time! Delta Air Lines is now the world’s largest airline. It is also one of the four founding members of the SkyTeam airline alliance. Delta operates more than 8,000 flights every day and has over 80,000 employees delivering its services on all but one continent – Antarctica. Like many things American, Delta follows the “Bigger is Better” formula. That normally makes us nervous since we tend to prefer the […]

When it comes to pet-friendly airlines, we believe United Airlines are top dog. At the core of their pet-oriented services is what United calls the PetSafe program. This program specifically addresses safety for pets who must travel in cargo as opposed to in-cabin. This is what the PetSafe program offers: Each pet receives a confirmed booking prior to departure. Pets travel within plane compartments designed especially for pets. […]

On March 28th, 2012 I had the chance to fly to Toronto from Ottawa to be a part of the filming process for the “Pet Spoilers” promo. The concept of the show is for people who spoil their pets to compete for a prize based on who has the “Best Dog”.  I think it’s a fun idea even if I am a little unclear how that would all […]