Dear Reader, I am going to spoil you this week with two posts! I know – try not to get too excited! First because we are celebrating being included in Canada’s Top 100 Travel bloggers ( I KNOW RIGHT!??!!) and also because I just can’t keep quiet about this. The fact that it is so close to home makes me even happier. As in almost chasing my tail […]

A little while ago, there was still snow on the ground and things had become a little depressing around here. Winter had dragged on just that little bit too long. As we stared out into the miserable winter sky, it felt like nothing good was ever going to happen. Snow just kept on coming. We missed colour badly. White, greys and brown-black were all we could see. Even […]

What is in a leash? It seems like such a simple thing – a leash; a simple item that rarely occupies too much thought. Yet, there are so many options! Let me take a moment to break it down for you and give you the six most common types of leashes: Nylon/Cotton: These are best for dogs who don’t pull too hard. Cotton is more flexible and easier […]

Before I start into the specifics of selecting harnesses for travel, I want to share with you why we are big believers in using harnesses rather than collars, especially for little dogs. First, a harness will help avoid any respiratory problems, beginning with the obvious one – collapsed trachea. Respiratory problems aren’t limited to just that, however. Collars used for walking, training or running can also exacerbate bronchitis or […]

Since its inception Montecristo Travels has been blessed with a small and fiercely loyal following.  These generous spirits, kind hearts and exceptional individuals are the reason for the humble success we experience after only 18 months of web presence. They are also the reason we have had some positive impact on our community with our fundraising and philanthropic endeavors.   These fans – if I dare use the term […]

History of pet clothing by Montecristo travels

In Part I of this series we discussed the history of canine fashion and in part II we discussed whether it was cruel to clothe canines purely for adornment, or at the very least with fashion in mind.  We also touched on clothing canines based on a need to maintain good health, prevent illness, discomfort or injury. It is with a focus on wellbeing that we approach Part […]

  Three years ago in England the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) was threatening legal action against dog owners who ‘over-dressed’ their pets. This viewpoint was triggered by a volunteer with the RSPCA attending the Pre-westminster Dog Fashion Show and reporting back on what they considered was cruelty to animals all in the name of a booming pet-fashion industry.  As a result, officials […]

  For those of you that believe that pet adornment – or fashion – is a contemporary phenomenon Part I of this three part series will prove to be a bit of an eye opener. While dog clothes, accessories and pet fashion in general has certainly taken off in recent times, with designers of luxury brands getting on the canine couture bandwagon, dressing up doggies is nothing new. […]

To date the bipeds have not folded under the temptation of purchasing a unique designer item from canine couturier Kiki Hamann.  Anyone who knows anything about true doggy couture will know of whom I speak.   She is the Gucci, Armani and Jean Paul Gautier of the Canine fashion world. I know … deep in my itty bitty gut that one day … one day they will stop “window […]