D-r-u-m-r-o-l-l, please!  Those of you who loved my first book in the Montecristo Travels to… series are going to jump up and down and do a tail spin! Book TWO is going to be out in November of 2016! It’s written and has had its first edit, and is now coming to life with illustrations underway! Before I keep going on though, we got such amazing reviews on […]

  The blog turns five years old today! If that doesn’t seem like a long time to you, then let me try and put this milestone into context. Five years ago, selfie sticks, Uber, and Hulu didn’t exist, and Instagram was just barely launched. Five years ago, I heard Mom say to Dad, “It will be a travel blog. But not just a blog. More than that. A […]

Dear Reader, You know I love you, right? And you know how I love to be super-duper honest with you, right? Well, since we launched the book on March 6th, we’ve received a LOT of questions about the ins and outs and the nuts and bolts of it all. Although the questions are not directly related to with-dog-travel, I’m flattered that you’ve asked me all these questions. So […]

It has been a busy busy busy month! Let me tell you! On March 3rd, we launched the new website with our snazzy new look. I am rather fond of that MASSIVE hero banner of me. Just sayin. And with the new website, came the new “About Us” video Mom and I made. And then there were testimonials that were collected. We will be rotating those with a […]

So much has happened since I made my announcement about the upcoming book. There is a slow and steady hum of activity with the book and, Dear Reader, so much excitement that I can barely contain myself! Having someone enthuse, “I am pre-ordering two copies!” just makes me grin from ear to ear and sets my tail wagging at a breeze-making speed. I’ve also heard rumblings of something […]

We have some huge news! An announcement of epic proportions! Drumroll, please! We are launching our own series of children’s books! Yup, you heard it, Dear Reader – a series of children’s books, featuring Yours Truly, of course! The first book, Montecristo Travels to Pisa, will be available November 2014. You read correctly: this November! *tail wag* In a nutshell, Montecristo Travels to Pisa (and all future books) […]

I think it’s odd when people are surprised at the concept of a travelling dog.  The idea has been around and a part of everyday culture for so long that I can’t understand why people are surprised by the notion. I’ve talked about dogs of the past travelling more freely, how the Titanic had canines on-board, and how ocean liners had facilities for four legged companions. But even “closer to home” […]