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Dear Reader, I am going to spoil you this week with two posts! I know – try not to get too excited! First because we are celebrating being included in Canada’s Top 100 Travel bloggers ( I KNOW RIGHT!??!!) and also because I just can’t keep quiet about this. The fact that it is so close to home makes me even happier. As in almost chasing my tail […]

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In early June, we had the immense pleasure of welcoming Boomeresque blogger, Suzanne, into our home. She had been attending the TBEX conference in Toronto and then had spent some time in Kingston, Ontario when she then decided to come to Ottawa and visit us rather than turn back on her heals and return to Toronto. We are so glad we invited her to stay. As you know, […]

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A few weekends ago, the bipeds decided it was high time we discovered another local gem.  We have a big trip coming up this summer but July still feels so far in the future; we felt the need to explore now! We had no real plan. We decided we would just drive out toward Wakefield and see what we could find. We would have a light lunch at […]

Pet Friendly Hog’s Back Park and Falls - Ottawa, Ontario

Some of the gems in our area are well known; Rideau Falls and the Rideau Canal are good examples. The Rideau Canal is a UNESCO world heritage site, so it gets lots of publicity. Rideau Falls is seen by every tourist who takes the Ottawa River boat tour.  But there are lesser known areas along the Rideau River that are truly spectacular and worth a little visit if […]

Dog Friendly Wakefield Fresh Water Spring - Quebec, Canada

On Easter weekend, the bipeds and I made our monthly pilgrimage to a fresh water spring not too far from our home. The spring is one of those little local treasures we discovered when being tourists in our own neck of the woods. It’s on the way to a small, dog friendly town named Wakefield. I’ve mentioned this village before and will likely mention it again. We really […]

Visiting Manotick With a Dog - Ontario, Canada

The fall colours are out and it is with a fond farewell to summer that I present to you the last of my local summer jaunts. Reminiscing is a great part of travel, even if that adventure is very close to home. Recall the smells and sounds of summer and think back to crickets, warm breezes, the smell of dry hay in the air, and sticky fur from spilled gelato … that is […]

My Canine Friendly Travel Agent! Montecristo Travels

When planning a trip, my bipeds have found that sometimes, life is just easier with a good travel agent.  Even in this day and age where you can do it all for yourself online, there are certain benefits to having a third party do the “heavy lifting” . Enter my pet friendly travel agent! Montecristo Travels Contrarily to what you may believe the fee isn’t that high and […]

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The bipeds are spontaneous. I don’t say this lightly. Allow me to prove it by sharing a snippet of conversation I overheard one morning, moments after the bipeds had awakened and made coffee. They were sitting on the couch, still in their pajamas. Dad:    What do you mean you’ve never been to Mont-Tremblant? Mom:  I haven’t. It just never seems to work out. [sips her coffee] Dad:    You’ve […]

Visiting North Hatley With a Dog - Quebec, Canada

Known as “Jewel of the Townships”, North Hatley reveals itself in a most majestic way as you drive down a hill.  The road twists and turns, and between the thick trees framing the view ahead, you glimpse the clear blue lake shimmering under the sun, flanked by old Victorian style homes in the distance. Located at the northern most tip of Lake Massawippi (go ahead and giggle; we certainly did!), North Hatley was founded […]

Visiting Sainte-Anne de Beaupré With a Dog - Quebec, Canada

On the shores of the Saint Lawrence River, approximately 20 miles from Quebec City, is the tiny village of Sainte-Anne de Beaupré, home to the Canadian Basilica of the same name.  I am told, this major Catholic shrine and place of healing attracts a whopping 1 million pilgrims a year. To get from Quebec City to the Basilica of Sainte-Anne de Beaupré, you have two options: 1)     Boulevard Sainte-Anne […]